kingdoms and castles hidden achievements

I think most mistakes that people encounter is that they are not very familiar with the Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. In conversations with NPCs there will occasionally be options that arise where you can persuade the NPC for items, gold, help, etc. 7 Lvl. Near the beginning of the DLC, you'll have to kill a Jottun Warlord named Kahrunk.

Time two sword attacks with a small pause in between the attacks to launch an enemy in the air, then spam arrows when an enemy is in the air and it should unlock, easy."

Just use basic combos to start, rather than switching between your weapons/magic. The achievement will unlock as soon as you hit to take the eighth bottle.

Just dump the alliance honor points rewards from the first capture of holy sites.

Just buy things you like when you feel comfortable doing so. What was your difficulty? As mentioned above, the Event icon at the top right allows you to check out some very interesting stuff regarding to the Event. Sagecraft - 8 points, again save for training, buy when you can spare it. Read through the guide for all the others but know that about half will come while trying to do the faction achievements and crafting except for: Out of Your League, A Wink and a Smile, and Destiny Dominated.

You want them to be maxed out for KvK, having as many marches ready as possible. You will need to be at least a level 8 Sagecrafter and at a minimum level of 16 to craft an epic gem.

Defeat and repeat. There you will find an alchemy mixing station and you can experiment.

If you need a quick cache of books, head to the Luminary Leaf in Rathir. Simply venture to unknown areas using your map () to find a red-tagged enemy. He's really the only NPC in the area, so you can track him on your map by searching for the white arrow.

I suggest purchasing some on the alliance Shop and only purchase the Territorial Teleport because this is the cheaper one and you can only teleport in the alliance territory in the Lost Kingdom.

To perform the special attack, follow the method to parry found in the "Foiled Again!" If you are caught committing a crime, you're given the choice to pay off the bounty with a fee (which you will use toward "Crime Doesn't Pay") or to serve time in jail. See "Master of the Forge" for more information. The trick is to not activate them in the correct order, which is Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest. 2 Lvl. You can speak with her at any time, so don't fret if you forget for a while after finishing the main quest. Use either Whatsapp or Discord.

Remember who are Cavalry, Infantry, and Archer.

1 Lvl. 5 Lvl.

One benefit or none at all? Unique items are marked by their Purple names. It consists of four separate treasure hunts. Eel Petal - Allestar Tower, at least 2 on the way to first town in the game. Runed objects can explode if you fail.

Does difficulty affect Achievements? Special Thanks to blater! This can be done early on with the starting weapons (longsword/bow), described by "yevinorion" - "For juggler, best used with longsword and bow, in the very beginning part. Abilities are the attacks you will map to your UI, and are used by holding and selecting one of the face buttons.

Mercantile - None, less points will actually net you the spending achievement faster but hurt your gold income. Note that by defeating Barbarians/Forts you will also gain a good amount of speedups. Increasing 5% more damage for Cavalry via the Academy is a totally different story as it requires tons of resources and weeks worth of speedups to research. The only shop owner there is the fence. To get this achievement simply talk to any individual wearing no clothes. This Light & Darkness menu allows you to teleport into The Lost Kingdom as well as allows you to check a number of things.

This is because when the war starts, healing becomes really expensive. You'll be going here to retrieve an item from a coffin.

You need to jump from the platform the gallows are on in Cape Solace to reach this area. Bandits can be found almost everywhere and this achievement should unlock very early for you. Simply look for all chests and be thorough in searching corpses as you go and you should have this in no time. Unless you are waiting for a very strong commander being released soon in Wheel of Fortune or Mightiest Governor, like YSG. Many players leave their city and when their flag was taken down by their opponents, they eventually will get zeroed. Simply wait to use your Reckoning until five or more enemies are around, knock them all out so they have over their heads and the achievement will unlock once you've performed the Reckoning.

Alternatively, you can put 37 points into each of the three trees to unlock the "Mastery of Arms" perk which will give you every available weapon ability. Show them that you support them and in return, they will support you ideally.

Single revolves around putting points in just one tree, dual are a choice of two, and triple is of course all three. Additionally, players can do the continual occupation of an ancient ruins or altar of darkness to gain the Honor Points.

Alchemy - 5 points, 3-5 should be sufficient until you find the 4-6 trainer.

Do not be stingy buy those Teleports or Peace Shield. Once you progress the main story to unlock the gate of Mel Senshir ("Hero of Mel Senshir" achievement), you will be forced to talk to the person outside who begins this quest line: The entrance to the city of Ysa (found in Sidhe, east of Gorhart) houses the NPC Sola who will point you towards the city of Caer Nyralim to the southwest. Pteryx are bird like creatures that you'll encounter throughout the DLC. : No Calculate and see how many troops you can keep in your Hospitals at max. They will be super useful eventually. This can be looted from bodies after using Reckoning and it counts toward your ten. Complete the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.

Black Cohosh - Allestar Tower, start of the game, also found basically everywhere. After finding all four treasures using the map locations, follow the video below to kill and loot a crab who has apparently eaten her hand! It only costs you Gold and Blueprints for the rerolls as you can always dismantle the equipment to get all of the materials back. Locate all eight message bottles in Gallows End. First, what is a bank account? You can also make a save to commit crimes and get the achievement before reverting back to your pious and righteous save when you are done if you so choose. Story related achievement, can't be missed. Note that if you increase your Alchemy skill to level 10 before getting this, you'll automatically learn every recipe and will not be able to unlock it!

Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1 (Start on hard)

You can do this as soon as you first get to Idylla. In the image, you can see that our opponent has prevented us from building a flag. Start buying them a few weeks before the Kvk starts. The first place you'll likely come across to sell fenced goods is Star Camp.

Acquire 10 Unique weapons (Special Delivery weapons excluded). I already got all the other achievements so I put it on peaceful to get this one. Simply play through the game on the hard difficulty to get this achievement. Edelweiss - House of Valor, 2 inside warp point, big white bush, also all over the desert.

Also, when joining rallies, usually in my case, I would put a marker on what type of units to be sent. Lockpick - None, 2-3 should suffice just for getting you the achievement.

This can also be done with a Faeblade Riposte or full dagger combo while the enemy is in the air. Continual occupation of ancient ruins or altar of darkness. However, there is an infinite Niskaru spawn available during "The Erathell's Blessing" side quest in Ayten if you want to knock this out quickly. You'll get this achievement during the "Rites of Passage" quest.

If you miss this achievement, this is the first real quest of the DLC, so reload a save from before you started the DLC if you have one and redo this quest. You've bested Kahrunk without killing his attendants. And so on.

Which is better? In the "outdoor" section of Undersea Fasting, the very farthest point of the dungeon.

To use your ability hold and the corresponding button to which you have mapped the trap.

They do have the numbers and activity. Make sure that if you want to participate in the top 20 rankings, your alliance must be able to capture the Ruins and Altar of Darkness and of course participate on in to gain individual points. Detect Hidden - 2 points, if you max detect hidden it will make finding lorestones much easier. When speaking with Rast Brattigan during the main quest, be sure to always choose the "nice" options (top right on the dialogue wheel). It's almost impossible to be able to get this achievement with mobs on just because of the amount of space needed. My advice here is to learn the Commanders. If it is KvK 4+, as soon as the KvK event begins, you will see a small “Sun & Moon” icon at the top right of the screen (screenshot). Last played game was Kingdoms and Castles on Steam. The simplest thing as I can tell you as being a former leader is to promise other Alliances that there will be rewards given if they participate and show support. Traps count toward this achievement; however, sustained skills (such as Envenomed Edge or Blade Honing from the Finesse tree) and buffs (such as Relentless Assault from the Might tree) do not!

They'll respawn at the Eryie Peak location as well.

You won't have 50 just by completing the main quest, so once you're done with that you can get about a dozen kills from just killing the ones in Undersea Fasting, Cliffbreak Fasting and Souldeep Fasting, then sleep at Gravehal Keep for 48 hours to respawn them and repeat until it unlocks. Use normal weapon attacks to be safe. Game of Crowns - Defeat Lord Blackburn to avoid war between kingdoms. The damage from your attacks will help kill any surrounding creatures and easily help you dispatch the mob. If you look into the Crusader Achievements there are achievements that you will need to capture Crusader Camps from another kingdom. The earliest you can get this achievement is actually inside the tutorial. This process or strategy can really delay a huge war. Preparation/Playthrough (Hard difficulty):

There is an event for powering up or upgrading buildings before the KvK starts. Going back to #9, most people are unaware still at this point about sending full specific units or mix troops. This is an account where players will gradually donate their resources to one account and the idea is for this account to supply players when they are in need during wars.

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