kansas river oregon trail game

On National Register of Historic Places and considered one of the most significant historic sites on the Oregon Trail in Kansas. I eventually settled on the Kansas River, the Big Blue River, the Green River, and the Snake River – although at times I seriously considered several other rivers as well. I wonder if we can download the game and play it offline. Therefore, as the overlanders reached a river crossing, they needed to make an assessment based on the current conditions. But if the river was high and swift, then fording the river would not work. If the player chose carpenter, the points will be doubled. Some schools with old computers may even still have it. In the finished game, when the player arrives at a river crossing, the first few screens provide a context to the player, and also allow the player to talk to people at the landmark, which can provide additional context and useful hints.

With the proper strategy, random events should be your only problem and they should not keep you from at least making it to the end of the game. Press Alt+Enter to switch and exit to full-screen mode. (And in some cases, when the trail went up a river valley, they had to cross the same river several times.) I soon changed the algorithm significantly, eliminating the 5-foot break point. If the weather were quite rainy in the days just prior to reaching the river, then the river should be deeper and swifter (and therefore more dangerous) than usual. This page was last edited on 9 December 2014, at 23:51. However, during our testing and fine-tuning, I discovered that a 50% reduction in your risk was insufficient. This is a great game for kids who want to get to the Oregon Trail in a way that could benefit their kids. Floating a wagon across the river was even more risky. Despite the design compromises that we had to make in order to simplify the animations and programming, the river crossing activity proved to be one of the most exciting and memorable modules in The Oregon Trail, adding greatly to the popularity of the product. Fort Laramie is special because it marks the point where you flip the disk to the other side. As I conducted my research prior to designing the game, I learned that the overlanders to Oregon had to cross a lot of rivers. If the algorithm decided that your crossing was successful, then you would see your wagon reach the far shore of the river. This will be the start of trials and challenges along the way. So now we could put it all together and build the river crossing module. During the fine-tuning stage later in the project, I made another change to the fording algorithm to improve the gameplay: If the river depth is between 2.5 feet and 3 feet – which is the swamping scenario – then you don’t lose any supplies, and none of the oxen will drown. How was your experience so far? If you waste too many bullets, they will add up and subtract from your score. If it's 2.5 feet deep or less, it should be safe to ford the river.

There is also an option to ask for a piece of advice. So, better watch these things to successfully reach Oregon. They will be reminded of the available supplies, the current weather, and the health condition of the leader.

View of the Oregon Trail crossing near old Uniontown in western Shawnee County, Kansas.

The money can be used to purchase items like foods, clothing, animals, ammunition, and spare parts which are sold in Matt’s General Store in Missouri. Game Controls of the Oregon Trail Game. Again you'll have a divided trail; head to The Dalles. (If you don't like the thought of crossing another hazardous river, go ahead to the fort.) In this algorithm, D represents the river’s depth in feet and BT is the “bottom type” – which can be smooth and firm, muddy, or rocky and uneven: Notice that this algorithm has two break points – at depths of 2.5 feet and 5 feet. At some river crossings a ferry was available, but this cost money, and there was often a long queue of wagons waiting to take the ferry. But if the river is between 2.5 feet and 5 feet deep, then the losses are less serious. At the end of the game, points are awarded according to the chosen profession of the leader, number and health of surviving parties, cash on hand, and remaining resources.

The player will name them according to his preference. Pass Fort Boise, then the Blue Mountains. If you're a banker, do whatever you want. It can be a great game for my children, since it is very educational and fun at the same time. The goal must be to take a group of people from Independence, Missouri, to another place called Oregon.

This may well be the last time you can safely ford a river! Likewise, for floating across the river or taking a ferry, I first created a complete scenario, and then I converted the scenario into a detailed algorithm – which I later fine-tuned as we tested the results. Same if you shoot two deer. If the river is deeper than the second break point (5 feet), then attempting to ford the river results in a catastrophic failure.

In these situations, the other landmark is preferred because the fort is out of the way, unless of course you need to buy supplies. We would use a distinct animation for each of the three methods of crossing, but for practical reasons we would only animate two possible outcomes.

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