i hate being a firefighter

For one, we know that Firefighters are dying from occupational related diseases like cancer, obesity and heart disease– at REALLY high rates. 5) Lastly, full time firefighters can't stand them! We won't send you spam. I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but I can feel the after effects in our department. That means we work, sleep, and cook at the station. Coping with difficult things is taxing on the psyche and one of the best ways to cope is to make light of the situation through humor and story-telling.

3) If you are doing any type of physical job they love to tell you how sore they are. I am- these Firefighters, I tell you, there’s some really good days and some really shitty ones. Also I did say in the begining of my post if you don't behave this way you are probably one of the better volunteers.

Being a firefighter requires living with each other often even more than our families. Asking for help does not come easy for us. What I think is important to say here is as firefighters, we need to make sure we balance this and allow our wives/husbands the same opportunity to “take a break” from the grind of family challenges. You try to yell at one type of firefighter you're going to be bitched at by sides,because while it might sound chessy brother(or sisters) stand by one another. Keep that in mind. Unfortunately, sometimes we turn to substances to cope. Yep, this is a tough one for our spouses and families to hear, but it is the truth. “From what Iimagine a full time firefighter does a lot of work”. And they are one of the largest firefighting forces on the planet. Code Green Campaign: Calling a Code Alert On Our Mental Health (For First Responders). What the perfect firefighter won’t tell you! There’s also the sad truth that many of them are dealing with undiscovered, undiagnosed and untreated PTSD and mental illness that lead to high numbers of suicide. While we may be cut from a different cloth, under that tough exterior we have big hearts and love our jobs. I wouldn’t change my husband or his career- so that means taking the good with the bad! We had paid departments coming to us for training they could not send people to. In response to #1, the only times I mention being a volunteer firefighter are if someone asks what I do outside of work. The job prospects for the next 5 years have a huge spike (like a 250% increase) so that will be helpful to those of you looking for a new department. I think the asshole here is you. I'm sure in rural areas they play a much more important role. The relationship between volunteer and salaried brigades down here is cordial, because they fulfill different purposes. Alcohol and substance abuse are still a problem in the fire service.

They happen on Holiday’s and important events no matter how much you’ve planned. Who cares? They must get to it before you! Even if you miss your husband (I know I sleep better when he is there!)

If you're going to insult people, try to at least appear intelligent while doing it (assuming you can). They don’t care that it’s your 15th anniversary, or your kid’s birthday. 30 years in with volunteers and the best Department ever. Hate to say it, but you do realize that there are full time paid firefighters that act the same way. Finally, in response to #5, our relationship with the paid staff is fantastic. Even if that job isn’t the greatest- having a paycheck is super important in the economy today. • Racist, sexual, hate type defamatory, religious, political, or sexual commentary. Every few days, you get to enjoy the bed all to yourself! Plus, if we’re being realistic, it can take a long time to get on at a career department.

Three days off does sound pretty nice, and I’m sure the 48 on becomes “normal” after a few months. Of course, it might be easier to be married to someone who has a normal 9-to-5 job, but you can’t help who you fall in … I am 45 and have more physical stanima and strength than volunteers in their 20's. This one really applies to the Career Firefighter Wife’s- having a 24/48 schedule is heavenly. From what I can imagine full time firefighters do a lot of physical work all the time. 7. Now I only base this opinion on the four I have come across. We often grumble about standing out in the heat and “beg” people for money.

Also next time be a man and don't use a throwaway account. 2) They always have a story about a bar or strip joint where all the women love them because the are firemen. All information is for entertainment purposes only. Like sit on my laptop at bedtime or read a book. But a fun fact for you... the only wildland firefighters in this state are volunteers. This is just what I have come across from my dealings with volunteer firefighters. We are a team and I'd follow these guys and gals to hell and back. However, the other volunteers at my department (excluding three) are very humble, and it is the paid staff who constantly share these kinds of stories. And to be honest, I have never come across a volunteer who acts the way you describe. 4) They love to grab any kind of hose first because they are the only ones that have been properly trained to use them.


It's even funnier that you aren't a firefighter at all. Much like regular American families, some of the most important team building activities happen around the dinner table. Bleed. Haha. It's usually the young, just out of the academy full time guys.

Which leads to all these questions and comments about how cool it would be to be with a Firefighter and does he know any single Firefighters. In my department we live at the firehouse for 48 hours at a time so we get a lot of practice cooking . Any volunteer firefighter I've met wouldn't dare complain about it being too hard, or the officers would never put them on a truck again. Keep in mind these people do it for FREE all hours of the day. One more thing. But it’s not uncommon for someone to wait 6 month or even years to get on at a career station. Being away from our families is sometimes a welcomed break. This is often how we process, and it is healthy. Trained every Monday with full weekend training at least twice a year and summers at Texas A&M. We co-exist. There are many programs out there through the unions and social organizations.

From what I can imagine full time firefighters do a lot of physical work all the time. More firefighters die each year because of suicide than line of duty deaths (LODD). Some fire administrators (not all) turn a blind eye to the fact that firefighters suffer secretly! We respect your privacy. The accidents. You're going to find people like that in any occupation. Of those that have investigated PTSD among firefighters, point prevalence rates have been estimated to fall anywhere between 6.5% and 37%. I run into this shit with the army too cause I'm not full time. Probably a probie that is still in the academy or even better someone that could not even cut it in a 25 run a year Volunteer Department and got asked to turn in their gear. They shouldn’t just be thought of as Fire Wives when they have their own professions. This is a subreddit for firefighters to discuss topics relating to firefighting and EMS. 5. I'm usually assigned to the nozzle, and if not, I don't have any problem with that. Funny thing is you could just change the volunteer to career and have a new rant for this week as pretty much any, and likely all, of them could apply to full timers too. estimated to fall anywhere between 6.5% and 37%. We use humor to cope with the difficult things we see. I know and respect that I am not a full time FF even though I've passed the same tests and certifications they have. Try balancing a full time civilian job, firefighting and being in the army at the same time and then tell me you're better than me. We’ve all had times where money was an issue and having a job is super important. I can’t say we were happier- but it was a little less chaotic. Truth be told, firefighters are some of the most compassionate and loving people on the planet. Stories long gone of large family dinners and auxiliary groups doing charity. Sometimes we do not dare ask for help because we fear we might not receive the support needed from our families, other firefighters, or the fire service leadership. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This eagerness wears off over time. At the end of the day however we do the same job and face the same risks. For some, the job ends up not being worth the risk. I know all volunteers are not like them, but I am sure you yourself have even run into a few of them yourselves.

Firefighters certainly serve our community, but OUR SPOUSES SERVE US every time we put on our badges and leave for the firehouse. For #3, The only time I complain of being sore is in the context of suggesting improvements to our PT schedule. However, I do recall what it was like to have a “normal” husband that consistently had off weekends and didn’t scroll instagram for the latest fire. Many still believe the criticism of young firefighters helps test the grit of young firefighters! For others. Humor IS the best medicine. Believe me, the gravity of situations is not lost upon firefighters, but in order to survive a 20–40 year career witnessing, saving, and sometimes not being able to save victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, car accidents, fires, and simple accidents is not easy. Volunteers are not paid because the service we provide is PRICELESS. Our Chief and officers run a tight ship.

We deal with so many things that non-fire wives might not even think about. So you basically have no idea what goes on or the things firefighters do.

There is no us vs them. Amen brother. Learn how to properly use apostrophes. It’s a little harder when my husband is home to do those things, particularly if he wants my attention. So let’s dive in… but don’t say I didn’t warn you! Being Married to a Firefighter you know the job has it’s bad points- but it seems that today, social media makes it a lot worse! Subscribe now to get our latest content by email. Thankfully, several fire departments are developing peer support programs to help with the challenges of the job. Maybe that is as simple as offering our wives or husbands a kitchen pass to take a day at the spa or have a ladies or men’s weekend with our closest friends.

AND, This is especially evident if you married your Firefighter before they choose this career, which is what happened to me. They always have a story about a bar or strip joint where all the women love them because the are firemen. I'm sure there are some good ones. While there are always a few neigh-sayers among us, the majority of firefighters really respect and love our law enforcement brothers and sisters. The general public doesn't care if they are paid or volunteer... they do community service, and that's all they care about. Once again... Have never seen this. Stay safe! He gets two days off and you get a break every third day. Well, gee, thanks. If you have ever been to a chili cook off, it is likely you will find a firefighter as a finalist.

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