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Utoritseshe, What’s is the meaning of utiyenshola oluwasan Tosangba. A child given birth to at the return of the father, Whom the Lord is with cannot be put to shame, The lord is behind me or the lord has my back. LIVE UPDATE: Joe Biden takes early lead as vote counting continues in US (photos... LIVE UPDATE: Joe Biden takes early lead as vote counting continues in US (photos, video), TB Joshua releases prophecy on outcome of US presidential election, WAEC 2020: Young Nigerian girl clears all her papers, makes 9 As, here are her subject combinations (photos), See how this baby vibed to this popular Burna Boy-featured song as she sang it with excitement (video), After dog licked this baby's face, what happened to the kid will make you laugh (video), It will not happen to me again - Rahama Sadau breaks down in tears as she apologises over controversial photos (video), KAI TSAYE: Sakamakon zaben kasar Amurka sun fara fitowa, Trump 174, Biden 223, My everyday crush: Odunlade Adekola celebrates his beautiful wife as she turns a year older (photo). This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. I am always in love with native Itsejiri, Bini, Ikale, Ilaje, Ondo, Ekiti, Kaba names. Boyo Next Generation Family Foundation is a non profit and non political organization with the aim of uniting all members of the Boyo Family through out the world.

52 words that make you sound smart when you use them.These words are great vocabulary builders. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I Dumped Ike Months Ago”... “Stop Misleading The Congregation” – Laila st Matthew Daniels Calls Out... ‘The Second Wave Of COVID- 19 In Nigeria Is Imminent’ –... “Its Been Tough To Handle. Besida (Besi) — As destiny dictates/decides, Agboghoroma (Roma/Ogho) — You cannot buy a child with money, Arenyeka (Yeka) — You cannot walk the universe, Arueyingho (Eyingho) — Think about your future, Asorkpinmi (Aso) — I am tired of criticism, Atigbinolaye (Atigbin) — Remember who helped you, Edemadiden (Diden/Edema) — Gentleman with light skin, Edemadudun (Dudun/Edema) — Gentleman with dark skin, Ofoeghareno (Ofeno) — Our elders speak the words of wisdom, Ofortokun (Otokun) — Nobody listens to poor men, Toghanranrose (Toghanro) — Our enemies’ plans have failed, Ukuemene (Kumene) — Death knows nothing of us, Abidemi (Demi) — A child that was born before the arrival of grandparents or the father, Abugewa — The one that came with exuberance, Ajuremisan (Misan) — The light of my stars, Amajuoritse (Ama/Amaju) — We cannot know more than God, Amorighoye (Amoris) — Nobody knows who will be wearing the crown, Anirejuoritse (Ani) — You cannot be wiser than the Lord, Anomuoghanran (Anomu) — My enemies are shamed, Ayirioritse (Ayiri) — You should praise God, Babaludewa (Oludewa) — The reincarnation of Our Father, Bioritsegiowatse (Watse) — It will be the way God has said, Ebiekutan (Ebietan) — You will always have your family, Ebisanjuwa (Ebisan) — Family is more than fortune, Ebitomi (Tomi/Ebito) — I have a good relationship with my family, Ebiyon (Ebi) — It is a pleasure to have a family, Eburajolomisan (Jolomi) — Our ancient gods made me good, Ejueyitchiegbemi (Ejuetchi) — Leave it to me, Ereofooluwa (Ofoluwa) — God’s word is fulfilling, Esijolomisan (Misan/Jolomi) — I am moving in the direction of prosperity, Eworitsemogha (Ewos) — I am in Lord’s hands, Eyituoyo (Tuoyo) — This is enough to be happy, Gbeneniabichie (Echie/Nebi) — Make me a part of your family, Kenekueyero (Kene/Eyero) — Each one has their own life, Madamedon (Edon) — Do not let me be scared, Megbuliofor (Megbuli) — Do not hold on to words, Mogbeyitsereje (Mogbeyi) — I will take it as my reward, Monoyo (Oyo/Noyo) — I am full of happiness, Monoyooritse (Oyo/Noyo/Oritse) — I am full of God’s joy, Nobioritse (Nobi) — In the presence of the Lord, Oforitseno (Ofor/Eno) — Lord’s word will definitely happen, Oforkpimi (Ofor) — I am tired of complaining, Ofosanren (Osan/Ofosan) — We have reached an agreement, Ogbaghankomi (Ogban/Komi) — They have taught me to be smart, Ogharaerumi (Ara/Rumi) — I make my enemies jealous, Ogharandukun (Ukun) — From now on, we are friends, Ogungbemi (Ogbemi/Ogun) — Protected by the God of War, Ojobon (Obon) – Name for a child born on Market day, Okpetoritse (Toritse/Okpe) — Glory belongs to the Lord, Omademi (Ode/Odemi/Demi) — A child born upon father’s return, Omadoye (Odoye) — A child that has become royalty, Omaejemite (Majemite) — Do not bring dishonour upon me, Omaghomi (Ghomi) — My child is going to look after me, Omamofe (Mofe) — It is the child I have been looking for, Omatsuli (Tsuli) — The child is what makes a home, Onetoritsebawoete (Ete/Bawo) — Who goes with the Lord cannot be shamed, Oritsebemigho (Bemigho) — God watch over them, Oritsegbegbemi (Oris/Egbegbe/Gbemi) — God has not forsaken me, Oritsegbeyiwa (Ogbeyi) — Lord brought this, Oritsegbubemi (Gbubemi) — Lord answered my prayers, Oritsejafor (Oritseje) — Lord let us speak, Oritsejedeoneyor (Eneyor/Oneyor/Oritseje) — Lord has granted us exultation, Oritsejemibobale (Jemi/Obale) — May the lord let me reach old age, Oritsejeminetemi (Temi/Jemine/Mine) — May the lord give me what is mine, Oritsejolomisan (Misan/Jolomi) — God made me better, Oritsejurenmisan (Uremisan) — Lord let my star shine, Oritsemaundede (Oritsema/Dede) — Lord knows all, Oritsemeyiwa (Meyiwa) — Brought by the Lord, Oritsemoyowa (Oyowa/Moyo) — Joy from the Lord, Oritseretseoluwa (Sowa/Seoluwa) — God is my king, Oritsetimeyin (Timeyin/Oti) — God has my back, Oritsetsemaye (Tsemaye) — I am in God’s favour, Oritsetsolaye (Laye/Sola/Oritselaye) — Lord grants us favours, Osandatuwa (Uwa/Osan) — Return of the favour, Otokuefor — Poor men’s words are worthless, Temisanren (Misan/Temi) — I have earned a favour, Temituoyo (Tuoyo/Temi) — What I have is enough to be happy, Toritseju (Toju) — The will of God is supreme, Toritsemotse (Toritse/Motse/Itse) — I am from God, Tosanwumi (Wumi/Tosan) — I have a love for nice things, Ukuebami (Uku/Ebami) — Death could not get to me, Ukumakpene (Ene/Uku) — Death cannot kill me, Utseoritselaju (Laju) — Lord’s work is incredible, Utseoritsenere (Nere) — Lord’s work brings gain.

Browse through our Warri name collection and select the best Iwere name for your Kids. Very well done. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Good, am interested in this, can I be part of it?

Are you looking for itsekiri names for your child or children? Thank God my 3 children are named in the way the old people give names @ Eyimofe, Temisan and Uyi. Meaning: God’s word will surely come to past . Learn how your comment data is processed. Meaning: Be discreet in your actions. Meaning:  Is a type of dance.

Itsekiri rights activist, Chief Rita Lori - Ogbebor, who gave the advice over the weekend tasked the Acting President to confront the problem of corruption in the country to restore the confidence of the people in the government.

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