how to remove paper from old trunk

May 24, 2016 - How To Remove Paper From Inside an Antique Trunk (Video) 3 parts vinegar 1 part water in spray bottle + good scraper spray down inside of trunk, do not soak wear gloves let sit for 15 min 100 grit sandpaper if lining trunk Your best bet is to get under the point, on the inside of the box, as carefully as possible, then use your pliers to straighten the tips as best as you can. I love the wall paper choice. If they aren't rotted to badly, they can be taken to a wire wheel to be revived, otherwise they'll need to be replaced. The previous owner broke the lock off, leaving some of it still bolted on. It is best to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands while removing the paper. How long does it take to get rid of mold?

old trunk in poor condition needs work, would like to remove paper covering and replace hardware.


When I pulled up the canvas, there was LOTS of sand and grit that had worked its way through the fibers so it'll be pretty intensive.

Wipe out the steamer trunk paying special attention to the mold spots. Unfortunately, I couldn't recover any of the original leather so I decided to customize it with my own color and design. If it still smells old and musty, place a small bowl of white vinegar inside it. Contact cement and patience. Does anyone know what these seed pods are?? Whenever possible, parts from the same period (and preferably manufacturer)  are installed and failing that, replaced with new hardware. This trunk needed to go from an old jalopy to updated and fabulous, and liner paper was my answer. You want to be as careful as possible, since if you simply use the nail puller, they'll just tear through the wood leaving gaping holes that will require filler. Vintage steamer trunks make great places to store items in your home. Hi! I performed a bit of tooling on the strap holders, but it's not necessary if you prefer to keep them plain. I tell you this by experience. I has a bunch of cool paper decals on it. I would like to keep it as original as possible and keep the canvas because my relatives saved this from the fire and earthquake in SF in 1906, with all sorts of business paperwork for the company they owned. The first place to start is to remove the lid and leather hardware. When the bulk of the canvas was removed, I used the scraper to tuck any remainders under the seams and the utility knife to cut off the fibers that straggled behind. But with each piece I mounted in place, my motivation grew as did my patience level. How to add a something in a empty high space? But I what I had in mind was for something brighter and prettier where no wood was involved. Use a straight edge to smooth out wallpaper, making sure there are no wrinkles, creases or bumps. Kathy Eastwood is an avid freelance writer and works full time as a photojournalist for a weekly tabloid at West Point, N.Y. She has over seven years experience in writing professionally and in writing Web content. By cleaning the inside of old paper or canvas and tender washing, sanding and varnishing, a steamer trunk can look like it's never been used. A lot of the pieces are hard to determine the materials because of age and dry rot.

If you choose to replace it all, you'll need enough 7-8oz leather to cut your strap holders and handles from, and enough leather to create the straps.

And I do use wallpaper on various projects, and could even MAYBE entertain applying it to a wall or two around here in the future. The canvas was a bit trickier to remove. Unfortunately, the tray in my trunk had completely deteriorated and so I had to build a new one. Wipe the inside of the old steamer trunk out until it's clean. But I do. Remove damaged nails with pliers or use the tack lifter to pry the head of trunk nails.

That should bring the brass shine back. Literally, I take medication to fix that just so I can sleep at night. Step 2 Wash wooden antique trunks and leather handles or decorations with a mixture of warm water and three capfuls of saddle soap in a bucket.

Mix up a 1/2 cup of Murphy's Oil Soap in a bucket of warm water. Mix a half cup of bleach in a bucket of warm water. Interior Trunk Lining . If the wood has a big scratch, I’ll need to be able to fill with wood putty and then sand smooth. Steamer trunks can be relined with cedar or plain paper. Really makes it “pop”. I am working on a similar vintage steamer trunk, and I am struggling to remove the lid from the body of the trunk. Any advise ? Fix an adjustable floor to ceiling cat tree to vaulted ceiling? 7 months ago I was able to tear off all the paper covering because it was lifting. All in, this craft project took me the better part of a couple hours, and of all of the craft projects I have done, this wallpapered steamer trunk is hands down my favorite, EVER.

Looks so great. How to prevent grout from changing to darker color when wet. As the key gets closer to the right shape, it'll slowly turn the lock more and more. Read More…. (have lots of extra blades since the years worth of dirt in the material act like sandpaper)Metal Scraper - scraping off old paper, tucking edges of old material under seamsDrill and Wire Wheel - For removing rust from metal partsNail puller  and hammer - removing old hardwareSharp Chisel - to straighten the points on the old nails and tacks before pullingPliers - for straightening nails and tacksSander - optional but it helpsDust Mask and Glasses - Safety first**Saw - if you need to build a new tray otherwise it's not necessarySupplies:60, 150, 220, 300 and grit sandpaper - lots of that to be done7-8oz leather@ 1 1/4" leather belts- For straps, leather patches and leather handles2X Belt Buckles, rivets, Fiebings leather dye - hardware for leatherwork.Wood Stain/Finish - I used Minwax Polyshades which blends both stain and polyurethane but you can do them separately if you want.Masking Tape - to mask of edges for stainingBeeswax Polish - to protect the metal from rusting again. Is this the inside or outside that you are referring to? Clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Sand it very thoroughly since you won't be lining it again with paper (unless you really want to). About: I'm the kind of person who's mind doesn't stop. Learn how to pick the lock first. How Can I Get Old Kitchen Cabinets to Stop Smelling Old? It's not hard to clean the inside of an old steamer trunk, it just takes time. You can, generally, take small patches of fabric from hidden places to repair any holes in the surface. ... Use a brush attachment to gently vacuum along the inner walls and corners of the trunk. Question I have a whole bunch of trunks but have not made over the insides. It's difficult to remove stubborn, set-in stains from the inside of an old steamer trunk. Don't get the wood inside the trunk too wet as you clean it out because the wood can warp. Learn how to get that old smelly paper out of your trunk.

Use oil soap on wood trim to clean and then use a clear varnish. Rinse and wring the sponge out as needed. Use a gloss or satin black paint on the tin after sanding, and finish with a clear coat of shellac or polyurethane to help prevent rusting. Antique steamer trunks are increasingly popular items purchased at auctions or antique shops and used as storage for linens, towels or CDs.

A jack-of-all-trades in home decor, steamer trunks can serve as a coffee table, bench and obviously storage. Any suggestions on how to make a inexpensive shelving for shoes ? Carefully place the wallpaper where you want it to go, making sure the ends are lined up with the edges of the trunk. The better option would be using something like brasso after to clean up with. Inspect the outside of the trunk for any damage, especially wood trim. The trunk is complete, and as original as was possible to make it with my limited resources. This is a very important step because if you start to fill the trunk without letting the paste dry, the wallpaper will move, crease, look bad, etc, and you will have defeated your efforts. If it is glued down solid and not lifting at all you could use chalk paint to paint over it. How do I go about doing this? I find the third method the most effective since it retains both curb appeal, and attempts to keep the piece as original as possible, however, feel free to use whichever one suits you best. Pinning this one for sure. 2 years ago. You won't find the pieces cut out for you, except for the straps and some of the hardware, but you can acquire the leather to cut them yourself, plus the stain and finisher. Once the inside is fully lined with wallpaper, leave the top open and allow the mod podge to dry for 24 hours.

Once you get it to turn, stop using power tools and break out the hand files. That's a bit trickier. on Step 4.

Have I got a good trash to treasure story for you!! Made during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, steamer trunks contained the possessions and toiletries travelers used during long voyages on passenger ships. The vast majority of trunks were lined in paper and the then glued to the interior of the trunk. Clean stubborn mold from the inside of an old steamer trunk with diluted bleach. You can wet sand with 400 grit, but I found it unnecessary since 300 seemed to do the trick.The Inside; The inside should be thoroughly washed with bleach and water to kill any mildew, then let to dry before sanding. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can buy the paper for the edging. I will be waiting for your helpful input. The hardest part of the entire project is in the preparation of the piece. I used combination of walnut stain with polyurethane however if you choose, you can apply them independently. Trunk restoration is a combination of wood working, metal craft and leather work, so it helps to have some experience in all three fields. My original thought, until I saw where the hole placements are, was the strap was attached underneath. How to do you replace a section of corner paper edging that is torn off? Your email address will not be published. I actually just finished another trunk for my mother's birthday that most of the edging was damaged and I simply replaced it all with 2-3oz leather that I aged with some black and yellow dye lightly sprayed in strategic markings. How to cover a a middle line on a painted table? Other than these tips, it's a 'play it by ear' project. Chances are you'll need to clean the inside out first. Question Still, when you open the trunk, it most likely smells old and musty.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'farmhouse1820_com-box-3','ezslot_3',113,'0','0'])); My rule of thumb when looking over a trunk before I buy it is to look inside and make sure it’s in relatively good shape; no holes or black mold. The picture below shows the tray before the beeswax coat, however I used the same three coats as I used on the rest of the trunk to protect it. The only paper coverings I could find where on the inside of the trunk. Here are the steamer trunk lining material list: First, lightly sand the entire inside of the trunk surface, smoothing out any rough spots that would show through the wallpaper, and would cause the wallpaper to crease or bump up.

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