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[25] The PLO identified itself as a representative of the Palestinian people, which clashed with Jordan's sovereignty claim over the West Bank. 1996), Princess Salma (b. It is the courage to face reality. Hussein led his country through four turbulent decades of the Arab–Israeli conflict and the Cold War, successfully balancing pressures from Arab nationalists, Islamists, the Soviet Union, Western countries, and Israel, transforming Jordan by the end of his 46-year reign to a stable modern state. [5], Abdullah's eldest son, Talal, was proclaimed King of Jordan. Following in the footsteps of his socially active mother, Queen Rania, Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah of Jordan launched his own official page on Instagram last week. [8], A three-man regency council made up of the prime minister and heads of the Senate and the House of Representatives was appointed until he became 18 (by the Muslim calendar).

[19] Jordan reacted by arresting 40 suspected army officers, and Hussein called in Iraqi army chief of staff Rafiq Aref to brief him on the exposed plot. [63] This allowed the United States to play a more active role in solving the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [65] Consequently, the IAF's seats decreased from 34 to 21 seats out of 80.

Abdullah was not expected to succeed to the throne despite being King Hussein's eldest son; the King had appointed his younger brother Prince Hassan as heir designate in 1965. [37] The organization claimed responsibility for the assassination of Jordanian prime minister Wasfi Tal in 1971, and the highly publicized 1972 Munich massacre against Israeli athletes.

Copyright © 2020 Motivate Media Group. The funeral was the largest gathering of foreign leaders since 1995, and it was the first time that Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad was in the same room with Israeli statesmen. [68], Mounting opposition in Jordan to the peace treaty with Israel led Hussein to put greater restrictions on freedom of speech. [8] Upon assuming the throne, he appointed Fawzi Mulki as prime minister. [12]

[55] The Jordanian dinar lost a third of its value in 1988, and Jordan's foreign debt reached a figure double that of its gross national product (GNP). [21] Devastated, Hussein ordered a Jordanian expedition led by Sharif Nasser to reclaim the Iraqi throne,[21] but it was recalled after it was 150-mile (241 km) inside Iraq. [50] In June 1982, after Iran's victory seemed imminent, Hussein personally carried to Saddam sensitive photographic intelligence forwarded to him by the US. أتمنى لكما النجاح والسعادة على الدوام Happy birthday to my dear…” After Talal became King of Jordan in 1951, Hussein was named heir apparent. [101][102], "King Hussein" redirects here. After graduating from Sandhurst in 2017, he made a global debut when he addressed the UN General Assembly in September.

[56] On 16 April 1989 the government increased prices of gasoline, licensing fees, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes, between 15% to 50%, in a bid to increase revenues in accordance with an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). [82] Bill Clinton said about the funeral: "I don't think I have ever seen a greater outpouring of the world's appreciation and the world's love for a human being than I've seen today. Crown Prince Hussein is older brother to Princess Iman (21), Princess Salma (17), and Prince Hashem (13), and occasionally shares cute photos of him and his siblings playing around. [63] The Bush administration were still angry at Hussein for the Gulf War events but realized they needed Jordan's participation in any peace process. The royal received the traditional “water salute” to mark the milestone – which involved a bucket of water being poured over his head.

[63] Hussein agreed to an American request to join an international peace conference so that Jordan could start repairing its relationship with the United States, and end its political isolation. [55] The cabinet passed amendments to the electoral law that removed articles dealing with West Bank representation. [60], On 6 August American troops arrived at the Kuwait-Saudi Arabian border, Saddam's conditions were ignored, and Hussein's role as mediator was undermined. As a member of the Hashemite dynasty, the royal family of Jordan since 1921, Hussein was a 40th-generation direct descendant of Muhammad. 2000) and Prince Hashem (b. "[87] Hussein was able to survive through four turbulent decades of the Arab-Israel conflict and the Cold War, successfully balancing pressures from Arab nationalists, Soviet Union, Western countries and Israel. [50] Hussein and Arafat both agreed to the plan on 1 April, but the PLO's executive office rejected it. "[68] Khaled Mashal recovered, but Jordan's relations with Israel deteriorated and Israeli requests to contact Hussein were rebuffed. Even so, it’s natural to expect him to make mistakes as a new leader, and he might find it difficult to manage competing agendas from Jordanians, Gulf partners, the United States, and Israel. [44] Sadat disclosed to Assad and Hussein his intention to initiate military action. Observers speculated the Crown Prince would start to play a more prominent role in Jordan and abroad. [51], On 9 December 1987 an Israeli truck driver ran over four Palestinians in a Gaza refugee camp, sparking unrest that spread to violent demonstrations in the West Bank. [52] Israeli politicians were stunned, thinking it was a political manoeuvre so that the Palestinians could show support for Hussein, but later realized that it represented a shift in Jordan's policy after Hussein asked his West Bank supporters not to issue petitions demanding that he relent. [86] Initially, Hussein attempted to unite both banks of the Jordan River as one people, but with the formation of the PLO in the 1960s, it became difficult to maintain such a policy. [48] The relationship grew as Saddam provided Jordan with subsidized oil, and Jordan allowed Iraq to use the Port of Aqaba for its exports.

Hussein II has slowly started playing a more visible role through international speaking engagements and visits with important U.S. private-sector players. [14] Ban Ki-moon, the then-Secretary-General of the United Nations, said Hussein is "not yet 21 years old, but he is already a leader in the 21st century". – Egyptian President, Avenue Roi Hussein 1er de Jordanie in the, 2020: Spanish health workers on the front line against, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 20:07. He completed his secondary education at King's Academy, which was founded by his father and opened in 2007, in time for Hussein to join the first intake. [12] The coinciding events in Egypt had Jordanian leftist opposition parties leaning greatly towards Nasser. He obtained a B.Sc. [55] Although most members of the commission were regime loyalists, it included a number of opposition figures and dissidents. When Abdullah became king, he named his younger half-brother, Prince Hamzah, as heir designate on his accession. It’s nowhere near guaranteed that the 26-year-old crown prince could easily maintain control over a kingdom with a contracting economy, a bulging youth population, and unfolding threats such as climate change.

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