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Prince Kauikeaouli was the son of Kamehameha I and his Consort, the High Chiefess Keopuolani, succeeding the throne from his brother, King Kamehameha II on June 6, 1825. Hawaii King Family, L.L.C.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) has created with the goal of making history content, teaching strategies, resources, and research accessible. One of the most poignant moments in the new George Clooney movie, "The Descendants," is when Clooney, who plays the attorney Matt King, gazes down at a pristine sweep of coastland on Kauai. She was the daughter of High Chiefess Owana Kaheiheimalie & High Chief Gideon Peleioholani La`anui, the grand nephew of Kamehameha I.  Elizabeth was the hereditary head of the royal house, the "de jure" sovereign of the Hawaiian kingdom after the death of her cousin, Queen Lili`uokalani on November 11, 1917 while still under an illegal occupation. Prince Noa arrives on the red carpet proir to the Kamehameha Foundation Fundraising gala at the Kahala, 2018, Queen Liliʻuokalani passed away on November 11, 1917, 100 church bells rang across the island in memory of the 100th anniversary of the passing of the last ruling sovereign of Hawaiʻi, A gift from H.R.H. The land has been owned by the King family for generations. Her only legal heir to the throne was her niece, Princess Ka`iulani who died childless in 1899, ending the Kalakaua dynastic line of succession. September 2018 The royal family of Hawaii and delegation visit the royal family of Portugal to celebrate honors The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard & Airmen’s Club (SSMAC) celebrated its 99th Anniversary at the 22nd Annual Military Ball at the Pierre Hotel in New York City on Friday October 12th. Elizabeth named her heir and successor is her niece, Princess Theresa Owana Ka'ohelelani La'anui. Be that as it may, the government pensioned her off and she retired to her palatial home, where she died, at age 79. When he tells Alex that her mother is going to die, she reveals that Elizabeth has been having an affair with another man. Matt’s wife, Elizabeth, is in a coma from a boat-racing accident, and Matt, who describes himself as the “back-up parent,” has become the sole care-giver for his two troubled daughters, Scottie and Alex. A descendant of Hawaiian royalty, King holds the deciding vote in the family trust that holds the land. The past is never dead. The process of coming to terms with the death of his wife forces Matt to confront what is owed to the dying, the dead, and to those who remain behind. Hawaii's monarchy was limited by the 1887 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii, which King David Kalakaua (1836 1891) signed under threat of force, and which was therefore often known as the Bayonet Constitution. John Parker was just 19 when he jumped ship in Hawaii, but King Kamehameha I found him useful for dealing with the increasing visits by Westerners to his newly united islands. Elizabeth’s accident comes just as Matt is preparing to sell 25,000 acres of land on Kauai contained in a family trust, for which he is the sole trustee.

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