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Zhang Xinyi revealed that Hua Chenyu started telling them how he wrote the song and then he suddenly went silent. Realmente quiero amar este mundo (好想爱这个世界啊/Hǎo xiǎng ài zhège shìjiè a), 4.

Conversando con los niños de marte (与火星的孩子对话/Yǔ huǒxīng de háizi duìhuà), 5.

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His birth name is Hua Chenyu and she is currently 30 years old. Hua Chenyu Chinese Pop Singer 30 years old Single. Tears fill the eyes of an alienated rebel as he gazes on the ephemeral mayfly. if(increment < 0) { The Hit of China" (Hi歌), donde arregló la canción "Spring", lo cual le permitió ganar el Annual Hit Song of China" (年度Hi歌).

} var start2 = new Date(start); Hua Chenyu (chino simplificado= 华晨宇, chino tradicional= 華晨宇, Pinyin= Huà Chényǔ) también conocido como Hua Hua, es un cantante-compositor, cantautor y compositor chino.[1]​. It was sold both digitally and physically.

Yuan Hong had felt something wasn’t right with the lyrics. El 1 de enero del 2019 realizó su primera publicación en weibo bajo su propio estudio "Hua Chenyu Studio Official", el cual aún esta bajo EE-Media pero opera de forma independiente. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Zhang Xinyi said Hua Chenyu told her, “There was one time he was standing in the balcony of his home. today = new Date(today.getTime() + loop_time * loop_range); En su primera aparición cantó su canción original "Lyricless Song" y "The Kill". !loop_time && !

Quasimodo, in his loneliness, hears the mourning eerie sounds of the giant whale. } } var seconds = { loop_range = seconds['hour'];

I didn’t want to tell you guys about this.”. if(!

"White Autumn" with Yico Zeng (白色秋天) (Originally by Yico Zeng 曾軼可), 1.

Hua Chenyu has not been previously engaged.

Donde sólo una de las fechas del concierto fue transmitida en vivo en línea. A los 6 años comenzó a tocar la flauta y en quinto grado comenzó a tomar clases de piano.

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Hua Chenyu also expressed it was a result of him learning from the show, which has had a huge impact on him. function updateCountdown() { His ever-growing collection of entrancing and entertaining music is rooted in philosophical concepts from many cultures around the world. } } El 13 de noviembre del mismo año se unió al primer reality show de producción musical de gira chino "Be the Idol" (唱 游 天下) de Jiangsu TV.

Hua is 30 years old. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); It’s so happy, you’re also feeding the baby everyday, it’s so exhausting. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { He has not been previously engaged. Singers participated in groups are listed in parenthesis. text += '

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MMSCENE is curated as a daily men’s fashion & lifestyle destination. Hua Chenyu Doesn’t Want to Limit Himself Being Labeled as Just a Singer. Combine with the previous sales made by his single "I'm Here" released digitally, the total sales amount exceeded 98.6 million yuan.

El concierto del 1 de agosto fue transmitido en línea a través de Tencent (donde los espectadores alcanzaron los 2-64 millones) y en HunanTV (芒果 TV).[2]​. var loop_time = 1 * '';

} His music explores the full spectrum of human emotions ranging from ardent passion to wonder and sorrow. On the 11th episode of “Ace vs Ace” S5 , Hua Chenyu’s good friend and actress, Zhang Xinyi (张歆艺), was a guest and revealed he had once contemplated suicide.

Zhang Xinyi mentioned Hua Chenyu isn’t someone who easily opens up to others.

In Hua Chenyu’s world of music, you will feel his feelings as he takes you on a journey within your own mind: romance, purity, holiness, depravity, insanity, darkness, beauty, and love. } else { !0; TCO 1 Highlight Reviews; The Coming One 3; TCO 3 Highlight Reviews; The Next "The Next" Season One; Let Go of My Baby! Be the Idol 2015; Hua Chenyu's Travel Diary; Ace VS Ace S4 2019; Ace VS Ace S5 2020; Miscellaneous. }

var diff = increment * (today - start2); if(!large) { A kilómetros de la soledad (我离孤单几公里/wǒ lí gūdān jǐ gōnglǐ), 6. El concierto reunió a más de 4 millones de espectadores en vivo. Is Hua Chenyu having any relationship affair? var expire = ! var loop_range = '';

Siete Personalidades (七重人格/Qīchóng réngé), «China’s Hottest Male Idols for the First Half of 2016 - #10 Hua Chenyu (华晨宇)», «Tauromaquia: "Seguir nuestra naturaleza amable es el último resto de dignidad y oportunidad de victoria para la humanidad, «Prologo.

abs_diff -= count * seconds[display[i]]; } else { if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { As of 2020, Hua Chenyu’s is not dating anyone. El 10 de enero del 2015 se anunció que la canción "Shimmer" sería la canción interludio del drama de televisión chino "You Are My Sunshine" (何以 笙箫 默). He has released singles like “The Return of the Master” and “Mars Intelligence Agency”.

Zhang Xinyi mentioned Hua Chenyu isn’t someone who easily opens up to others.


Chinese artist, Hua Chenyu (华晨宇), is one of the most popular singers of his generation. En diciembre, interpretó la versión arreglada para piano de "Shimmer" y "Quasimodo's Gift" durante el concierto del pianista Lang Lang en Beijing.


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Zhang Xinyi then reveals Hua Chenyi’s home was too rigid.

text += (text.length ? var _g1; Online rumors of Hua Chenyus’s dating past may vary.

A native of the Hubei province, he developed an interest in music quite early in his life. } Después de la competencia firmó con EE-Media.

According to CelebsCouples, Hua Chenyu had at least 1 relationship previously. Más tarde se unió al Berklee College of Music donde estudió hasta marzo del 2017. Rey y mendigo (国王与乞丐/Guówáng yǔ qǐgài), 6. Convirtiéndolo en el primer cantante continental en celebrar un concierto durante tres noches consecutivas en el mismo lugar. 他前卫而多变的音乐风格,极具特色和感染力的表演,和包容万物的处事哲学,是他的三把利剑,使得他能在低迷的音乐市场中披荆斩棘,几万人的演唱会一票难求。在他的音乐世界里,一切都不同寻常。孤独的卡西莫多会听到鲸鱼的哀鸣,叛逆的异类会流泪注视着玉石俱焚的蜉蝣,满手鲜血的斗牛士疲惫的胸膛会被另一只牛刺穿,半梦半醒的疯子在崩溃边缘跳舞……, 在这里,生命的各种处境都得到精彩的呈现和悲悯的解构。然而,他的音乐还不止于此!你甚至可以超越自身,从而体验一种神话般的浪漫和宏大:你可以是一只把蓝色星球捧在手心凝视的一只巨鹿,可以是见证万物崩坏生灵涂炭的一棵神树,更可以是云端指引懵懂生灵奔向宽宥白昼的神明。, 你可以在他的音乐世界里感受浪漫的,纯净的,宏大的,圣洁的,扭曲的,疯狂的,黑暗的等种种各异却毫无例外都洋溢着爱与美的一切情感。, I Really Want to Love This World / I'm Here. var today = new Date(); }

} else {

Songs of Mars, space and aliens cause music lovers from around the world to flock to his concerts and fill tens of thousands of his seats every time. delimiter : '') + count.toLocaleString() + ' ' + display[i] + (count != 1 ?


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if(! Welcome to the Martian Family! El 29 de junio del 2013 se unió a la tercera temporada del concurso Super Boy (快乐男声).

Hua Chenyu doesn’t have a girlfriend right now.

On May 3, the music video of Bull Fight was revealed, which took 6 months to finish.

Then he said he wanted to jump down.” When Zhang Xinyi asked him what was wrong and why he didn’t tell them, he responded to her, “You guys just had a baby and are just experiencing a new chapter in your lives. Hua Chenyu is a Chinese mandopop and rock singer and songwriter.

Zhang Xinyi also expressed she felt very bad when she heard the song and revealed she didn’t know what Hua Chenyu went through nor would he tell her. Initial singers first listed in alphabetical surnames, followed by Substitute/Challenge Singers in order of appearance.

} First time revealed on 2019 Mars Concert. } else { El álbum obtuvo el número uno en los vendidos en el "Jingdong Top 100 Annual Sales Chart (Music)", así como varios premios, incluidos los ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards al mejor álbum, tres Top Chinese Music Awards por el álbum más popular del 2014, el mejor rendimiento del álbum y la mejor producción de álbumes, dos Chinese Music Radio Awards por la mejor composición y canción de oro.

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