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In Revelations, the spiritual identity of Israel reigns over the ethnic aspect and mirrors the depiction of the 12 celestial gates of creation within the treatises of the temple of Ramses II. Edfu Books, 2006.Faraji, Salim. In order to exercise your own KRST power moving forward, you must tap into the divine feminine aspect and go within. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH, BROTHA! The Egyptian Book of the Dead: the Book of Coming Forth by Day: "Book of Enlightenment": Pert m Hru.

Eden can be described as the land mass between southeast Africa and the tigris and euphrates river in west asia. Our church is open again to worship with us in-person or you may chose to worship with us via our live stream on Facebook or the YouTube link on our website at 11:00 AM EDT each Sabbath.

Then they started separate theologically on a couple of grounds that just coincidentally were paramount to the formation of the organizational structure of The Church.

But because of the need for apostolic succession the Christian fathers had to make a man that conferred power to his apostles before he left and went back to heaven. Hence the need for the first part in the Nicene Creed: “we believe in one God, father almighty, maker of heaven and earth.”. The septuagint was commissioned to be transliterated from the kemetic Ru Nu Pert Em Heru(Book of the Coming Forth By Day and By Night) by Ptolemy Philadelphius in the third century BCE. Myrtle, sick from childhood, believed she inherited tuberculosis from her mother as her mother believed she had inherited it as well. In other words, they were uneducated.

One that you should at least learn about.

Now, believing that “she was a child of God and therefore could not inherit sickness", she was completely healed within 2 years. They were all Gnostic in the first two centuries. It’s Not Wrong to Compare Trump’s America to the Holocaust. Christian father spoke against anyone attempting to validate their own unique inner experience. As it is stated in Acts 7:22, The Yahud priests whose forebear was Moses were learned in all of the ways of Kemet which is how they fashioned many of the biblical patriarchs from kemetic kings and neters. How blessed we are that the healing principles of truth called “New Thought” are our Afrakan Spiritual teachings.

and the impudent renegades"). Why? The mythic elements of what became the christian trinity find their foundation within the Kemetic trinity of Ausar Auset and Heru who are the divine Father Mother and Son. No one else could ever make that claim ever again. The Catholic Church version of Christianity won out because of a monumental convert in 313; the Roman emperor Constantine.

The divine feminine is a functional aspect of the spiritual science, not literal. KRST was a principle the connected the inner and outer worlds. It is our Mission and Purpose to Provide a Loving and Supportive Atmosphere For Personal and Spiritual Growth For All People To Learn How To Apply the KRST Principles TO MASTER THEIR LIVES.

We hope our website highlights the wide variety of fellowship and service opportunities available to you.

Then….after reading from your website…I cried like a baby!

Many of these Yahuds allied themselves with Akhenaten in his 18th dynasty struggle against the priests of Amun. I have known that Jesus was not historical for many years, what did the men who invented historical, corporeal Jesus have to gain from it?

A & D Publishing, 2018.Osei, O. Kwame, et al. Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press, 2006.Osman, Ahmed. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307. Thank you! Maathian Press, 2011. The conception of Krst: Reimaging Khristianity in light of its Maatian origins. Christian Fathers battled with them when the Church began to organize. For the first two centuries there were many Christian sects that would be called Gnostic in modern times. As a result of this spiritual vision, and the deep understanding that the powerful life giving spiritual practices of New Thought were all based upon Ancient Spiritual Thought and practices they launched their focus and dedication to the teachings of the greater truth and Spiritual Cosmology that includes teaching Afrakan history and. I going to start off this article with a bold and controversial statement that I can definitively prove to you: The Godman called Jesus Christ never existed and I can prove it using the bible (more on that another time as this article is about why Jesus was humanized by the Catholic Church). Use gloves as recommended, especially when handling food, but hand washing is most essential. The Afrikan Origins of the Major World Religions.

ls renegatz outrasalhitz On the Historicity of Jesus.

Melchezidek translates to king of righteousness in hebrew which in the Kemetic tradition would be rendered as Nysut Maat.

Many formed under different ideas and different leaders.

Some of them include: Theodora of Alexandria, St. Arcadius of Mauretania, Perpetua and Feliciti, Pope Victor, Pope Gelasius & Pope Militades.

Augustine, the Afrikan theologian and early church father, used the term ipsum esse to define God. Civilization or Barbarism an Authentic Anthropology.

I know that sounds kind of diabolically conspiracy theory type stuff. Empower yourself by embracing being KRST-like.

The Africans Who Wrote the Bible: Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity Have Never Told. Here’s Why.

The Winged Globe or sun disk is an ancient religious symbol that had its earliest use in Egypt, and it is found in various forms in the religions of other races. But that would not be the truth. Krst is also a Kemetic term used to describe the embalmed Ausar that was crucified for divine atonement. Springer International Publishing, 2019.Clark, Jawanza Eric.

It is a good start for anyone who wants to research further. An offshoot of Judaism, Christianity naturally adopted many of these beliefs itself. What you will find is that you don’t have to throw away everything you know as a Christian. The Egyptians and their Gnostic pupils believed that the soul was the primary entity that existed. From the Egypto-Gnostic perspective objective reality is but a reflection projected by the soul for the benefit of learning growing in consciousness. Then…I started saying…Thank you…Thank you…I believe I was speaking to my higher self Ka. He is referencing the idea that Christian fathers demonized intuition and something like reviewing your dreams as a source of wisdom, trusting your own inner compass, and just about anything that you would experience that could not be validated by the church or guided by those in power.

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