kandi viper 250cc trike

So they bought the Fiero and then found out it WAS a commuter car. I change the oil every 500 miles,check the coolent and brake fliud. I purchased it to save on fuel. The Trike-Car is street legal in 49 states. It needs to be because the passenger compartment isn’t far enough forward and the engine is further back so it’s more tail heavy and not as stable. For those who love unique, fun vehicles (such as me), quality of design and construction are hugely important when it’s time to balance driving enjoyment with risk to life and limb. e can ship world wide. While both front wheels look like they’ll stay on the ground, I’m worried that if you stress the rear end enough, you won’t just get some positive camber.

Depending on where you buy it, it will cost you somewhere between $5,700 and $7,000 delivered (with some assembly required usually), a fraction of the price of the Morgan or what I expect the Polaris Slingshot to cost, let alone what a restored Kabinenroller can run these days. Learn about the stability of three wheeled vehicles. The insurance was $70 for the year with progessive. Thanks for the information about ElioMotors.I just reserved one on there website.I hope they are able to start production next year . Color option: Contact us via our email: info.motorcycle@aliyun.com, ©2018 by bestqualitymotorcycles. I will be driving it again to Bike Week in March. yellow and a red. 250cc water cooled engine, Automatic transmission with Reverse. Does a 1967 BSA Victor Roadster B44R have an oil filter. The inside front wheel lifted about 18″ off of the pavement (maybe that’s why I like the photo of Jim Clark’s Lotus Cortina cornering on three wheels so much). KANDI USA 250cc Reverse-Trike KD-250MB2 . 6"x 50. 2012 Kandi Vipe Reverse Trike! Engine Type: Single cyinder 4-stroke water cooled, Type of Gasoline: Unleaded No. Kandi 250MD Viper Trike. However, watching the Kandi Viper scamper around that parking lot gives me a little pause. Proudly created with China bike. ront/rear :Double arm-swing/ single armBrakes. ront/rear :DiscBrake operation :Hand +footTires. not dual mufflers)Tire Size:2x Front & 1x Rear 165/70R13Size :105. Bike will be shipped once payment is posted on our account. Tel :. To order, Send us your full shipping address as belwo to us via our email. Model of your unit order: this is a new bike 0 miles. If you are interested in getting a radio and speaker package. Talking to a dealer of Chinese motorcycles convinced me its a total gamble buying one.

If you pay to have a dealer fully assemble it, you’ll have to pick it up at a shipping depot.

Thirteen inch cast aluminum wheels are standard, mounted with 145X70 radial tires. Model:KD-250MDENGINE INFO :Engine type :250CC / Single Cylinder / 4 STROKE/ Automatic with ReverseEngine brand :Kandi USADisplacement :250ccCooling :Water-cooledMax horsepower :16. Shipping Address :. And, good luck getting any parts. The company I purchased it from was Supersportz.

Maybe I just dig cycle style fenders that turn with the front wheels. Obviously, judging a vehicle’s safety based on one short YouTube video and comments on the internet is not a serious appraisal. There are other reverse trikes, like Campagna’s T-Rex models, but Campagna’s least expensive vehicle, the T-Rex V13R, starts at $56,000.

6"x 50. Bikes are tested before is shipped.

Now comes word that Morgan’s revived 3 Wheeler, a car that seems to be able to drift and donut effortlessly while still keeping both front wheels planted firmly on terra firma, has become their best selling vehicle, prompting word of expanding the 3 Wheeler line. I’d be very very interested in the 10-15k range. please allow 7 days to get the bike tested and service with our professional techs before the bike is shipped. The Trike-Car is intended as an in town commuter. It took a bit more than a “dab of oppo” to settle it back down. 00 we are liquidating inventory leaving room … The missing element from most 3-wheelers s the ability to tilt into the turn like a true motorbike. Model:KD-250MDENGINE INFO :Engine type :250CC / Single Cylinder / 4 STROKE/ Automatic with ReverseEngine brand :Kandi USADisplacement :250ccCooling :Water-cooledMax horsepower :16. If you life is relying on a roll cage, I want that roll cage to be made by people who know what they are doing.

That kind of fun comes at a price. I have reached 55mph with no issues. Some buyers report engines being DOA or failing soon after purchase. Not even close. I think the Can Am Spyder looks like fun as well, but the price is a little daunting – maybe with insurance savings it makes sense compared to the second hand MX-5 you could buy with the same money. From the looks of the yellow Viper pictured here, you can replace the stock muffler with sporty dual upswept exhausts. 5"Battery :12V/7AhFuel capacity :2 GallonEngine oil :SAE15W/40SFGear oil :85W/40CHASSIS ETC :Clutch :NO (Automatic)Transmission :CVTDriveline :CHAIN-driveDriving wheel :Rear wheel driveSuspension. Joel

With microcar level power you won’t get there quickly, but it looks like you’ll have fun getting there. 95. Cruising speed is said to be about 60 MPH (some dealers say 80, others say don’t believe them) so it should be suitable for urban use and maybe even hopping on the freeway for very short distances. The rear end uses a swing arm, as expected, but surprisingly they didn’t just use a scooter drive train, which typically has the engine and transmission as part of the swingarm assembly, increasing unsprung weight. no warranty. The SPIDER Motor Trike 3-Wheel Scooter is 100% street legal in 49 States except for California. I’m pretty happy with my 1981 HMV Freeway with its 453cc Tecumseh engine, but admittedly it’s only a single-seater (optimistic factory claims of usable passenger space notwithstanding).

While there is some body roll, the camber on the wheel seems to exceed the roll angle of the body. SuperSportz says that future models will have a more enclosed interior, but for the time being you’re sitting right in front of the engine, so it’s noisy, and the radiator sits right behind the passenger seat so maybe a heater isn’t needed.

About Jass Motorsports INC. Jass Motorsports INC., a California corporation with a large office and warehouse in the Los Angeles area, is a factory powersports distributor for the dealer network throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean region and South America. we are willing to let go for less. This is a new bike. Though they are sold said to be 90-95% complete, many buyers report that the assembly that had already been done wasn’t done properly, with some bolts left untorqued and even components switched left to right.

Six grand is a lot to spend on a glorified version of a disposable Chinese scooter/bike. Pricing is similar…. call us at 562-261-5183. An auxiliary hand activated parking brake is also included. I have also added some green LED lights on the bottom of the trike. comes with single muffler. The Viper has a wheelbase of 60″ and a track of 57.3″ giving a ratio of 1:1.04 which is pretty good for stability. Due to the amount of sale we do not accept paypal on these items. The Trike-Car is designed as a family fun run about. It would help if you know how to weld. If you want a  trike that leans, Kandi offers them too. 2010 Upgraded Model! You can get a rough idea of what assembly involves from this video of another Kandi trike. Got a new Chinese scooter for free- and that’s just what it’s worth.

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