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I’m sure of it,” you said, reaching up to give him a very passionate kiss filled with love.

It’s hard to imagine how Jackson and April feel as Dr. Herman tells them their baby is at high risk for low birth weight, underdeveloped lungs, and may not live more than a few days after he’s born. You were getting big rather quickly and because of all the hormones that were racing through your body, you started swelling. You arrived home and saw Jackson in the kitchen making himself a sandwich. Do you think you could give me a break, just this once?”, “Look, I know you’re a hardass, but can you play with my hair? Normally, you didn’t mind, since he was always tired when he came home from work, but now it got too much for you and it got to the point where he didn’t even come home anymore. And you’ll be an amazing dad too. Inspectors to report results ensuring 'no ballots were left behind', NY 2020 live presidential election results, 2020 presidential election results: Trump, Biden race to 270, Vote 2020 Eyewitness News Special Election Night Coverage, Election coverage from ABC News: WATCH LIVE. You’re going to be such a good mother. Jackson is looking at her like she’s crazy, and once she notices that she tells him she’s not going through with it and storms out of the hospital room. Much appreciated,” he replied, taking the kick as an answer on his question. “I love you Jackson. NEW YORK -- The relationship between April Kepner and Jackson Avery on. I have three assignments due and you’re not helping.

I’m exhausted. Her vibrant red hair and petite body gave it away. I was right.

I love you sweetheart ❤️, I’m soooo sorry this took me so long, but I hope you enjoy it love! Hi Are you taking requests? When they get to the consent form, April hesitates, especially after Dr. Herman explains how she’s only at 24 weeks and the hospital could intervene if necessary. There’s also a new intern in the hospital, and she seems a bit confused. Summary: you loose a patient and Alex comforts you.

After being married for two years, you fought sometimes. Sound good?” he asked the baby. The things she was supposed to bring to the lab were left discarded randomly inside the ER, and now the patient they were for is giving birth to a baby she didn’t even know she was carrying. He smiled and leaned down.

“I love you too Y/N, more than you could ever know.”, Requested by anon:  It hurt the both of you, but neither of you had spoken to each other since the fight. So Andrew spoke to his superior and got you a job as an attending in OB/GYN. It’s awful to listen to, but the truth is it’s their best option, and the best life that little boy will live. Weber takes on the responsibility of finally getting them to the lab, and on the way up  he has an awkward encounter with his ex, Jackson’s mother Catherine. You working your ass of to pay rent and him just laying on the couch all day and drinking. Once April gets on Jackson’s level she loses it again, but this time it’s God she’s mad at. As soon as Dr. Herman gives them a moment to digest what they need to do, April forces the papers away from her and refuses to sign any of them. (semi enemies to lovers). You’d say after 25 years of life your fears of hospitals would have disppeared by now, but no. Being pregnant wasn’t easy for you. It’s annoying as hell, so why don’t you stop being a little bitch and get me another beer!’ Jax, your boyfriend yelled at you. “Come on, let’s get you to the couch,” he said, while holding out his hand. Summary: mob!Taron gets badly hurt and you take care of him. It really means the world to me :) Hope you like it xx, #46 - ‘You can call me whenever you want.. It would really help.”, “I wish I’d never met you.” “No.. you don’t mean that.”, “We didn’t even get to use the toys last night.”, “You know, I heard you talking, but I still don’t have my coffee.”, “You have something in your hair, umm.. Do you want me to get it out?”, “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”, “You can call me whenever you want.. Summary: you show each other the love you have for one another. Owen had packed most of his clothes and left while you were at work. 2020 presidential election results: Live updates in race to 270, US Senate, House races could sway power of Republicans, Democrats, Election 2020 Updates: Eyewitness News Live Coverage and Results, COVID Updates: 1.7M NYC residents estimated to have had coronavirus, Teen left to raise 5 siblings after mother's COVID-19 death, 99-year-old New Yorker proud to vote in 21st presidential election, 107-year-old carries on long tradition of voting in person in NYC, Fearing election unrest, NYC businesses get ready, board up, Voting 2020 live updates: Election enters final hours. As all of this is happening, Grey-Sloane does, in fact, see a miracle. ‘It’s going okay, actually. Everywhere. “Hey, you okay?” his eyes widening and dropping the sandwich he held in his hands. This is not good. Of course you can still send in your own ideas :) Here’s a list of prompts and things I write about! Most of the time they weren’t bad fights, but this time was different. Listen, I thought we made some agreements not to be too hard on mommy.. You know she’s already really tired of carrying you around all day, there’s no need to make it even harder for her. Even if you don’t have a reason to.”; “Tell me I’m wrong.” where the reader is DeLuca’s sister and gets to work for the first time with Jackson but they don’t get very well at first :) xx, Pairing: Andrew DeLuca x sister!reader - Jackson Avery x reader, Note: not my gif! “I just have a feeling it’s gonna be a boy. I knew the first time I saw yoy and you know it too.

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