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At one point during the conversation, she asked me if my uncle was the judge in Long Branch.

Couldn’t have been worded better! Join Facebook to connect with Judi Franco and others you may know. This past year, I was re-elected co-chair of the Long Branch Cable TV Commission. This post was contributed by a community member. Her situation got me to thinking – what if we did a show to update everyone on what Judi Franco was up to now?As it turned out, when we finally got together and made arrangements for the taping, she had returned to her old show with Dennis Malloy about three months prior, so it looked like she would have a lot to talk about.She got to the studio on the day of the taping, and I took her aside just to give her a rundown on what topics would be discussed prior to the show taping. What kind of lesson was this ticket meant to teach? All rights reserved (About Us). When her parents moved to New Jersey, she continued to pursue her interests in community theater and radio, according to her NJ 101.5 biography. I disagree with her. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! And Officer Anthony Marotto has a lot to learn about respect. inducted into the New Jersey Broadcasters Hall of Fame. I would higher a lawyer and sue Howell township for 5million so that this wouldn’t happen again . No, I think it goes deeper than that. Occasionally, the show delves into topics such as local and mass media and its influence, local sports, and interviews with politicians who serve Long Branch higher than the municipal level.One of the most interesting personalities that has been on the show was Long Branch resident Judi Franco.

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We continued to shoot the breeze for a few more minutes, discovering that we both had a lot of mutual friends around town, plus the fact that our daughters both attended the same Gymboree class in Ocean Township close to 20 years earlier.A few minutes later, Adam showed up, and we began taping the show. Franco, 56,  is a volunteer at the Sephardic Bikur Holim food pantry in Monmouth County, which provides meals for thousands of needy families, her station bio says, and she also has participated in various charity functions aiding non-profits in the Monmouth County area. When I answered in the affirmative, she proceeded to tell me the story about when she was working at radio station Y107 in Long Branch several years ago, and how she called my uncle up and got him to perform a wedding ceremony live on-the-air. Malloy, Franco and NJ 101.5 FM host Ray Rossi were under fire in 2013 for their comments on the case of Sammy, the Cocker Spaniel that was abused and brought to the Associated Humane Society in Tinton Falls in a plastic bag and covered in urine. The views expressed in this post are the author's own. Follow Bill Gallo Jr. on Twitter @bgallojr. Codey at the time, said he'd love to punch Carton in the mouth. Malloy has worked in radio for more than 41 years, according to his official NJ 101.5 biography and was inducted into the New Jersey Broadcasters Hall of Fame in November. For Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco, the personalities on the "Dennis & Judi Show" on NJ 101.5 FM, Wednesday started out to be just like any other — banter between themselves and about the issues of the day. Grewal, the nation's first Sikh attorney general, was referred to as "turban man" and "the guy with the turban" as Malloy and Franco discussed Grewal's recent move telling municipal prosecutors not to pursue charges for marijuana arrests. But when they began discussing New Jersey's attorney general, Gurbir Grewal, they went too far in the opinion of many, including their station's managers who yanked the pair off the air. Find NJ.com on Facebook. Franco, now a resident of Long Branch with her husband, Mark, is originally from San Francisco, where she was a child actress and singer. No one lays it down as clear and straightforward in all of NJ like Judy! © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. (That’s why half these cops are ready to call DYFS if they see a mother sterilizing her baby’s pacifier for less than 15 minutes) He has plenty of respect – would probably stand half a day holding the door for a woman in any store BUT he is absolutely CLUELESS on what a medical emergency is, how time can be of the essence (don’t forget many people today schedule their deliverers at a time convenient to them so they can conveniently have their one convenient boy and girl +family dog) and the importance of a human life. Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco – hosts of the mid-day show, The Dennis & Judi Show, which mixes a variety of topics, from New Jersey politics, to the mundane, irreverent issues; the show first aired in 1997.

The NJ 101.5 FM heavily brands itself as New Jersey’s own radio station — “Not New York. Connecting with NJ 101.5's Judi Franco - Long Branch-Eatontown, NJ - It's guests like Judi Franco that makes producing "Community Connections" worth the effort.

No. nj.com/tips. Just a thought…he could have had the couple follow him to the hospital with his siren on and presented them with a ticket once there. Is a man whose wife is in the last stages of labor above the law? Perhaps they need some further education about the urgent nature of advanced labor. Maybe in some aspects of his life he’s a nice guy. Respect goes beyond speaking in a professional tone of voice. But I’m also not surprised that a Howell police officer wouldn’t let a couple rushing to the hospital with the wife in the critical stage of labor off the hook. And vindictiveness is just about one of the worst traits you can have when you are charged with the responsibility of serving and protecting and carrying a gun. Have a tip? It depends on my mood, but I can be very reserved in a lively situation and I'll just sit back and take it all in.". A huge Statehouse rally called out officials on the approximately $2.8 billion increase in taxes. Obviously this fellow is not. N.J. radio show's listeners are split, 'My name is Gurbir Grewal,' N.J. AG responds to NJ 101.5 radio hosts' insult, NJ 101.5 suspends hosts Dennis & Judi for 'offensive comments' about N.J. attorney general, Bill Gallo Jr. may be reached at bgallo@njadvancemedia.com.

Either they were bullied as kids, their family lives were dysfunctional, or their souls are just empty. Nov 23 2017 11:41 am .

Tell us. Thursday morning, the pair’s photos under the On-Air Lineup section of the radio station’s website had been taken down. It’s just being a mean and vindictive person. I saw her, her husband Marc, and son Joe in the Monmouth Mall about two months after the show aired. Hopefully, this is a lesson to cops! It's the old working mother story.". This would never ever happen to Anthony Marato wife or Daughter because even if she was not pregnant and was going 90 MPH she would just Pull out her PBA Card and say my Husband Brother or Father is a Howell cop and they would just send her on her way with a smile no Ticket or even Warning.

I am not one to bash police. The views expressed here are the author's own. If this was a story about one cop, then we can write it all off that it was a rotten apple. But now that the Howell Police Department issued a statement defending this officer, this changes the whole dynamics!! Before we knew it, the half hour came and went. fun of Gov. He has a real problem. And even though it seems that Anthony Marotto felt the need to treat this couple like criminals, our justice system even provides for a certain level of respect for criminals. B”H all turned out well for all and we must focus on that! It was during a time when she had left radio to take care of some personal matters at home, and she was doing other things to supplement her family -- producing podcasts, and writing a children's play called "Judi and the Jolly Beans" which starred her and her daughters.

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