how did mr solo from gospel gangstaz die

* Nate G 3 Dayz and Leanin’ (Rep Tha Set) as well as Tex Mex and Jalapeño (Welcome To Chanclaville) * DJ Vow Hug Life ft Nate G * 3 Geez: Pyrexx, II Crunk 4 Jesus, I Am Justified * Rectify Power * Social Club Misfits Dive Ft Beam plus Tuyo ft Danny Gokey and Jordin Sparks and War Cry ft Tauren Wells * I Am Justified Houston * 116 Light Work * Tedashii Smile and Splash ft 1 K Phew * Second Chanynce Undeniable (He should collab with Coffey Anderson) * Angie Rose new music coming soon * Other stuff... that I didn’t write down, just spoke from the top of my mind.

Izze Amen I couldn't open them. Northstar has Music Videos on YouTube: Praises to Your Name (2010) I Need You (2010) Aaron does random funny/goofy videos on his Facebook. Links to check out: 116 The Gift Christmas Album Find more Jams and other stuff at, A quick mix I recorded/edited before going to work (overnight shift at Walmart). Selena Gomez Performing Nobody At Hillsong Church - !THIS IS ONE OF MY SADDEST DAYZ!R.I.P 2 MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER IN YAHWEH,MY HOMIE,MY BUSINESS PARTNERMY DAY 1 AND MY […] He has an (un)healthy passion for South Florida pro sports teams including the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins and the Florida Panthers.Meet Jenna Parr, a rising Christian artist from Georgia, who has made her way to the top of the music charts with singleAfter receiving various awards and nominations for the concept album ‘Liquid Exorcist,’ Nashville rockers Rusty Shipp arIt's the 20th anniversary of Rachael Lampa's debut album 'Live For You'!

He is the senior consultant for a national health care management consulting firm operating in 45 states. Check out Joe Angel Is Talkative on whatever app you use to listen to Podcasts! PayPal Michael Bryan Garcia (Pastor)  Support BranNuYu & Hot Rap Mix:  Puntin I'm In Luv Wit Da Southside Remix ft ESG& Ca$o - Buy Merch (T-Shirts & Coffee Mugs), Super Bowl Patriots Won Plus Christian Rock And Rap Songs. But I know and trust God has a plan for me. Https://, New Houston Christian Rap As Well As New Recent And Upcoming Singles, I talked new Christian Rap singles mostly and got off on afew tangents but hopefully you enjoy this episode. Casting/Movie Info- II Crunk 4 Jesus Pharisees PayPal:, Interview with Antho from Fellowship Houston. Who I haven't met or dated yet!

As well as some movies. Facebook Profile 

Lecrae - Blessings ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music Video) - DJ Mykael V Diamonds ft WhatUPRG, Victor Cornelius, and Parris Chariz Bushwick Bill Renewed Mind  I’m going to Fellowship Houston and meeting lots of Christian Rap/Hip Hop artists. Let me know what you think by emailing and in the email subject say “Ty Brasel & Deuce Tre Music” or something similar. The album peaked at No. Check out my website, In this episode I talk about life right now. Sypreme Anthem ft Houston Rappers (J Harrison at the end of the song) So I thought I'd promote it by making a mini-rap about it. The Impossible Standard “Y’all hold Christian rappers to a higher standard than […]The 2020 Rapzilla Freshmen are among the most talented batch of artists ever named. An artist I’ve known about for awhile called Humble Tip has placement in a new Left Behind movie called Vanished! Check out my website, Ariana Grande | Cardi B | 21 Savage | Christian Rappers And Singers That Sound Similar, There’s a bunch of Christians in Music that sound similar to some Mainstream artists. Genine Bradley (Mikey's Sister Who Sings)

If you like CHH (or coffee): Check out my website HotRapMix.Com.

Check out my website, Gifted Da Flame Throwa is a Rapper from New Orleans in Louisiana, but he moved to Houston Texas during Hurricane Katrina. A brand new one promoted by The Breakfast Club called Canal Street featuring rappers such as Angie Rose, Trip Lee, 1 K Phew, and more. Sketch The Journalist -  Terms of Service, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), City Of God Full Movie English Subtitles Full Movie. You can send coffee as a gift to me to PO Box 1754 Alvin TX 77511! Check out my website Hot Rap Mix Website, South East Houston Rapper Dave Parga aka Fitho interviewed by BranNuYu  Probably some others as well. 3 Stripes 2 Reality If you want Audacity on your computer to record and edit audio you can get it here: Christian rap is no different… *Criteria is based on artists and producers working on a full project or roughly 10 songs. Do or Die is the second album released by Gospel Gangstaz, issued in November 1995 on Holy Terra Records. In an interview Mr. Solo said of the Gospel Gangstaz: “The Gospel Gangstaz stand in a position to help, because we have seen how the gospel of Christ is real. Her song Dark Horse sampled a melody from Joyful Noise. Mr Solo Of Gospel Gangstaz Passed Away Plus Some Old School Christian Hip Hop And Rap.

There are not many details yet, but this news is tragic.The Gospel Gangstaz exploded onto the CHH scene in the early 90s with their 1994 release Over the years the group’s influence would reach and inspire many both in music and those in gang culture as they ministered through their real music.As of late, news came out that they were in the studio or even finished with a record and just waiting for some final touches.Keep Mr. Solo’s family and the CHH community in your prayers.Every time someone showed me Christian rap, it felt irrelevant. Check out my website, A chill Hip Hop song by BranNuYu on a Royalty Free beat from YouTube. I talk about some other CHH OGs as well. Interestingly there is another old school Christian Rap group called God’s Original Gangstaz which was part of Grape Tree Records. Kevmo All Them Girls NuWine Muzik Ta Ride 2 (Sounds like Tupac) Apple I guess has an issue with recording Facebook video calls. Links:

Wande (Sounds like Ariana Grande) Christ House Music - Be sure to check out my websites: and, Von Won Time To Believe Plus Some Of My Personal CHH History. Let me know if you know anyone who raps about coffee! DatPiff (Mixtapes) 

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FB Page Facebook  Talking about Hot Rap Jams I been listening to recently. Purchase the movie (Amazon Affiliate Link) - According to initial information coming in, Charles Washington (aka Mr. Solo) passed away on Friday, May 22nd.In a Facebook post, Gospel Gangstaz member “Chille Baby” posted the following:David C. Coleman is the President of and a contributor to the site as well as

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