inside epstein zorro ranch

"There used to be horses and cattle on the land, but there are no animals as the stables and fields remain empty. Picture:, The huge crucifix that was found hanging inside one of the rooms. Aragon says he also interviewed another former contractor, who revealed that Epstein built an underground club. They are expected to appear in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court on July 8. Her office canceled a lease agreement for 1,200 acres, and Cypress Inc attempted to sue before reaching a non-monetary settlement. The allegations have been vehemently denied. Like a nightclub, with stripper poles, it’s not directly underneath the house. But an important legal hurdle has to be overcome as property can only be seized in criminal cases in New Mexico, which may explain the delay. Picture:, A former contractor alleged he had seen former US president Bill Clinton at the ranch with topless underage girls. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. — Australia’s leading news site, Ghislaine Maxwell apparently felt “untouchable”, teenage girls on his plane dubbed the “Lolita Express”, Pizza Express flooded with fake reviews after Prince Andrew’s interview, Unexpected architect of Prince Andrew’s ousting from royal duties, Celebrities, entertainment people, political people, Epstein ‘sex slave’ says Prince Andrew photo isn’t a fake, Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘lady of the house' Ghislaine Maxwell. According to The Santa Fe New Mexican, those arrested were relocating from California to Santa Fe when they decided to stop by and see what they could pick up. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Security guard Chavez first spotted the couple on the land, and as they attempted to drive away, she warned them: "Don't do that, I have a gun and the police are on their way," according to the police report. It is not yet known who they have spoken to, or what evidence has been delivered to the Southern District of New York, which is continuing the investigation into the late financier's alleged co-conspirators. View our online Press Pack. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 2 (teaser), Episode 112: I Wouldn't Describe a Sex Toy Pt. “The point of the cameras was to record powerful people... Ghislaine Maxwell has thousands of names and videos, she’s threatening, if she gets pulled under, she’ll spill. Alton Towers closes indefinitely due to lockdown despite planned Christmas events, Pubs WILL be able to serve takeaway pints in lockdown with new legal loophole, I'm mortgage-free at 35 & once paid for a £1.2k supermarket shop with coupons, GPs preparing to give Covid vaccine 'to over 85s and NHS staff next month', UK terror threat level moved to 'severe' after Vienna & Nice attacks, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Morning Update: The CEO Of IPI Is Forced To Step Down Over Ties To Epstein, Flashback Episode: Let's Meet Gwendolyn Beck, Morning Update: Jean Luc Brunel Is Subpoenaed, Flashback Episode: Let's Meet Ghislaine Maxwell's Sisters, William Matson Law : Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence / Vincent Palamara: JFK - From Parkland to Bethesda. All times AEDT (GMT +11). The anonymous contractor worked at the ranch until 2006 and revealed in an interview with Albuquerque radio station owner Eddy Aragon, who hosts his own talk show The Rock of Talk, that it was just a normal working ranch, with only a few staff and little security – until Epstein and his friends arrived in town, usually twice a year. Previously on TrueAnon: They F*ck Doggies, Don't They? One source claimed Brice Gordon and his wife Karen, who have been listed at the Stanley address since the early 2000s, allegedly "disappeared" after Epstein's death last year, with locals speculating they moved to New Zealand. The couple, who have been released on $2,500 unsecured appearance bonds, denied having any weapons in their truck, but a deputy found two firearms, along with a crowbar and bolt cutters. I noticed in the closets there were video distribution systems, which I initially assumed to be for entertainment, but now I’m not so sure. Jim Watkins, child pornographer discussed, Jeffrey Epstein Travel Agent, Bank Of America Subpoened For Trips, Offshore Accounts. Shocking photos of Jeffrey Epstein’s “baby making ranch” reveal a “party shower” able to fit eight people, a huge bath house and a giant crucifix. The Sun can reveal both guards are also listed in Epstein's 'Little Black Book' and are believed to have worked at the ranch for years. Zorro wasn’t Epstein’s only New Mexico investment. Programmed to kill Satanic Cover-Up Part 2, Programmed to kill Satanic Cover-Up Part 1, George Nader , Yusef Otaiba, Adnan Khashoggi, Trump, Epstein, Roy Cohn - Bigfish @trebillion, Kevin Hermening : Iranian Hostage 444 days, Episode 113: I Wouldn't Describe A Sex Toy Pt.

"I'm pretty frustrated that it wasn't raided, and that was a feeling throughout our office, that nothing ever happened. Change ). In a statement, Matt Baca, Chief Counsel for the Attorney General's Office, told The Sun this week: "Our office has provided investigative evidence to assist lead federal prosecutors, and the New Mexico Attorney General is asking that the Zorro Ranch be seized by federal authorities.". “The proposition was that if anything ever happened between Jeffrey and I, that I would have to sign my child over to him basically and that the child would be his and Ghislaine and I would be looking after it as nothing happened between Jeffrey and I.”, Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch is 4047 hectares with the main house on a mountaintop, 2km away from the main public highway. Picture:, The pool inside Epstein’s ‘baby making ranch’ Picture: The infamous ranch stands idle as mystery surrounds its manager, who allegedly vanished after pedophile Epstein hanged himself while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges. She is also concerned the information uncovered thus far may not be enough. It was the start of a three-day tour, which included a visit to the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute think tank before ending with visits to San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School and NASA Aeronautics Education Laboratory. New drone footage – the first to be taken since Epstein took his own life last August – shows the 4047 hectare estate now lies desolate with the gardens showing signs of disrepair. Jeffrey Epstein, Edge Foundation, MIT Media Lab, TED Talks, & the Biology Wizards Rewriting Global Culture, What was Ghislaine doing between 1985 and her father’s death in 1991? In October 2003, the Prince’s trip to New Mexico was front page of the local newspaper, The Santa Fe New Mexican, with the royal and Richardson swapping presents – with the governor giving a black concho belt and receiving a wine coaster made by a cousin of the Prince, according to the Times. “Celebrities, entertainment people, political people ... he wasn’t shy about having those in the house... “He had weird lamps and sculptures of a sexual nature, couples engaged in (sex).”, When asked about the giant shower area in the master bedroom, the contractor responds: “That was a party shower, everybody getting in. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. JEFFREY Epstein’s Zorro Ranch – where he raped and abused his victims – sits eerily empty as officials ask for prosecutors to seize the notorious property. Besides alleged illicit assaults and sex trafficking to the rich and powerful, he had other interests, like eugenics, cryogenics, and theoretical physics. There’s also pictures of random outhouses, satellites and farming equipment dotted around the vast estate’s scrubland, while the levee surrounding the property is now dried up and full of litter.

It’s a big shower. Dozens of shocking new photos and video give the most revealing insight yet into Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “baby making ranch” in the New Mexico desert. There was numerous photographs in frames, in his library, his office, on the walls, of young underage girls topless and him and various other powerful people. Epstein reportedly had the warped idea of using the ranch for inseminating women with his sperm with the aim of creating a 'master race'. RELATED: Pizza Express flooded with fake reviews after Prince Andrew’s interview, RELATED: Unexpected architect of Prince Andrew’s ousting from royal duties, The ‘party shower’ was off the master bedroom.

"They also have a rental in Santa Fe which they lease to a friend, and appear to be keeping a very low profile. Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach Mansion to Be Demolished (WSJ). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! When quizzed by cops, Villegas admitted they stopped by the secluded estate after seeing it featured in the Netflix documentary, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, about the pedophile's twisted life. she said. Melanie Villegas, 25, and her husband Daryl Carson, 31, each face one charge of nonresidential burglary, criminal damage to property, possession of burglary tools, and larceny. JEFFREY Epstein's Zorro Ranch - where he raped and abused his victims - sits eerily empty as officials ask for prosecutors to seize the notorious property.

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