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Hey look! Food that has grown mold is unsafe to eat, right? I fried an egg and put some avocado on toast — and I didn’t have to pay $20 to Sqirl and contribute to gentrification to do so. Hard foods, like parmesan cheese and certain firmer veggies and fruits are denser and therefore harder to penetrate by mold, according to the USDA’s guidelines. The allegations have been compiled by Joe Rosenthal on Instagram, and many come from people who appear to be former Sqirl employees. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service recommends that any jam or jelly containing mold be thrown out. Sqirl has made a name for itself in recent years because of said jam (and, you know, it's famous and very expensive toast). Which all seems like a lot more work than making jam that doesn’t mold in the first place. But over the weekend, allegations circulated painting a picture of a dirty, unhealthy kitchen filled with buckets of Sqirl’s signature product covered in mold. “Mold grows and spreads by penetrating a food item. These former workers alleged the brunch spot was still using jam that previously had an inches-thick layer of mold growing on top. So, harder or firmer foods will be more resistant to mold penetration, whereas soft and liquidy foods will not be able to keep out mold penetration.”. It all started when Joe Rosenthal, a self described "scientist and food antagonist" published DMs from alleged current and former employees of trendy L.A. restuarant, Sqirl. You can read the entire statement in their tweet below or by going here. As for corn smut, it's important to understand one thing — all molds are fungi, but not all fungi are mold. When it comes to bad mold on soft foods (where it thrives, to reiterate), Hutchings says that the roots — the part the human eye can’t actually see — are the most dangerous part of mold. Joe Rosenthal, a Minnesota-based mathematician and food blogger who describes himself as a “food antagonist,” compiled a series of allegations and firsthand accounts from more than a dozen former Sqirl employees and shared them to his Instagram account. The morbid glee over the Sqirl takedown is familiar to anyone who enjoyed watching that perfect, untouchable girl in high school finally revealed to have a flaw: There is plenty of boasting on the internet over never having liked Sqirl in the first place, of thinking its proprietors were pretentious, fussy gentrifiers before hating them was cool. They accused the company of not storing its famous housemade jam properly.

I’m Easing My Election Day Anxiety With American Cheese and Beef Fat.

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