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Literally look at any pics of Belle from any time she has made pics, she has A cup tits, One-piece swimsuits have no mechanism to make her breasts smaller built in. Nah fam, I don’t care for all this I just care about some tits, If you want some tits go out there and ask a girl out you lazy fool. Is there evidence that she bought it from an animal shop as they sell it for food? View Joshua Gray’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. There are a few reasons this might happen: To request an unblock, please fill out the form below and we will review it as soon as possible. Belle Delphine is 19 years old. Literally every celebrity at any level of success uses some sort of makeup or photoshop to appear a certain way. What about when Belle ate cereal?

She used it in her video already dead. Such a simple and public metric, and you cant even get it right. Again why do you not mention Belles insensitivity to diabetics? And you are mad because you cant get a bf or have men spend money on you, much less being a sexual object that 10's of millions of men lust over daily.

The style is often used in erotic manga and anime and video games. It's like playing with a dead cat. NO!

This is why this bullet is loaded with ad hominem and not a single instance offactuality, Seeing how i was the first and only person to bring this to light in the Belle Delphine Community, by posting pics from her snapchat moments after they were uploaded( Watchdog service can be cancelled any time.

SHE FILTERS A LOT + PHOTOSHOPS TO MAKE HER LOOK APPEALING. Let's define taxidermy: the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect. You dont have to be obsessed with someone to enjoy their content,i know this is a foreign concept to PULL members because you're super obsessed with every little detail that Belle does because you're so obsessed and jealous of what she has accomplished and you cant even get any men to give you any level of attention despite trying to be a thot,and failing miserably.

It does not change any of her content that they have been shooting the past 10 months. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I would think you would THINK OF THE CHILDREN and campaign for all those innocent children in Hollywood, over some 19 year old in the UK willingly putting on skimpy clothing and selling lewds. all this is cool and all but shes a gamer girl which makes everything you said irrelevant. Joshua is related to Martine Muriel Gray and Tiffiny D Steece as well as 2 additional people. BELLE DELPHINE LIMITED; Directors / Officers. This "manipulation" tactic you love to throw around is just your irrational jealousy trying to rationalize why Belle is more successful and popular then you, because you look down on Belle and cant understand why people find her attractive, much less enough to want to pay for her content(which everyone on pull seems to have a collection of what is leaked on thot websites and always trash talking her latest sets("WE ONLY CARE ABOUT BELLE DELPHINE SO WE CAN TAKE HER DOWN")).

Seeing as i have the original pictures, Belle did nothing to alter the pictures, you would see the distortions in the MLP character if she did anything to alter the size of her breasts. Faulting Belle for doing this is asinine. 4.

Join Facebook to connect with Joshua Gray and others you may know. That's ridiculous. I understand suicide is taken lightly.

Joshua Gray began his career in entertainment and love for video games at a young age. Belle is her own individual person, and the person she sells to people online, is a character and not her real self. Learn more about INNOVATIVE ARTISTS LTD. Belle is smol and petite, she wears smaller clothing.

Suicide is an internal battle people with mental illness go through, and it is upsetting that people joke about it instead of taking it seriously. That animal was either her pet that she failed to take care of or she purchased it in a market where they sell animal as food. She really is engaged and she lies to be single when she is really using you for money. Also. You neckbeard virgins would backlash at anybody for telling the truth LMAO! Belle, being a young and cute 19 year old, wearing pink and dressing up in costumes and looking cute, isnt "pedobaiting".

Her followers are aged between 12-30+ year old thirsty men, Yes, the major age population in the USA(65%)[3], finds Belle attractive and wants to consume her content.What a shocking revelation. "Pedobaiting' is only used by ugly 40 year olds that cant be attractive and lost their youthful figure and their skin is wrinkled and ugly from decades of being obese.

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