klm meaning texting

“Klm” is another way of writing “Calm” which means like fine or okay. KLM. What does KLM stand for in text In sum, KLM is an acronym or abbreviation word that is defined in simple language. What does KLM stand for? Miscellaneous » Unclassified.

Rate it: KLM: Kleaned Last Month. What does KL stand for in Text Messaging?

Rate it: KLM

Meaning; KLM: Kaiserliche Marine (Enigma: Rising Tide game) KLM: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines) KLM: Kingdom Life Ministries (Grand Rapids, MI) Meaning ***** KLM: Kaiserliche Marine *** KLM: Kirkvaag, Lystad, Mjøen ** KLM: Krutov, Larionov, Makarov Rate it: KLM: Keystroke-Level Model. Computing » General Computing. Computing » Hardware.

This page illustrates how KLM is used in messaging and chat forums, in addition to social networking software like VK, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. List page number 3 Person 1: Wassup G what you’ ve been up to Person 2: Nm I’ve just been out Person 1: Klm by I’m really cool November 12, 2019 The meaning of KLM is: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines). Rate it: KLM: Calm. Keystroke-Level ... Texting Business Acronyms Medical Acronyms Military Acronyms Technology Acronyms Index of Terms.

Miscellaneous » Unclassified. Text Messaging KL abbreviation meaning defined here. KLM: Key Lamp Module. Updated July 2020. Kapal Layar Motor orang, salah, motor, indonesia. Find more definitions for KLM on Slang.org! Miscellaneous » Unclassified. Rate it: KLM: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschaapij. Meaning; KLM: Kaiserliche Marine (Enigma: Rising Tide game) KLM: Kirkvaag, Lystad, Mjøen (Norwegian comedy group) KLM: Krutov, Larionov, Makarov (hockey offensive linemen) Computing » Texting.

... Search for acronym meaning, ways to abbreviate, or lists of acronyms and abbreviations. Top KLM abbreviation meaning: Kingdom Living Ministries.

Get the top KL abbreviation related to Text Messaging. KLM. List of 72 KLM definitions. Rate it: KLM: Kooky Lame Madman.

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