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Michael Curley of the Utica Police Department told in a telephone interview that “the photos of the deceased [Devins] and of him [Clark] and the wounds on his neck are legitimate.”. [7], Clark grew up in an unstable household in which his father repeatedly abused his mother. Lt. Bryan Coromato of the Utica, New York, police department, described this moment as Devins "making it clear they’re not together". [13] Melissa Jeltsen of HuffPost, recalled that in the immediate aftermath of her death "Everyone wanted [it] to mean something.

[10][15][28] #RIPBianca briefly trended on Twitter. [1] According to Syracuse Devins had been dealing with online harassment from incels for at least two years.

Images of Devins' corpse were widely shared on social media, with the hashtag #RIPBianca. The case saw international mainstream news reporting. An image of her mutilated body was posted on 4Chan, Instagram and Discord by accounts confirmed by police to belong to Clark. Those posts were swiftly countered by other Instagram users condemning the messages. The hashtag #yesjuliet was also blacklisted, while the Discord server that shared the corpse photo was terminated. [24], A vigil for Devins was held on July 15. The response by social media sites to the spread of the photos, considered by many as slow and inconsistent, was strongly criticized, leading to Instagram implementing features in response. Police said they are not aware of ties between the “Incel” movement and Devins' murder. She was dead by the time police arrived. There is no evidence that Clark was abusive, although one of Devins' sister alleged that by virtue of age—Clark was 21, Devins 17—gender and "his outright inclination towards violence" he held power over Devins. }); The alleged suspect, Brandon Andrew Clark, had posted a photo of himself on the now defunct Darkcel Gaming Facebook page saying that he “had done something very terrible,” and that “they’re coming for me.”, Sgt. Pokémon (top, merchandise) and lolicon art (bottom) were described as obsessions of Clark's. Facebook owns Instagram, among other platforms. [3] By the time Police arrived, Devins was dead and nearly decapitated. [4][5][16] Her body was left in the car and Clark began to build a bonfire. My little sister was only 16 she had so much life!

[21] In response, Instagram and Facebook removed Clark's account (that went by the name @yesjuilet) and attempted to stop the spread of the photos.

"The Short Life and Viral Death of Bianca Devins", "Instagram's dark side: Grisly photos of teen's slaying spread on social media", "Bianca Devins: The teenager whose murder was exploited for clicks", "Incels online reframing sexual violence", "After Bianca Devins' Murderer Pleads Guilty, New Evidence Sheds Light on Her Final Moments", "Instagram Facing Backlash After Images Of Slain Teen Bianca Devins Continue To Circulate", "A Teen Girl Found Refuge Online — Then Her Murder Went Viral", "CNY man who killed teen cut his own throat, took selfie, police say", "Man admits killing Instagram star Bianca Devins after posting gruesome images online", "Man Murders Teenage Girl, Posts Pictures Of It Online", "Brandon Clark, accused of killing internet personality, pleads not guilty", "Bianca Devins murder: I saw the Internet world's heart and evil, mother reveals (exclusive)", "Bianca Devins case: Inside their online world of vanity, abuse", "A 17-Year-Old Girl Was Murdered. Alongside the photo, uploaded to Instagram, Bianca wrote: 'Pure bliss. [5], An American teenager who was murdered in Utica, New York on July 14, 2019. “Imagine sitting there in disbelief and praying to God that this is all some mistake and that your baby will walk through the door any minute.

[12] Brindsi has personally contacted the Federal Trade Commission and requested they investigate the case for full accountability.

She had just graduated high school in June and was planning on attending community college in the fall and studying psychology. [7][24] Evelyn Douek of Harvard University drew parallels between the sharing of photos of Devins to the sharing of videos related to the Christchurch shooting, although she acknowledged that Devins' murder was different in the fact that it attracted far less media and public attention. Grisly murder of U.S. teenager shared on social media, suspect arrested, How the owners of a small Halifax café and bakery adapted to the pandemic, Celebrities are stepping up as allies—here’s what you can do, Thousands gather in Toronto on weekend over death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, This photographer documents how people have been living in lockdown, This is why you should always take a moment to park your car correctly, Kid gets caught in the act of stealing Halloween candy, Sitting bulldog falls asleep with head in flower pot, Disney posts video of unsettling robotics breakthrough, Hilarious toddler keeps interrupting sibling’s TikToks, Bulldog instantly fails ‘leave-it’ challenge.

[30][31] On June 2, he filed a notice to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming his lawyer had failed him,[31] but the judge denied Clark's request, stating that "Clark had earlier expressed satisfaction with his legal representation and had freely admitted, during his plea allocution, that he committed the murder. They met a male friend, named Alex,[13] and smoked cannabis in the vehicle, which belonged to Clark. Bianca Michelle Devins (October 2, 2001 – July 14, 2019) was a teenager from Utica, New York who was stabbed to death on July 14, 2019, allegedly by Brandon Andrew Clark after attending a Nicole Dollanganger concert. [1][18] All those people then called 911.

[10][15][28] #RIPBianca briefly trended on Twitter. [20] Clark reportedly spray painted a suicide note. gads_event = event; [3] By 7:20, Police, who become aware of the murder through users on Discord, had received "numerous" calls, including one by Clark. Bianca Devins, 17, was found dead outside a vehicle in Utica, N.Y. on Sunday.

[10][26] Many media outlets used the murder to decry the dangers of meeting people online, a narrative which Kim strongly criticized.

},false) [9], Kim Devins alongside Anthony Brindisi have called for increased monitoring of social media such as Instagram, who in response allowed users to block private messages from strangers. She is reportedly expecting to 'get engaged to her boyfriend Carl Woods by the end of the year' following their whirlwind romance. document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ Instagram users flooded both Clark’s and Devins’ Instagram accounts with promises to “share photo and video” of his crime if others followed their accounts. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotRenderEnded', function(event) { eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Now the gruesome photos are spreading across the Web", "Australia's 'Abhorrent Violent Material' Law: Shouting 'Nerd Harder' and Drowning Out Speech", "Man pleads guilty, admits to killing teen Bianca Devins and posting photos on social media", "Brandon Clark testifies in court to withdraw guilty plea in murder of CNY teen", "Judge denies Brandon Clark's request to change guilty plea in case of slain Utica teen", "Proposal would hold social media companies responsible for violent material", "Man Charged With Killing Woman, Posting Photos Online Critiques Attorney", "Judge: Brandon Clark can't withdraw guilty plea in Bianca Devins murder; family reacts", "Bianca Devins' granddad talks about graphic images sent to family (video)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 07:22. hitType: 'event', Photos of her corpse were then allegedly uploaded by Clark to the internet, who attempted suicide following Devins' death but failed. Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, was arrested after Bianca Devins, 17, was found dead inside a vehicle in Utica, N.Y. on Sunday. [30] On February 10, 2020, before his trial, the accused changed his plea to guilty, facing potentially 25 years to life in prison. Comments What Is 4Chan, Christopher Poole, Nude Photos … I Have A Lot Of Questions About Ivanka & Jared’s Viral R... Jared Kushner Is The Latest Conservative To Blame Black Americans... Amy Coney Barrett Is On The Supreme Court: What Happens Now? Michael Curley of the Utica Police Department told in a telephone interview that “the photos of the deceased [Devins] and of him [Clark] and the wounds on his neck are legitimate.”.

"[3], The crime has been discussed as a case of domestic violence against women caused by toxic masculinity.

[25], The initial online discovery was clouded by misinformation,[3] including tweets from a prominent Twitter users—one of which was shared more than 16,000 times—falsely identifying Clark as an incel,[23][d] and rumors and such as Clark stalking her, Devins being asexual, and addicted to hard drugs which she supported through selling nudes; the latter was debunked by her family. [15] Devins eventually fell asleep in the back of his car, Clark then woke her to discuss her kissing Alex. Fighting [every day]. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Initial reports were marred by misinformation, and rumors regarding Devins found their way online. When Clark was ten years old, an incident in which his father held his mother at knifepoint for several hours resulted in Clark being entered into state foster care. One is deceased, and the other was taken to an area hospital in critical condition.#HouNews CC4, 16 year old female deceased at the scene, two other victims expected to survive. Is Fake Melania Trump The Greatest Unsolved Mystery Of Our Time? [1] Kim described him as "charming" and "polite". [2][22] Facebook added images of the murder to a digital fingerprint database to prevent further distribution. Bianca Michelle Devins (October 2, 2001 – July 14, ... the suspect took pictures of the victim's bloodied body and posted it to Discord and his own Instagram page. [3] Devins' family became aware of her death through the images being sent to them and her stepfather—who received the most harassment—reported having flashbacks. [1][11] She struggled with mental illness, in the form of depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Nothing i can do or say will bring her back. [16], Clark was often portrayed as a lonely, obsessed, stalker of Devins, who tracked her down at a concert and then killed her after she declined his sexual advances.

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