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Also founded by Mr. Daniel, Levantine Entertainment is an enterprise that finances, develops, and produces socially conscious motion pictures that encourage dialogue among different cultures. Concurrent to his work in the media and nonprofits, Jamal Daniel has led a three-decade career as an investor and serves as chairman of Crest Investment Company. An online news organization, Al-Monitor is dedicated to providing fresh and unique perspectives on news, trends, and developments in the Middle East.

In 2015, Crest Media, which owns the Middle East news outlet Al-Monitor, and the original owners bought out a large equity stake that had been possessed by Forbes Media. Beyond his work as president and chairman of Crest Investment Company, Jamal Daniel serves the private, not-for-profit Levant Foundation as chairman. Jamal Daniels owns Crest Investment Corporation. The Levant Foundation works worldwide to increase multi-cultural understanding to make Middle Eastern culture more accessible to the Western world. With Jamal Daniel’s guidance, the Foundation was instrumental in launching the separate Foundation for Inter-religious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue (FIIRD).

Crest Media was founded by the president and chairman of Houston-based Crest Investment Company Jamal Daniel. To achieve this end, FIIRD focuses on providing printed resources that spread religious knowledge and encourage dialogue and mutual respect. In the course of his three-decade career, Jamal Daniel has founded a number of nonprofit, media, and film ventures, including Levantine Films, which co-produced the 2016 award-winning movie Hidden Figures. Nisreen Faour won the Best Actress award at the Dubai International Film Festival, and Cherien Dabis won the Firpesci Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. In his leadership role at Crest Investment, he draws on his experience investing in a diverse range of sectors, from oil and gas to high technology.

He has performed at a number of notable venues throughout the United States, including the Lincoln Center. The President and Chairman of Crest Investment Company, Jamal Daniel has worked in investment management for over 30 years. FIIRD’s Board of Trustees has included an impressive mix of world leaders, including Jordan’s Prince El Hassan bin Talal; Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who is now known as Pope Benedict XVI; and Rabbi Rene-Samuel Sirat, who is the former Chief Rabbi of France. Jamal Daniel - Promoting Intercultural Understanding in the Levant. A Houston businessman with three decades of experience in the oil and gas investment industry, Jamal Daniel serves as president of Crest Investment Company. The Levant Foundation works towards expanding knowledge of Middle Eastern history and culture, as well as the varied, intricate connections between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. His company employed Neil Mallon Bush, the younger brother of former president George W. Bush, as a consultant for $60,000 per year. He is also vice chairman of the Awty International School Board of Trustees in Houston and founder of the Levant Foundation. Based in Houston, Jamal Daniel serves as chair of Crest Investment Company. …, Al-Monitor Receives Award for Best Explanatory Reporting. Well-qualified and highly trained, the mother seeks work in her profession, but encounters discrimination and ignorance. It has quickly established itself as a reliable source of information, earning recognition for its insight from U.S. media institutions such as The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, and winning the International Press Institute’s Free Media Pioneer Award. His dedication to promoting a nuanced understanding of the Middle East led Jamal Daniel to found Al-Monitor in 2012.

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