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SERMON CENTRAL {John Lomacang} Bible Study with Lomacang; Sharper Focus Ministries; Three Angels Messages In Summary; Saturday, June 20, 2020. Make sure javascript is turned on in your browser. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. If you can see this text you need to do one (or more)of the following: //

[CDATA[ It’s that simple. 'width': '465', Sermons from the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church (, Thompsonville, IL. God loves us and wants to take care of us. Abandoned but Not Alone My Quest to Find the Mother Who Gave Me Away, Wild Cool Protest: Rawb Middleton’s “Throw the Cap Away” Lyric Video, Architecture of the Cocktail: HAPPY ELECTION DAY . 'playlist.size': '300', Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) UNCLEAN SPIRITS UNPLUGGED . By Bill Stott, “The Chimes Rung and They are Still Ringin'” – Two Lifelong Republicans Abandon Trump, by Mark Erickson, Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz – This Mortal Farce, American Bardo, KENNEDY STEPHENS’ TRIBUTE TO BREONNA TAYLOR -“BLACK WILL SEE PRAISE (WOUNDS)” EARNS SUPPORT FROM TIFFANY HADDISH, JAMIE FOXX, DIDDY, NAOMI CAMPBELL, SNOOP DOGG, LALA ANTHONY, MANY OTHERS, Tik Tok Superstars EARCANDY Release A Cappella Christmas Album: An EARCANDY Christmas, Josh Groban – Celebrate Me Home, the Impossible Dream, African-American Country Artist Carl Ray – I Stand With This Country, Get On Board, Coming Home, Ellie Redmond – “A Ladies’ Choice” Official Music Video, Tuesday eating from your yard tip~American Persimmons, by Jill Kuhel, TENACIOUS D, ELIZABETH WARREN, PETE BUTTIGIEG, AND MORE COVER “TIME WARP”, Ghostlawns Highly Anticipated Debut Album ‘Motorik’ Out, Drax Project & Fetty Wap team up for enthralling new track & visual “Firefly”     , Heart’s Ann Wilson Rocks On: “The Revolution Starts Now”, Metallica – Whiskey in the (Stonehenge) Jar, by Tom Fredrickson, Tuesday eating from your yard tip: Green Tomatoes, by Jill Kuhel, Portland’s Hiroki Releases Hopeful Yet Wary, “Breathe”, Demie Cao Collabs with Crazy Rich Asians Artist for her Debut EP, THICKER LINES, Jessie Wagner – Shoes Droppin’ at the End of Time, Tuesday eating from your yard tip: Storing herbs for winter, by Jill Kuhel, Architecture of the Cocktail: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – The Sexy History of the Coupe Glass, by Bill Stott, Self-Produced Goddess Jade Finds Her Way “In The Breeze”, Aint Talkin’ ‘Bout Love: RIP Eddie Van Halen, by Steve Stav, Firewoodisland Offers Beautiful Cover of Alphaville’s “Forever Young”, Tuesday eating from your yard tip ~ There is a pepper for everyone, by Jill Kuhel, Architecture of the Cocktail: Happy National Vodka Day (yesterday) by Bill Stott, Road Trip-Ready: Portland’s Driving for Peaches Releases Head Straight, Vacationing in Northern Trump Country, by Mark Erickson, BLACKPINK – ‘Lovesick Girls’ M/V: Ten Million Views in the First 60 Minutes, Album Released, A Craig Cardiff Three Song Love Bomb: Emm & May, To be Safe, Loved & Home and a Mystery Dylan Cover, MEG MYERS RETURNS WITH “ANY WAY YOU WANNA LOVE”, Jourdan Rystrom’s Battle Cry: “You Don’t Own Me”, HALSEY CELEBRATES HER BIRTHDAY WITH RELEASE OF OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR “929”, Tuesday eating from your tip~Pawpaws, by Jill Kuhel, Architecture of the Cocktail: An apple a day . . }); Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Just start listening to it and I’m sure you’ll agree.

"It is not essential for us to be able to define just what the Holy Spirit is. But there’s more! Lomacang believes that he and his wife were called to the ministry; he loves his wife and he loves the Lord, and he plans on spending eternity with both! 'autostart': 'false', Lomacang has been a professional Christian singer for more than 28 years. - Ryan McCoy, Meet my Great Grandparents, James and Ellen White - Charles White, Islam and Christianity, Questions Adventists Ask - Tim Roosenberg, LIVE Events produced by Sealing Time Ministries, Revelation Illustrated - Jack Pefley, Larry Chu, Islam and Christianity in Prophecy, The Third and Final Conflict - Tim Roosenberg, Meet my Great-Grandparents, James and Ellen White - Charles White (Blu-ray), The Times of Daniel 11 and 12 - Tim Roosenberg (Blu-ray), Islam and Christianity in Prophecy - Tim Roosenberg (Blu-ray), Biblical Foundations of Christian Leadership - Stan Patterson (CD), And Call the Sabbath a Delight - Jo Ann Davidson (AVCHD), Islam and Christianity in Prophecy - Tim Roosenberg, The Seventh Day Sabbath Sought Out - Thomas Tillam (1657), 100% Chance of Rain - The Truth About the Latter Rain - Ryan McCoy, Islam and Christianity Daniel 11 Seminar - Tim Roosenberg, Life Changing Encounters with Christ - Doug Batchelor (DVD), 100 Percent Chance of Rain, The Truth about the Latter Rain - Ryan McCoy (DVD), Islam and Christianity Daniel 11 Seminar - Tim Roosenberg (DVD), Revelation Illustrated - Jack Pefley (DVD), How Adventism Went Global - David Trim (DVD). Due to COVID-19 Guidelines, masks are required and temperatures will be taken Service times: Bible Study: 9:30 AM Worship Service: 10:50 AM Normally a video player should appear here. It’s that simple. All media is produced and broadcast by Sealing Time Ministries. By admin on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Shaken – Listen as John Lomacang Delivers the Best Sermon Since the Sermon on the Mount. 'skin': '/player/jw/skins/sealingtime/sealingtime.xml', '': '', Since 2003, Lomacang and his wife Angela have worked with 3ABN, where he currently hosts the weekly television programs "House Calls" and "A Sharper Focus." This series will challenge you to do the one thing that is in your power to do - get ready!

Email This BlogThis! Abandoned but Not Alone My Quest to Find the Mother Who Gave Me Away, Wild Cool Protest: Rawb Middleton’s “Throw the Cap Away” Lyric Video, Architecture of the Cocktail: HAPPY ELECTION DAY . (Video quality is automatically determined by your screen size and bandwidth available and may change from moment to moment. All of us can pray and God wants us to do so.

'playlist.position': 'bottom', All rights reserved. file: '/resources-library/John-Lomacang/Surviving-the-Crisis-2013RCM/playlists/HLS-mrss-playlist.xml' A few days ago, she felt an urge to go to the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church in London, her new home.

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