kag lake fishing

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This is our destination next year for our annual fly-in fishing trip and we would like any information you may have regarding this lake. I have worked in industry the past 34 years and have seen many companies who should take lessons from Don Elliot as far as customer service goes. , ""I have been fishing Canada since 1963. Kag's natural beauty, abundant wildlife and incredible walleye fishing make an immediate and lasting impression and leave you wanting to return again and again.

They really in words and actions, make us feel like family. If you plan on going fishing then plan on using Mattice Lake Outfitters. And keep up-to-date with Canada's fishing and hunting authority! You get to have the affect of a wilderness experience but yet with enough amenities that allow you to have a lot of fun and camaraderie when you are off the water. Home to numerous lakes and rivers teeming with wild brook and lake trout. The Elliot family have without exception been wonderful to work with.

GPS Coordinates: 50°-59.00 N , 87°51.00 W, Download Fishing from the banks of the Opichuan River which flows out of Kag Lake only a couple of miles from our camp offers great catches of brook trout. Kag Lake is huge at over 20,000 acres of crystal clear water.

An Outstanding Resort for Fishing and Families. Lake Onaping Lodge in Northeastern Ontario. There are multiple outfitters with outpost cabins on the lake, but only one lodge. else if (document.body.clientWidth > 1025) {

What’s the best auto-loading shotgun: inertia or gas? Most pike in this system are quite large, Bill caught few fish under 20 inches. I have been to six different lakes all with GREAT fishing. He had been back several times and was sold on the relationship he had built with the outfitter. Their aircraft are works of art and all equipment and accommodations are unsurpassed. Tip: Cast jigs tipped with Gulp! else if (document.body.clientWidth > 1025) { As if the experience is not enough to bring us back the extra mile you went was the clincher.

These fish put on a great fight and a stiff-fast action rod is needed to horse them in and also to effectively cast large flies. The isolated location of this camp and the lakes many islands offer lots of protection on windy days. document.write('kagianagami Lake Cabin 4'); Most of his pike were in the 35 to 45-inch range and larger. , ""An outfitter who truly cares about his customers.

See you then."
J. }, if (document.body.clientWidth <= 1024) { At all of the lakes we have caught many fish, probably more than most people would, I believe. in fishing cleaning house and large deck for relaxing out doors.

Both camps will sleep 2 to 8 people, have propane stove & fridge, woodstove for heat, hot & cold running water and shower. Where to fish: Around rock shoals and island points. Chris and Rosie"
R. Bill Spicer, from the TV show The New Fly Fisher, recently spend a week at Kag Lake and enjoyed some of the best pike fishing of his life. , ""The Mattice family has been flying me out for the last seven years on my canoe trips. Here’s what that means for bowhunters, New government allies help Manitoba Wildlife Federation reach conservation goals, Why Canadian anglers and hunters owe Phil Morlock a debt of gratitude. document.write('kagianagami Lake Cabin'); Can't wait till August.

After we picked your service and made our reservations we all had ideas as to what we wanted ( hoped for ) from you and the fishing trip. Vick Lake is larger and has more area to explore than Bellsmith, but both have lots of fish, and we never came back to the cabin with an empty fish basket! I have been on thirty fly-in trips as of this past July. Don and Annette run a first class operation.

On Humble Bay, Twin Lakes Outfitter's housekeeping outpost camp consists of two separate buildings, accommodating large groups or separate parties. , ""We have been going to Mattice Lake Outfitters since 1992 and are always impressed by the quality of service and friendly, helpful family that runs the operation. We have also see moose, beavers and otters. 20 lbs., and lake trout up to 30 lbs. Without killing ourselves my wife and I averaged about 60 fish a day. else if (document.body.clientWidth > 1025) {

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