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Zeke is the best friend to Jimmy Pesto, Jr. and a member of the wrestling team, of which he is fairly talented. His last name 'Poplopovich' implies Russian heritage in Jimmy. Assuming this to be the case it would follow that the ex wife looked to others for intimate relations rather than Jimmy Sr. which led to her pregnancies. Some of his other animated friends: Jimmy Pesto Jr. and Peter Pescadero from Bob's Burgers, Sterling Archer of Archer fame, Ben from Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, and …

In Bad Tina (S2E8) when they swap backpacks and the Pesto twins comment "mom packed tampons for lunch" so I always just assumed that he never talked about his wife but she was just there? Egotistical Rival. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Mr. Fishoeder. Child neglectingBatteryConspiracyCheating As soon as Jimmy was introduced, fans could tell that he and Bob hated each other; however, what started this feud is unclear.

Bob and Linda are completely honest and open with each other, so audiences, as well Jimmy, see how happy this makes the two of them.

However, he has spare time with his three sons: Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Andy, and Ollie, but doesn't really treat them any better than he treats Bob.

In special events, such as the Super Bowl, he gets down to business and copies everything Bob is doing to gain customers.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. I base this on admittedly superficial and slim evidence but I still think there's a pretty good case. Beside watching Bob and Linda's healthy, loving relationship from across the way, Jimmy is also well aware of how Bob's relationship with his kids is better than his own with Jimmy Jr., Andy and Ollie. From Chicago, Illinois, where he spent several years in improvisational theater at The Annoyance Theater and Second City before coming to Los Angeles in 1994. on Jimmy Jr. works as a busboy.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. ", but her name or appearance have yet to be heard or seen, respectively.

Unlike Bob, who sells good food, Jimmy Pesto's food and restaurant have been described as subpar at best, as seen in multiple episodes such as Bob Day Afternoon, where Mickey describes Jimmy Pesto's pizza as the worst pizza he has ever had and Best Burger where Jimmy's Oregano Burger is received very poorly, and Bob's black garlic burger is incredibly well received. It is owned by Jimmy Pesto, who rents the property from Mr. Fischoeder.

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