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En cliquant sur la nécrologie qui vous intéresse, vous avez accès à l'adresse et l'horaire des obsèques.Nous vous proposons un service de livraison de fleurs sur le lieu de cérémonie pour exprimer votre soutien envers la …

Wenner, who was reportedly "furious" at Erdely's story, declined to accept the resignation.

The march ended outside of the Phi Kappa Psi house where protesters challenged a perceived "culture of sexual assault at the University". In response to those revelations, Jackie's father declared that Phi Kappa Psi had been misidentified and the attack had occurred at a different fraternity, though he did not elaborate as to which one. Jackie requested that her assailants not be contacted, and Rolling Stone agreed. [55] In the aftermath of the collapse of the story, managing editor Dana revealed: "Right now, we're picking up the pieces.

The fact that Jackie had a romantic interest in Randall was also noted by other news media. "[57], Erdely publicly apologized for the article on April 5, 2015,[58] though her apology did not include any mention of the fraternity, or the members of the fraternity who were accused.

video.foxnews.com, Keep our boys enrolled in college and educated.

A funeral cortege will depart the funeral home at 12:00 PM for the Rite of Committal and Interment to be held at Las Flores Cemetery, Ben Bolt, TX.Written condolences for the family of Jacqueline "Jackie" Coakley may be left at www.trevinofuneralhome.net. [125], The Washington Post reported that the members of Phi Kappa Psi "went into hiding for weeks after their home was vandalized with spray paint calling them rapists and bricks that broke their windows", and had to escape to hotels.

"[154] In February 2016, the judge in the lawsuit ordered Jackie to appear at a deposition on April 5, 2016.

They went on to call for Rolling Stone to "fully and unconditionally retract its story and immediately remove the story from its website". [166], Street artist Sabo papered Hollywood with posters styled like a Rolling Stone cover featuring the headline "Rape Fantasies and Why We Perpetuate Them".

[9] The university would not take further action unless Jackie disclosed the names of the individuals or the fraternity involved. "[76], Writing for Time, columnist Cathy Young said that the unraveling of Erdely's article "exposed the troubling zealotry of advocates for whom believing rape claims is somewhat akin to a matter of religious faith". LOVED SEEING YOUR SMILING FACE AT ANYTIME. "[132][133][134], The Rolling Stone article had a negative effect on applications to the University of Virginia.

It features a fictional character named Heather Manning who was based on Jackie. [59] The Columbia Journalism Review called the apology "a grudging act of contrition".

[10][13], Within hours of the article's publication, UVA president Teresa Sullivan had called the governor's chief of staff and the Charlottesville police chief to start preparing a response. admin.

In May 2013, Jackie reported a sexual assault to dean and head of UVA's Sexual Misconduct Board, Nicole Eramo, who, according to a recap in New York magazine, offered three options: "file a criminal complaint with the police, file a complaint with the school, or face her attackers with Eramo present to tell them how she feels". [27][66][67] Natasha Vargas-Cooper, a columnist at The Intercept, said that Erdely's decision not to interview the accused fraternity members showed "a horrendous, hidden bias ... the premise that none of these guys would tell the truth if asked", while a staff editorial in The Wall Street Journal charged that "Ms. Erdely did not construct a story based on facts, but went looking for facts to fit her theory. Both of those people—who attend different colleges and bear no resemblance to the description Jackie gave of her attacker—said in interviews that they knew of Jackie but did not know her well and did not have contact with her after she left for the University of Virginia. After other journalists investigated the article's claims and found significant discrepancies, Rolling Stone issued multiple apologies for the story. The trio also sent text messages to a phone number Jackie said was the mobile phone of her date and were surprised that the owner of the phone number responded primarily with flattering messages about Randall, whom Jackie was romantically interested in. Erdely wrote that Randall was no longer friends with Jackie and, "citing his loyalty to his own frat, declined to be interviewed". One student protester told The Cavalier Daily: "I really hope the University takes this article and the protest movement as a sign that they need to be more transparent about the way they deal with sexual assault. Quoting its legal consultant Mark Eiglarsh, the network reported that if Jackie "allegedly lied and that perpetrator suffered injury as a result, she could be sued for damages".

"[84] Writing in Politico two days after the "story fell apart", Julia Horowitz, deputy editor of the university's campus newspaper, described the feeling among students: "The campus—relatively oversaturated with emotion after a semester of significant trauma—feels as if it is on stand-by, poised in anticipation of where the next torrent of news will take us. [127], One month after the publication of the Rolling Stone article, the Rector of the University of Virginia, George Keith Martin, accused the magazine of "drive-by journalism" when he stated, "Like a neighborhood thrown into chaos by drive-by violence, our tightly knit community has experienced the full fury of drive-by journalism in the 21st century. [8] For anonymity, Erdely only used Jackie's first name and gave pseudonyms to other students discussed in the story. Sorority Women Say", "Rolling Stone may have crushed anti-rape bill", "Rolling Stone threw a rape victim to the misogynist horde", "Greek leaders go on the offensive at UVA", "Campus sexual assault under fresh scrutiny after new survey shows lower incidence : News", "Sex crimes on campus: Professors as judges", "The new panic: campus sex assaults – Opinion", "Charlottesville police make clear that Rolling Stone story is a complete crock", "Civil, Criminal Lawsuits: Possible Outcomes of, "Former UVA Fraternity Member Hires Lawyer Who Specializes in Sex Assault Cases", "The year in media errors and corrections 2014", "U-Va. Dean Sues Rolling Stone for 'False' Portrayal in Retracted Rape Story", "Attorneys for 'Jackie' in Rolling Stone Lawsuit Protest Under-Oath Deposition, Say It Could 'Re-Traumatize' Her", "Former U-va. Student 'Jackie' to Sit for Deposition in Rolling Stone Lawsuit", "Jury says Rolling Stone article defamed UVa administrator | Local", "Rolling Stone trial: Jury finds magazine liable for defamation for discredited rape story – Nov. 4, 2016", "In Rolling Stone Defamation Case, Magazine and Reporter Ordered to Pay $3 Million", "U-Va. On November 19, 2014, Rolling Stone published the now retracted article by Sabrina Erdely titled "A Rape on Campus" about an alleged gang rape of a University of Virginia (UVA) student, identified only as Jackie in the article, by members of the UVA Phi Kappa Psi fraternity during a chapter house party in 2012 as part of a hazing ritual. Rolling Stone retracted the story in its entirety on April 5, 2015.[1]. [74] Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo explained, "We would've loved to have had Jackie come in ... and tell us what happened so we can obtain justice ... even if the facts were different.

In this short documentary three college men speak about their Orwellian nightmare of being falsely accused while denied their constitutional rights.

Sullivan said: "I was plainly not prepared for what the story looked like. Join Facebook to connect with Coakley Jacki and others you may know. [150] According to Miltenberg, he specializes in "defamation and complex internet and First Amendment issues".

She said her initial reaction was surprise and "a certain air of disbelief" because during her 44-minute interview for the story, Erdely never brought up Jackie or asked about any of the allegations made in the article.

", In Erdely's story, Jackie disclosed to friends Cindy, Andy, and Randall the identity of her date to the fraternity party and said that he was the ringleader of the rape.

No effort short of all that qualifies as journalism. JACKIE YOU WILL BE SORELY MISSED MY OLD FRIEND. "[140] Writing for Bloomberg, Zara Kessler observed that, "suddenly, every Cosby accuser is a potential 'Jackie'—although we don't yet know precisely what it means to be a 'Jackie.'

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