is it whoop whoop or woot woot

You know what really gets on my nerves with all the text talk, and stupid talk. Luke: hey is that kegan across the street. oh and the walrus says it is woot so it cant be woot. the ultimate form of greeting and approval used by juggalos and jugalettes every where. I think its to do with how many times you have to hit the key.

If you don't ask a question then you don't get an answer.

That's just made me think of another thing Emily,why do they add letters to words? * , chapter=7. My cousins do it and it takes me ages to read their messages.....maybe im just getting old!!! have you ever been to a track meet? Arsenio Hall returning to late-night TV”—a nod, of course, to the raucous audiences who enjoyed his previous late-night series, The Arsenio Hall Show, and were known for pumping their fists in the air to cries of “woot woot woot.”, Except the audience didn’t cry “woot.” They barked “woof.”, While the “woo- woo- woo-ing” you’ll hear in the many clips from the show on YouTube can sound like both a “woot” and a “woof” (I hear “woot” myself), one needn’t look far for explanations of the canine-inspired cheer.

It drives me mad too can never understand what half of it means. The “Whoomp,” the article says, can be traced to an Atlanta DJ’s take on the Arsenio Hall bark.

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An early report from the same year in Canada’s Globe and Mail (not available online) explains the origin of the woofing: “The portion of the audience stuck behind the band even has a pet name—The Dog Pound—and its members practice barking whenever Arsenio acknowledges them.”  (If you can find decisive video evidence of a “woof,” please share it in the comments.). Confidence should know because he is one who is going to get WHOOOPED in 200 by ILL Mitch himslef. :shock: What is it with people posting these on facebook and in text messages?And why on earth can they not spell them properly? My cousin insists on putting 'Whoop Whoop' on the end of everything she types What a saddo it drives me insane Also I noticed on my daughters last night or should that be nite that these young chavs or chives as my mother once called some and now it's become a family thing, say owryte instead of alright!!

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Joe: ya it is.

it is most certaintly woot. I get messages like that from my friends daughter who is coming up to 20 im like I aint reading that can u tell me in english please:lol: I think its to do with how many times you have to hit the key.

He said you can right pages when emailing so you should write words as they are supposed to be. Don't really know. The same with emails. Get a WHOOP WHOOP mug for your friend Manafort. Luke: hey kegan WHOOP WHOOP. :lol:

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