kitten has diarrhea but acts normal

The cause may be a congenital defect, infection, maternal neglect, blood type incompatibility, environmental conditions (too hot, too cold). When a cat has diarrhea but seems fine, the problem is most likely that your kitty has eaten something unusual.

Finally, kittens may have diarrhea due to disease. Better yet. & skinless chicken. Below are ten common cat toxins. Kittens most commonly become infected either in utero or via their mother’s milk. If diarrhea persists longer than that, or if your cat is exhibiting other symptoms such as lethargy, if he has consumed a toxin, loss of appetite or blood in the stool, seek veterinary attention immediately. Diarrhea can be acute or chronic. It seems there is some controversy over the use of antibiotics to treat uncomplicated cases of salmonella enteritis (intestinal inflammation) with diarrhea in cats, suggesting that antibiotics can favour the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella. And before starting cat diarrhea treatment, it’s necessary to find its cause. Furoxone can cause vomiting and diarrhea and should not be used in pregnant cats. I’m hoping it’s not something chronic. If you can’t understand why your favorite has such problem and it lasts more than 24 hours, a visit to the veterinarian is a must. When you find a food that agrees with your pet, it’s probably a good idea to stick with it.

Questions he may ask may include: Additional tests may be necessary depending on your veterinarian’s index of suspicion. However, some strains are pathogenic, resulting in sickness.

A prevalent cause of diarrhea with a prevalence of between 4 – 12% in cats and kittens. After 12 hours, you should start the described above bland fat-free diet. In the case when your furry friend has diarrhea but seems fine, he is playful, funny and eats as normal, you can just watch what happens over time. gotten into. current diet. I just got 2 kittens and now one of them has diarrhea… Certain toxic plants to cats include: As you can see, the ingestion of these various plants which are commonly found in the home can result in serious gastrointestinal problems for the cat.

Is there anything I can give her until I - Answered by a verified Cat Veterinarian . It really depends on your kitty, though. Corticosteroids or antihistamines can be prescribed to control itching. It seems there is some controversy over the use of antibiotics to treat simple cases of salmonella enteritis (intestinal inflammation) with diarrhea in cats, suggesting that antibiotics can favour the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella. It’s important to begin with very small portions. Is there anything I can give her until I - Answered by a verified Cat Veterinarian Good job! It’s about $15 for a bag but it will last about 1 month 1/2. It can produce quite severe side effects in cats. Most cats experience diarrhea from time to time. Slippery elm provides mucilage. Food allergies in cats can cause various problems, diarrhea being only one of them. These monthly doses contain prevention for intestinal worms as well as protection from deadly heartworm. Temporarily, you can even mix an extra tablespoon or two of warm water into your cat’s canned food. recently identified protozoal infection which is sometimes misdiagnosed as giardia.

Young cats, in particular, are susceptible to dietary changes, so when you bring your new kitten home, find out from the breeder, or the previous owner what the kitten has been eating so far. If you have recently changed your cat’s diet, go back to what you were previously feeding and see if your cat’s diarrhea resolves. If you do want to give your kitten milk, stick lactose-free milk for cats available in supermarkets and pet stores. Let us know what your vet says!! What could be wrong with her? In this case, I’d recommend switching to another food: Orijen or Blue Buffalo or Hill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs are high-quality choices. When the parasites have infested to a large enough extent, the results can be fatal. Even if you are feeding the same brand and type of food as before but have just opened up a new batch, it might be worth buying a new bag or case from a different lot number to rule out the possibility of contamination. Here are five options, with pointers on when to use each.

Unfortunately, not all cats will respond to this treatment.

If your cat doesn’t have diarrhea all that frequently but when he does he produces a lot of stool, a low-fiber diet could be worth a try. She has ad lib dry food as well. All seemed well until four days ago. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. A common cause of diarrhea in kittens.

If your cat or kitten has diarrhea but acts normal, you need to choose the right diet as a part of the home remedy plan in order to stop and prevent diarrhea. If you have further questions, feel free to ask or follow up with your vet. Keep toxins, poisonous plants, medications out of reach of your kitten. Dosing instructions of around 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds body weight every four to six hours are typical. She acts normal and is still playful. If your kitten has bad diarrhea you should take them to a vet for a checkup. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. Maintain a proper vaccination regimen to protect your cat from other infectious diseases.

If the kitten appears to be well, is eating, drinking and playing, as usual, you may choose a wait and see approach. Why does my dog have diarrhea but is acting normal? The second most likely cause of diarrhea in cats is parasites. While the causes are varied, and we will explain them below, the stage of the kitten's life will have an impact. That should clear up any doubts. So when your kitten has diarrhea but acts normal, check him for parasites.

Kittens in shelters are at particular risk of infectious diarrhea, with common pathogens including feline panleukopenia, giardia, and coccidia. But the other kitten is fine …. Remember about the importance of proper hydration! It is seen most often in kittens, although cats of any age can become infected. Supportive care may be necessary, this can include fluids to replace lost fluids and correct dehydration, and a bland diet to rest the stomach while the cat recovers. However, when you notice such symptoms as apathy and weakness, you should start worrying and go to the veterinarian. Proper deworming is necessary to help prevent parasitical infestations. Antibiotics (sulfa) are therefore reserved for severely ill cats. It has been 2 days and he is not as playful as he used to be. Well, before visiting the vet, focus on the symptoms of your feline’s problem because this can help choose the right cat diarrhea treatment. When your cat has diarrhea but seems fine, you need to do a bit of detective work. Due to a kitten's rapid development, any sign of illness needs to be addressed seriously.

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