how much are living faith pastors paid

Having failed to pass the bar exam, he enrolled in the New York Theological Seminary. Have a nice day and do your part in making a positive change in the world today. Juanita Bynum – Net Worth $10 Million. Presently, he serves as the CEO of this organization.

He is the founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel. David Oyedepo – Net Worth $150 Million. Robertson has a net worth of whopping $100 million. Don’t you realize that Jesus Christ is about too pop sky. Evangelist Benny Hinn also made the list of the current world richest pastors at number 8 position. Pastor Juanita Bynum hails from Chicago. He owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, and three multimillion dollar homes. Shame on them! With over 14,000 branches of Redeemed Church constructed in Nigeria so far, Adeboye has made a significant contribution to his country. Paula White is one of the leading American preachers of the prosperity gospel, which holds that financial blessing and physical well-being are the will of God, and that donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth. These men are the worst scammers of all.

This Nigerian priest is also the owner of several luxurious properties that includes a private jet, and mansions in the United States of America.

Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. hails from Georgia, where he founded the non-denominational World Changers Church International. He is an American preacher born in Lubbock, Texas in December 1936. With a fortune of $150 million, he is the richest pastor in Nigeria and Africa. BISHOP T.D JAKES  NET WORTH – $147 million, #3. He is popularly known for performing miracles and running different branches like Healing School and Loveworld Books in his ministry which made him have over 40,000 members in his church. Pastor Billy was among the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th century. We have to do or together but first we have to wake up…. Rick Warren has also made it to the list as the eighth richest pastor in the world. 19. He is reported to have has over 15 companies from which he makes money aside from the work of God. After taking over in 1999, he has lifted the church to a higher height. 17. Also, some churches may be too poor to …

Frank Hofmann……10000000000% agree with you….It’s BEYOND believe that people still listen and donating to these evangelists . Their job involves a great sense of responsibility. Have they no shame? Nigerian pastor, David Oyedepo has an estimated net worth of $150 million in 2011. He is an author and has books to his credit including Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing (1992), Claim Your Victory Today (2006) and 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want (2008).

So, did you know Kenneth Copeland is from the oil industry, do you know he is a author, do you know he has given away probably a hundred times of what any of us here makes or have?

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