if i could hold the sunshine poem

Sunshine brightens up the day, Sunshine chases away the gloom Did I dream that yesterday On yon mountain ridge a glow Soft as moonstone paled away, Leaving less forlorn the snow? . IFlat as a drum-head stretch the haggard snows;The mighty skies are palisades of light;The stars are blurred; the silence grows and grows;Vaster and vaster vaults the icy night.Here in my sleeping-bag I cower and pray:"Silence and night, have pity! The rising moon is so close to the earth, you can just extend your hand to reach and hold it in your hands. As if one could see the entire drama unfolding in the skies! Sunshine helps spring flowers grow, God blessed us with this Sunshine If I Could Hold The Moon Poem by Nosheen Irfan - Poem Hunter. "Sunshine," I faltered, "stay with me, oh, stay! "XIILast night maybe I was a little mad,For as I prayed despairful by her side,Such a strange, antic visioning I had:Lo! Sunshine melts the winter snow Sunshine helps spring flowers grow. )No, 'twas a freak, a fancy of the brain,(Oh, but to-night I'll try again, again!

Nice work! If I could hold the moon in my fist! The light slowly pales into evening mist Desire of cold and soothing light is a lovely desire to recreate the heat and soul. . Come visit us here at Sunshine God blessed us with this Sunshine To keep us warm from time to time. . . Yes, we yearn to hold the moon's celestial light. Very …

If I could … "Yet ere I finished, in a moment's flight,There in her angel purity she lay --Ah! . . For a while it all seems damn fine but I know she'll come again to-night.Even as radiant sword leaps from the sheathSoul from the body leaps--we call it Death.XIVEven as this line I write,Do I know that she is near;Happy am I, every nightComes she back to bid me cheer;Kissing her, I hold her fast;Win her into life at last.Did I dream that yesterdayOn yon mountain ridge a glowSoft as moonstone paled away,Leaving less forlorn the snow?Could it be the sun?

The rhyming is unobtrusive. Could it be the sun? If I could hold time I would try to hold the day You told me you are mine I would never let it go away If I could hold time I would hold all the pleasant days And forget the ones that brought delays I would hold tight With all my might And never forget the very sight Though it's still a fight But it's just alright Though it seems a crime I wouldn't care a dime

to die! Oh, to see a coral dawn Gladden to a crocus glow! Sunshine sweeps the clouds away Sunshine brightens up the day. Would come back for a re. Before I could Tell you anything I lost grip of you. Another Beautiful poem from you. .

Short and beautiful as always, though I must confess I am not competent enough to fully fathom the subtleties you play with. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). A wonderful poem. in yon mountain cleft a radiance shines,Gleam of a primrose -- see it thrill, expand,Grow glorious.

"XFor weeks, for months I have not seen the sun;The minatory dawns are leprous pale;The felon days malinger one by one;How like a dream Life is! We’ve found a place we call Sunshine … .

The hope of finding them sustains life... As ever, pithy and sweet! Everyone here is friendly and kind. Enjoyed reading. I stared once more. at last the Sun! You my source of life and happiness, I love you!

)XIIIIt was no dream; now do I know that LoveLeapt from the starry battlements of Death;For in my vigil as I bent above,Calling her name with eager, burning breath,Sudden there came a change: again I sawThe radiance of the rose-leaf stain her cheek;Rivers of rapture thrilled in sunny thaw;Cleft were her coral lips as if to speak;Curved were her tender arms as if to cling;Open the flower-like eyes of lucent blue,Looking at me with love so pityingThat I could fancy Heaven shining through. A sultry day ends and dusk falls with moon rising on the horizon, very beautiful, Great imagery and free flowing words makes this poem wonderful.

. I couldn't hold on your hands. When my life is stormy, there is only place I find calmness; in you, for you are my sunshine and only love. Day's a spectre dim and wan, Dancing on the furtive snow; O heart of gold! YES: then fared we forthInto the vast, unvintageable North.IIIIn Muskrat Land the conies leap,The wavies linger in their flight;The jewelled, snakelike rivers creep;The sun, sad rogue, is out all night;The great wood bison paws the sand,In Muskrat Land, in Muskrat Land.In Muskrat Land dim streams divideThe tundras belted by the sky.How sweet in slim canoe to glide,And dream, and let the world go by!Build gay camp-fires on greening strand!In Muskrat Land, in Muskrat Land.IVAnd so we dreamed and drifted, she and I;And how she loved that free, unfathomed life!There in the peach-bloom of the midnight sky,The silence welded us, true man and wife.Then North and North invincibly we pressedBeyond the Circle, to the world's white crest.And on the wind-flailed Arctic waste we stayed,Dwelt with the Huskies by the Polar sea.Fur had they, white fox, marten, mink to trade,And we had food-stuff, bacon, flour and tea.So we made snug, chummed up with all the band:Sudden the Winter swooped on Husky Land.VWhat was that ill so sinister and dread,Smiting the tribe with sickness to the bone?So that we waked one morn to find them fled;So that we stood and stared, alone, alone.Bravely she smiled and looked into my eyes;Laughed at their troubled, stern, foreboding pain;Gaily she mocked the menace of the skies,Turned to our cheery cabin once again,Saying: "'Twill soon be over, dearest one,The long, long night: then O the sun, the sun! it streamsInto the cabin in a gush of gold.Look! To keep us warm from time to time, We’ve found a place we call Sunshine © Poems are the property of their respective owners. Thank you Nosheen, for shaing this exquisite poem. It’s where we spend a lot of time "There in the cabin's alcove low she lies,Still candles gleaming at her head and feet;All snow-drop white, ash-cold, with closed eyes,Lips smiling, hands at rest -- O God, how sweet!How all unutterably sweet she seems.

stoop and slay. There is no comment submitted by members.. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. What sunshine is to flowers is what you are to me. I come . When the light pales, naturally the mind too becomes foggy and the heart yearns for the unreachable....! how stale!I, too, am faint; that vampire-like diseaseHas fallen on me; weak and cold am I,Hugging a tiny fire in fear I freeze:The cabin must be cold, and so I tryTo bear the frost, the frost that fights decay,The frost that keeps her beautiful alway.XIShe lies within an icy vault;It glitters like a cave of salt.All marble-pure and angel-sweetWith candles at her head and feet,Under an ermine robe she lies.I kiss her hands, I kiss her eyes:"Come back, come back, O Love, I pray,Into this house, this house of clay!Answer my kisses soft and warm;Nestle again within my arm.Come! be brave . . Another Beautiful poem from you. I …

For a while it all seems damn fine . The day camouflages as the sunshine For a while it all seems damn fine The light slowly pales into evening mist If I could hold the moon in my fist! From every corner of your room, Sunshine melts the winter snow Fantastic image of dusk setting in, paling/fading sunlight and (without saying so) , of the rising moon. . how vain! .Not dead, not dead indeed -- she dreams, she dreams.II"Sunshine", I called her, and she brought, I vow,God's blessed sunshine to this life of mine.I was a rover, of the breed who ploughLife's furrow in a far-flung, lonely line;The wilderness my home, my fortune castIn a wild land of dearth, barbaric, vast.When did I see her first? . Even I have had such thoughts. "VIGod made a heart of gold, of gold,Shining and sweet and true;Gave it a home of fairest mould,Blest it, and called it -- You.God gave the rose its grace of glow,And the lark its radiant glee;But, better than all, I know, I knowGod gave you, Heart, to me.VIIShe was all sunshine in those dubious days;Our cabin beaconed with defiant light;We chattered by the friendly drift-wood blaze;Closer and closer cowered the hag-like night.A wolf-howl would have been a welcome sound,And there was none in all that stricken land;Yet with such silence, darkness, death around,Learned we to love as few can understand.Spirit with spirit fused, and soul with soul,There in the sullen shadow of the Pole.VIIIWhat was that haunting horror of the night?Brave was she; buoyant, full of sunny cheer.Why was her face so small, so strangely white?Then did I turn from her, heart-sick with fear;Sought in my agony the outcast snows;Prayed in my pain to that insensate sky;Grovelled and sobbed and cursed, and then arose:"Sunshine! If you would but let me hold your heart, A fire on the hearth I could lay; In the shadows of these sunset hours Cold and darkness would fade away If I could keep your heart but a day, So accustomed to love it would grow That if you should ask it to return, It would shout a resounding 'No! ' I wrote comments and deleted more than once. A beautiful poem written by one of our lovely members about Sunshine Adult Day Care, Sunshine sweeps the clouds away If I could hold the moon in my fist! lovely style and expression. The light slowly pales into evening mist

for I know that you are near;Open your eyes and look, my dear.Just for a moment break the mesh;Back from the spirit leap to flesh.Weary I wait; the night is black;Love of my life, come back, come back!

Loved reading.

You are my … . the earth grew glad;Radiant each blade of grass, each living thing.What a huge strength, high hope, proud will I had!All the wide world with rapture seemed to ring.Would she but wed me?

With the muse of your imagination. The Sunshine threw his Hat away - The Bushes - spangles flung - The Breezes brought dejected Lutes - And bathed them in the Glee - The Orient showed a single Flag, And signed the fête away - Because I could not stop for Death Because I could not stop for Death – He kindly stopped for me – The Carriage held but just Ourselves – And Immortality.

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