ilford xp2 vs hp5


Now doing this will give HP5 a wider range of grays and the highlights will be richer than Bill Gates’ bank account when it comes to detail, so just bear that in mind.

With Delta 400 we noted in the tests that more information was lost in the blacks and the highlights.

Some like German Shepherds, some like poodles. I'd have loved to shoot the experiment in 4x5 if I could, but there aren't as many emulsions available in large format and I'm not made of money. The secondary benefit is that the C41 process removes the silver present in the film, and leaving only dyes (usually color dyes but in this case B&W). I think you will find that 800 is not so good as you imagine.

Some like X and Y together. I've used all the films you feature except for XP2.

XP2 is also simply not a film you want to develop at home. I often notice that photographers who learned photography using digital cameras will apply a digital mindset when dealing with film ISO speeds and, vice versa, photographers who were raised on film will use that as a frame of reference for digital. Even if you do not push or pull Kentmere & use your light meter for precision, you can work with this film.

Although I’ve been experimenting with a few different films, using ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional at LFW, some Fuji Neopan for Street, and some CineStill for low light nights, I am yet to find a film stock I am consistently more comfortable using than ILFORD’s XP2 Super. It all depends on you, the artist.

So lets talk about what it is, what it isn't, and if it has a place in your camera.

And if that bothers you, take a deep breath, cause, again, HP5 can do some more heavy lifting.

Photos must be shot with Ilford film... Flickr logo. Simply drop us a line at!

The power is really in your hands when it comes to shooting HP5; even more so because you’re already shooting analog , Rolleiflex Automat RF111A + Ilford HP5 +3 stops by Oliver Sigloch. XP2 can be shot from EI 50 to 800 all on the same roll. Normally XP2 is a b/w film that has to be developed in a c-41 bath, but if you l... Hi to all It is also cheaper to process at a lab, and does not require time consuming dusting when scanning.

Both Tri-X and HP5 have incredible exposure latitude, allowing them to retain their highlights up to 3 stops of overexposure. Delta 400 contains what’s known as T-grain film (Tabular grain), this is slightly modified from a conventional-grain film in the way the film’s silver content is dispersed. If you are someone who shoots black and white film with the intention of getting scans, you should try XP2. Don't do it if you can avoid it! Rollei is strong in texture, but they have infrared & that can be fun to learn about as well. at 125 iso ... Hey guys. It took about three months before I started visualizing in B&W.

The verdict is that yes, it can be done.

The only conclusions that need to be made here are your own. See our article on comparing Single Use Cameras – Side by side photo comparison including Ilford HP5 and XP2 cameras. It has a faithful following (of which we are apart of!)

Welcome to the Ilford film group. Your email address will not be published. Write down notes if that helps.

When it comes down to it, this is just a very often overlooked tool that film photographers have at their disposal. When I am developing film for the purpose of printing in my darkroom, I use traditional stock.

Read EMULSIVE’s travelogue articles; travel stories brought to you by the EMULSIVE film photography community.

In the end, it all comes down to preference. The most important thing is to have some fun! so I’ll be discussing my process for shooting, developing, and printing my images from a standard roll of XP2. Meaning all C41 films (when being processed without pushing or pulling) have the same development time and temperature. Check out the submission guide here. Some like X developer and some like Y developer. just my opinion! Now that I have two 35mm film cameras (A-1 and New F-1), one is loaded with B&W and the other with color; that way, I avoid the quandary of what film do I shoot? and Canonet QL17 GIII with the Kodak Tri-X 400 and Ilford HP5 400 film See Leica vs. Canonet Post . Delta 400 is supposedly similar to T-Max in that it is a more modern emulsion with less grain, but in my tests, I didn't find it to be as grainless as T-Max. Want to see great TX work?

ages ago

When shooting this film at ISO 100 and lower, expect to have to do a bit of work to normalize the low contrast results, but they will still be quite usable. It retained the information and detail in the highlights, even at 4 stops overexposure! XP2 Super is process C41.

This means that any reportage work that might have a deadline, especially fashion, can be off and with the client almost as quickly as my digital edits. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on large format sheet film.


Not quite sure what we’re talking about? You can also follow my work over on Instagram to see more of my projects. QLP Most people are aware of Delta 3200, but in this post we want to draw a little bit more attention towards Ilford’s other two offspring: Delta 400 and HP5. Great job, great article especially for someone just starting in film.

This is predominantly due to its Core-shell™ emulsion technology that is based on the maximum use of the emulsion in the distribution of silver in the film in Tabular form. It can easily be developed for less time and be “pulled” to appear like it was rated at 400. ),, Written by Simon King and published on October 16, 2020May 28, 2018. However, I do get excellent results from XP-2 and Delta 400.

The dyes don't last as long, and will probably fade over time. Using HP5 is an easy walk in the park (how’s that for a beautiful relationship? ages ago FedericoMP says: AFAIK and IMO, since you should develop HP5 by yourself, it is easier to push it than standard C41 film.

I prefer TMAX 3200 over Delta 3200 because Kodak has sharper contrast while Ilford is muted. You can support this goal by contributing your thoughts, work, experiences and ideas to inspire the hundreds of thousands of people who read these pages each month. Sorry, bit the comparison is entirely nonsense if you do it with different cameras. With a little more than 70 years of existence under its belt, HP5 has become the most shot black and white film in Europe and is one we see frequently in our lab! Super fine grain film and nice contrast. ), Leica M6 + Ilford HP5 +2 stops by RichardPreston. (permalink), Isn't XP2 a C-41 process film? I have seen other photographers produce useable results at this ISO, so I’m still willing to experiment, but so far I haven’t been happy with any of my extreme low light images.

This means it would be ideal for you to have a light meter handy or very close by to take a careful reading of the light in the scene you want to capture.

XP2 is smooth but HP5 has a more classy look to it. ILford has a balanced center, which helps the whites not to overcome the tonal range. Our team will be happy to answer your query!

My father used to carry two cameras for family, non-professional shooting.

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