how to tell the difference between chinese, japanese, korean vietnamese

As a matter of fact it's what makes the Chinese so unique. You will hear the phrase "im-ni-da" at the end of most sentences due to formality. My Asian friends seem to instantly know when they see another Asian where that person is from.

Get answers by asking now. The ends are sometimes wider than the Japanese. Vietnamese: Golden skin tone. What do you call someone who is half-European and half-middle eastern? The land of the rising sun and home to the anime gods, Japan has one of the most interesting cultures in Asia. Below are sample pictures of Vietnamese. Well I can generally tell the difference by facial features. This is due to the forward-mindedness of the Koreans and their ability to innovate quickly. Japanese usually sounds the most soothing to ears. Vietnamese: Color of Vietnamese lips are usually darker. *** Asians are known to have full and structured lips. Do not take them it their full extend. Although im vietnamese, a lot of them can look Korean (mostly), Japanese(the eyes and face structure), Chinese(the eyes), Filipino (mostly), Cambodian (least). The similarity between the Chinese and Japanese is so profound that one may refer to a Japanese as a Chinese citizen and vice versa. Mike, Dan and Felicia explain how to tell Asians apart. Still have questions? What do you call someone who is half-European and half-middle eastern? Korean: The Koreans' nose bridges are hard to see. Korean: Known to be the driest language of all Asian languages. So don't be &$^*#!%-ing at me if you're reading this five years from now. As is often the case with linguistics, it’s all about pattern recognition, something we humans happen to be impressively good at! The middle of the end of the nose stick out more than the two sides. And if you have to read them that means the chances of you succeeding at Asian telling is very low. whats up, you ignored jap and Mongolians, Thai and Philipinos. I also have a greater undertaking telling Latinos aside, all of them talk the comparable language and are insulted in case you think of one is from Mexico in the event that they are fairly from Puerto Rico, or Cuban in the event that they are fairly from Columbia etc... Do not say it to there face. Its difficult to explain. Man! As a general rule of thumb, unlike Chinese and Korean, Japanese also doesn’t use any form of question or exclamation marks, but you may still meet them in some situations. Ex. 주황(Orange)은 색 중 하나이다.

Sometimes they look thinner only because the rest of the face structure make the lips look right sized.

For the best answers, search on this site Most Koreans either double lids on one eye and single on the other or single eyelids on both. Sometimes it may sound like the Chinese are fighting when talking, but they really aren't. Japanese: (Way to spell this wrong in your question, btw.) Korean. Vietnamese: Nguyen, Pham, Le, Truong, Tran. First thing first: Yes, it's an Asian thing. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

*In other words: Not every Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Viet are going to match every single one of these description.

So don’t be surprised to see a girl wearing a sailor moon costume while walking down the road because it’s considered “kawaii”  (cute) in that country. Usually just like straight across or something casual. Yes, admittedly it can be challenging to differentiate the three, even for fellow Asians. Chinese characters are the oldest continuously-used system of writing in the world, so don’t be surprised to meet handwritten texts which at first sight don’t even resemble the example above. (Except Japanese?

The Chinese people make use of a more complex set of … The Chinese language use more ching, chong, woo, long, aee. The korean language can sound japanese or chinese depending on the dialect. What ever you do, do not ask them that. . The language of Japan is Japanese and the use of honorifics is part of their culture. Their hairstyle usually look very natural. The vietnamese laungage can be a mix of many different sounds.

Kanji—Chinese characters—are used for most words of Chinese and Japanese origins.

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