journey to agartha ending explained

Morisaki and Asuna are walking towards a steep cliff when they are attacked by the villagers but they are saved by Shin. Even following your interpretation I don't think that is a depressing ending.The goal is not about reaching the light at the top of the mountain. Shun, now alone, looks up at the stars and falls from the ledge to his death. of their minds when they first approached the planet. As it happens, something has changed. I kind of think the Journey is life, you start off, you get your feet wet, you meet people, things are bright, things are a breeze, things go down hill, it's gets dark and scary, you come to a point where you can't move and you collapse, but then you ascend to paradise and the level that is all bright and happy mirrors your Journey (seriously it takes a set piece from each chapter like the Seaweeds or bridge.) Its hard to say if every cloth person on the journey is also being led by the spirit, one would assume the information the spirit shares would be public knowledge if that were true, though the cloth people can't really communicate at all. That, in and of itself, is a pretty amazing accomplishment. There are no adult or child variations and long periods of captivity or being buried in the snow does not appear to harm them, Yeah, he's dead and was reborn as a new being. But I do think there are multiple ways to view the ending, and I think that's intentional. I agree that in some form you die, but the light travelling over the land you've just walked and landing where you started at the end of the credits makes me think you're in some sort of limbo. Producer Had echoes of "The Fountain" for me as your star flies over the landscape, landing where you begin. Makoto Shinkai Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. At first I thought this was a pretty clear indication that I had died and was ascending by myself. The chapter with the giant block snakes resemble the most terrifying, or tragic moments of one's life, the moment being completely unexpected and out of no where, hitting you like a sack of bricks. All the containers you free the cloth creatures from are actually defunct war machines created to harvest the last remaining cloth, these are the same devices that chase you in the later stages of the game built by your ancestors. The player is being led by the white spirit, which is indicated to be a god, I think that the end area is not heaven but in fact the realm of the gods.

I loved every moment of it. Whether that purpose is something as broad as the act of living itself (the metaphors for birth/death certainly exist) or something more specifically religious, viewing the journey as a pilgrimage, the act of "the journey" seemed to me to be very specifically about a character driven to fulfill what he/she/it believes is its purpose for existing. I'm almost 40 years old, and I'm at the end of my life! Screenwriter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Discuss. @CommonReason: So you think that you did actually die? What you get may not be so great, but the trip to get it was at least memorable. I agree completely. inspired?). His face IS pretty shit, now that you mention it! The biggest hint, you know besides the ending, was the name of the trophy at the end; "Rebirth.". I can't remember a game ever having the emotional impact that Journey had on me. You think you've risen and reached the mountain with the power of a god, or at least gone to heaven, but then the light fades and you see your tombstone on the mountain, and then the light in the distance, saying that you never did reach it. Returning home is always a good ending to a story about a quest—but not if everything has just stayed the same, right? The Quetzacoatl offers to take them to the bottom of the cliff. That's also why you have a new symbol in every run, because each "Journey" is a life of another generation. They encounter a Quetzalcoatl who is about to die. Yeah?

And that's what makes this game great, it kind of requires from the player to insert what they "want to see" - kind of like when you read a book as opposed to watching a film: your imagination fills in the blanks and makes the experience more personal. Can't work out if we made it in the end physically, but spiritually we crossed the finish line.

Of course, that is only one of the two options, and now that I've played it multiple times I agree with your interpretation. But this price is insufficient; Morisaki also pays with the loss of an eye. Everyone's life begins and ends the same way, but what matters is how you live your life, and if you are able to look back on it and say that you were happy with the way you lived. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (星を追う子ども, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, lit. It is definitely a journey of life and how your body just gives out at the end only to be taken to the afterlife. The name of the game alone tells us that. I like it, poor little cloth man died and went to heavens :(. After school, she visits Morisaki and asks him about Agartha. I imagined it was some sort of spiritual pilgrimage, where many had fallen (as seen in the hieroglyphic-like wall drawings). I just finished it. What do you guys think? The elevator level to me resembles ones true golden years (the lighting of this level BEING golden not being a coincidence, in my opinion). I love how the anticipation builds so much for it during the "death" and "heaven" sequences, but it all just ends in bland white light. When we start the game we are alone, and there is no indication of there being other cloth people, so its possible they are just nomadic and are attempting to reach the mountain for their own reason, but considering the huge boons granted to two cloth people working together, and the fact that the game only lets you work cooperatively without any means of harming or hampering the progress of another cloth person (player), suggests that they are alone out of desperation instead of personal desire. Noritaka Kawaguchi But in the end this is just wild speculation as the game is pretty open for interpretations, which is good in my book. The game seems ambiguous about what that means. The reason I don't think you are reborn is because if you start a new game you a get a new song. Pretty sure you die. Allot of it is a nod to how we treat oil today, our civilization thrives on it and we treat is like a unlimited resource and even starts wars to obtain more of it. They leave Shin to let him wander aimlessly, having betrayed his country.


Once there, the villagers are at first reluctant to help the "top-dwellers" but the village elder convinces the guards to let them in. The two meet a Quetzacoatl who has apparently lost its physical senses and attacks the boy. I liked how my partner and I for the most part spent the entire journey together, I had 1 partner but they got stuck in a wall, but the next guy followed with me to the end. Just then, a group of armed men called the Arch Angels appear, and attack the both of them. I am a bit unsure whether you died and went to some heaven place or was revived by the white dudes. In their escape attempt they encounter Shin, who helps them but is wounded by an Izoku during the escape. Since their is no tutorial, you are lead only by curiosity and help from strangers. When Shin sees the villagers riding away to kill them, he decides to follow, in order to protect Asuna. Giant Bomb users. So the gravestones aren't likely to be the previous civilization's people, also considering a lot of them are in some really weird spots. Seriously.

If you do in fact die, as does the other player, then their presence is in line with that idea because they are walking the same path as you are. Along the way, Asuna is kidnapped by a race of monsters called the Izoku. Are you even a living thing in this game ? The ones I saw seemed to tell a story of a group of people finding the cape things (the glyph were it shows the white robed people standing around a ribbon in the desert) and then using them to create advanced technology (the glyphs that show houses with lights) at some point this group either woke up the leviathans (because they were overusing the cape's power) or created the Leviathans (using the capes power). to shoot their next two films overseas in Denmark.

Meanwhile, Shin is fighting the villagers and is about to be killed when the villagers sense that the clavis crystal has reached the Gate of Life and Death. - Of Openings and Endings (Jan 8, 2011)

With the running time of 116 minutes, this is the longest movie of Makoto Shinkai up to this point. The only enemy in the game are the cloth dragons, so they could be behind it, or servants of whoever is. Then I was like, "Awwww maaaan :(". Especially since when you get to the top of the tower you see your journey drawn in a cylindrical room - implying that there's some sort of cycle to what's going on. The film was released in Japan on May 7, 2011. Japanese The ending is just the end, its the journey there that matters. Then you can barely walk, the world is trying to stop you but you have to push so hard to continue forward. The elder allows them to stay one night at the village because they have brought Manna back but they cannot stay more than that due to past history in that top-dwellers always bring bad luck to Agartha. To undo Asuna’s possession, Shin destroys the clavis crystal, despite Morisaki having a knife to his throat. Before Lisa leaves Asuna's body, she tells Morisaki to find happiness without her. You move like lighting, and your strength is limitless. I … As for the issue of the other player still existing after the "death", this could easily be explained within the constraints of the same metaphor by suggesting that the other player symbolizes and reinforces the central theme of the game: life is a path that everyone has to walk. I haven't heard anyone mention that. He then gives Asuna a blessing in the form of a kiss to the forehead. Ghost of Tsushima ending choice explained Despite the fact you spend most of Ghost of Tsushima preparing to take on Khotun Khan, killing the domineering invader is not where Jin’s adventure ends.

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