lakeside inn and casino for sale

We have been coming to Lakeside Inn for over 20 years. Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Very sad to hear about your decision, I,am sure it was because of the times. We have been going there for twenty years. Your staff were always friendly and welcoming. Now what? También dispone de piscina al aire libre de temporada, bañera de hidromasaje y habitaciones con WiFi gratis y

Different genres, different years... For whatever reason I came up with a song from My Bestfriend's Wedding.

-I feel like I learned how to “do the right thing” listening to you personally responding to every guest complaint.

We would like to thank Stacy Noyes for always giving us a great deal for our two week stay in room 205 for the last 15 years. Well ummm no, it was icy between our room and the casino so we were going to walk over with her and she said no that's ok we'll just go to bed. His biggest motivation as his sense of taste is coming back and he’s feeling better was to go to the Timbers for prime rib and lobster. Sincerely, Craig and Nancy Kirchhoff, Thank you so much for the memories over the years.

I pull the website up to see if it had hit, and monitor it for a couple hours then head back as it gets above $9800. Best wishes to all of you.

I do hope that when things improve, someone will buy it and reopen it, keeping it as close to what it has always been. I cried real tears thinking of not being able to go back to ‘our place’ for bachelorettes, getaways, and best friend reunions all to come in our futures. WE LOVE YOU, We grew up visiting our aunt and uncle, Peggy and Dave Warswick on Kahle Drive every summer. Having Lakeside close is the saddest news ever. It has been our tradition to go to Timbers for dinner to enjoy the Prime Rib and Lobster special. I’ll be posting my memories but until then I feel like I’ve rolled a 7- I'm out. Thank you for the wonderful memories! It really is a end of a chapter in my life, so much memories, with friends and family.

The resort was more quiet than usual and the staff members in the casino were patient and kind enough to teach me how to play roulette and how to play sports book for the first time.

The Lakeside always felt like home.

We wish you all the best and wish there was a way we could save such a landmark and community of terrific folks that holds so many memories.

I lived in Tahoe in 2007 tell 2009. - Chris.

We are a very Big family who have been staying in this Hotel for over 20 years every winter an we loved yo have breakfast and Dinners at the restaurants there we are really SAD that it’s closing for sure we have lots of great memories there we will miss it. We had many fine dinners at the Timber Restaurant and as our family grew up, We all enjoyed playing slots and table games at this lovely spot. I will truly miss you all,  the best staff and management in Tahoe !!! Each morning, we'd grab breakfast before heading out to golf nearby, and then we'd return for evenings filled with memories on the casino floor. I have spent many birthdays at Lakeside and we have a picture on the wall of our house from the gift shop and a paper towel dispenser of a family of bears on our counter. Lakeside Inn is thrilled to have won in two categories for 2017.

With Best Regards, Jamie D. Gomez, So sorry to hear this.

Thank you for your years of service and quality! Seasoned so deliciously, best we had ever had! Me and my family would always go have dinner there and it was our destination point to celebrate whatever the occasion was that brought us to Lake Tahoe. I am so sorry that you are forced to close your wonderful casino, restaurants, and a great  hotel for us we used many times for skiing vacations.

And thank you for the wonderful times.

I'm glad for the memories my daughter has one of the famous little bears from the gift shop.

Jackson, all the poker crew, and local players are such great people. We truly appreciated each and everyone that took care of us.

With mom out of town, you had no choice but to take KK and I with you to work. Friendly, and welcoming.

Spent many an enjoyable evening with the staff at The Lakeside. ¿Harto de que se te olvide tu contraseña de Agoda?

Even when we go back for Summer Vaca we always hit Lakeside first! My Wife and I would dine regularly in the Bar.

We had great times gambling and eating there.

The guy at the counter, J.P. was the greatest, most interesting guy I ever met.

But I promise to cherish the memories of the best little casino in Tahoe.

Made friends with tons of dealers, restaurant workers, cocktail waitresses, etc.

We would especially like to thank Patty Soleta for being Patty!

Carl  and Joyce Lampert, Sonoma Wine Country, CA, I had a job as key man at Harvey’s Inn when it first opened in 1974, 46 years ago this summer. We were truly saddened when we got the news. Best to all of you. I am so sad to see you all go!

My children are well in their 30’s great memories having breakfast next to the glass window and our server was always happy & attentive.

We're hoping and praying that someday you'll reopen!! I would look forward to treating myself after finals by playing at Lakeside Inn.

We were in our twenties, carefree and always had a great time hanging out.

The only reason I was able to make Tahoe my second home, was because of your amazing staff, wonderful deals and location.m. not to mention spa outside of the room.

Sincerely, Lois and Jon Morehead  Chico, California.

My husband and I loved being at your casino. Good luck to you all. My husband carried me Across the Threshold and everybody downstairs with clapping and carrying on it was awesome. You will be etched in our memory!

Both our wife's are sad as well, it was just a given that when we went to Tahoe we stayed with you, same room when we could 107. This is truly sad news for us.

Remember this was before smart phones. Besides that, your slot machines in 2001 were coin operated.

Your casino hotel had a couple rooms and we took one, even though it was a smokers okay casino/hotel. He taught me how to play blackjack at Lakeside, enjoying $1 cocktails after a day of boarding. We want to thank you all for the many years of great memories.

We will miss you, all of you. When we had a few hang ups about our 2 day free stay, Pam Wheeler was always quick to straighten it out. One of our favorite parts of our vacations have been to meet at the Lakeside, play slots, BlackJack and craps with your dealers. Angie and Rich Bolella. So Aunt goes to bed and my daughter made her a little bed by the door. completely charming. Marty and Jo Redman, I'm sad to hear this. We spent our honeymoon at your Motel. Bob and Charlie Seckington, Great Casino and Restaurant we will miss you. Great Place, Great Fun. I've also enjoyed your regular  e-mails to me over the years to keep me informed on what was happening in Tahoe and at Lakeside. I was a dealer for Harvey's in 1978-79 I occasionally worked at Harvey's Inn. I’ll forever be grateful for this long chapter of our lives and the enduring impact it’s had on all of us. She said we were mean and she wasn't treating us to breakfast, I said that's ok as long as your safe and not walking around out in 20 degree weather! We will miss your  hotel and casino as it was a site that couldn’t be missed as you entered Tahoe from Carson City.

Frank and Paz and so many more... crushing on Gordon as I played slots, comped packs of cigs that they would bring to you, did I mention the amazing sourdough bread in Timbercove?! Mix in a few mornings and afternoons when we would crawl to Dart Liquors or a daiquiri.

We've been coming there for at least twenty years and it was our go to place for our birthday celebrations. The management and staff at the Lakeside Hotel/Casino kept the spirit of ALWAYS FRIENDLY, ALWAYS FUN, ALWAYS alive throughout the years! My hope is a future reopening. Frequently visited there on our many trips to Lake Tahoe since. Dare we hope for a rebirth, a new era? We always stop there every time we come to town and often multiple times per visit.

Hilary O’Brien, So sad to hear you will have to close the casino and hotel after so many wonderful years in Tahoe. Will be missed by my family indeed.

I’d come up with a couple of friends and family usually twice more each year, we enjoyed it so much.

I’m heartbroken at this news. Vicki Gonzales, We are so sad this has happened. We'll always remember Timbers.

We are so sorry to hear this and will miss your comfortable restaurant and casino.

I always wanted to go back there to see him again some day. I saluted you for never adding resort fees: you were always a class act. There goes my Friday night date spot with my husband Rudy.

Every year our family goes for the winter and we always make sure we go there for the Prime Rib and Lobster meal. We all love you and I personally will not play any where else. We both donated ALL of our winnings back to Whittell High School’s grad night event. Hopefully these hard times will be over soon. We love you guys. The staff was awesome. Birthday Tees.

We really loved to go to Lakeside Inn, it was our favorite place. As we get older we come to know that "change" is not always for the better.

Lakeside Inn - Thanks for always being there for me/us, day or night, snow or shine and to all of the wonderful people who made it what it was...Thank you!! name is Jim and I'am from CT. My brother and I stayed at the Lakeside for over 10years.....during the golf tournament. They would automatically seat us “downstairs” and we would be warmly greated by Achilles or Lori.

We love you all and pray for you all and await a Phoenix to emerge.

So sad to see you close. No, we love you guys. Thank you for all memories. This is a sad day for the lake community. We have had such fantastic times at your hotel, poolside, at the bar, The Timbers, the tables and the slot machines. We'll always remember that week. I’m sooo sorry to hear this!! The Bartee’s, My most fond memory was playing in the Friday night Black Jack tournaments-although I never won first place, I did come in 2nd & 3rd place a couple of times!

My dad passed in 2017 and we continue to go to have a drink in his memory (and of course the good food and service).

We are so sorry that we “can’t go home again.”  We’ll miss you.

Alas that first girlfriend is gone. Noooooo!!!! My kids and I have stayed here for a week every June for a basketball camp. We moved to Southern  Calif for medical reasons and we miss all of you. Please say it isn't true...  My husband and I have been coming to SLT since 2013 once or twice a year to enjoy the wonderful seasonal activities and play poker.

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