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They also want a yard big enough for their beloved dogs to run and play. After graduating from college, Tom and Kelsey got married and set out for an adventure. With a combined sibling count of 17 brothers and sisters between them, they also need enough entertaining space for family gatherings. The backyard must be at least 60 feet, 6 inches - the distance from the plate to the pitcher's mound. Will Jordan find everything he's looking for, and stay under budget?

However, they may both be out of their depth when it comes to a housing market where flooding is all too common. Since they are both fans of theater and sports, they've decided to settle down in the St. Paul area. Now these expectant parents are on the hunt for a large home where their parish will prosper. But with her big sister in tow, and Dad as her agent, this first time buyer may have her hands full. Keeping Schantel's budget in check is her sister, Sonya. During the seven years that Tim & Summer Munyon have been married, they have lived in five different states. With a budget of $330,000, can the couple find a home that has the kind of architectural charm John loves, along with the practical features Carly demands? Most important to Chris is getting an unfinished basement he can customize. Though they want to stay in Tigard, they would love to find a place that's not in a "cookie cutter" neighborhood. 23 year-old nurse Alicia may be young, but she has very big expectations as she searches for her first home in Charleston, South Carolina. You can also watch House Hunters Family on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HGTV, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes, Discovery Life online. Sylvia works and is about to start pharmacy in Hartford, CT. With a budget of $450,000 they want to find a large house in the Seattle suburbs. She wants to be close to the downtown music studios and clubs, but she wants a more residential feel than her ultra-urban L.A. neighborhood. Todd and Tanya are putting that theory to the test. Amanda says she won't compromise when she buys this house, but their budget might not be big enough to get them right on the water. A family of five is excited to upgrade to a lake house with private access to the water in Tega Cay, S.C. A family of four is eager to find their first home just outside of Dallas; they'd love to have a spacious home with all the modern touches, but with their budget, they'll have to choose between size and upgrades. For her, the aesthetics are key. First they see a two-story Colonial style home listed at $419K. David and Lynne are tired of the fast paced DC lifestyle and have decided to move to the country, relocating 2 hours south to Charlottesville, Virginia. A couple wants to trade suburban San Fernando Valley for a home in L.A.'s urban core. Caught in the crossfire of their house hunt battle, their Realtor David struggles to find a home that will make both of them happy, as they search high and low during the brutal Minnesota winter. The Powells are looking for a large, classically styled home and preferably one that is older and needs improvement so they can do the renovation. Find out, as House Hunters goes to San Antonio! Chris and Laura are first time buyers with a typically out-of-touch wish list. They don't have much time before their baby arrives, so time is of the essence to find the perfect starter home. She sees three different lofts in the heart of Atlanta. Alan and Natalie, love their Chicago condo.

Within a few days of arriving in Columbus, Ohio, a young couple and their 2 year old daughter were robbed, and didn't feel safe in their rental. Chad and Katie are looking for a home with room for Katie's shoe collection in downtown Austin, Texas. She wants a new sparkly home in a Stepford-type neighborhood, where the neighbors are close by. Watch House Hunters on HGTV. With a maximum budget of $400,000, they have decided to look for a home within Houston's ?Loop,? However, that's where their agreement ends.

Chris now drives an hour to work and Allison drives almost twice that.

Swim instructor, Jaimie, is ready to move out of her sister's place and into a home of her own. Will this busy family be willing to compromise to find a peaceful retreat? House Hunters explores the emotional experience of finding a new home as each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish. He also doesn't mind spending more, while Jen wants to stay towards lower end of the budget. There also needs to be some significant space for her son, including both a playroom or basement and a fenced-in yard. Now they're embarking on their next project: buying their first home in Los Angeles. A couple searches for an environmentally friendly vacation house on Oregon's coast. It also has a big backyard and an attic they could renovate into a master retreat, but the master bedroom is small and they would have to share the master bathroom with guests. With wine country real estate specialist Robert Pursell on board, they hope their budget of $1.5 million will get them the Napa getaway of their dreams. But despite their $1.25 million budget, this house hunt comes with some unique restrictions; Joey's job as an anesthesiologist requires him to live within 30 minutes of the hospital, otherwise he has to spend nights at work when he's on call.

Although their budget is substantial, their demands for a home could prove to be tough to meet. Kevin is an avid cyclist who is ready to move out of his parents' place and buy his first home in the Detroit suburbs. Newlyweds Luis and Kena are looking for a home in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades that can accommodate their combined five children, and his collection of exotic sports memorabilia. Brent and Dorene have looked at over 100 homes near San Jose, California, without success. But in one of the world's priciest markets, even with a budget of $900,000, finding a place that works for both of them is a tall order. With one toddler and another baby on the way, James and Erin want to upsize to a bigger home in Phoenix Arizona.

Her friend, however, has a dog, two cats and a three-year old son, so Catherine has decided to escape to her own place where it will be just her and her one cat. After a recent break up left her paying too much in rent, Britt is setting out to buy her first home. Erin loved her upbringing in the Indiana countryside, but this 20-something teacher is ready to move out of her parents' home and into a place of her own.

But finding a starter house in Denver is proving to be a tall order. Astra demands hardwood floors plus a kitchen with updated appliances. Ben and Ajay love living in Manhattan. His mom Lynelle is helping with the hunt. Denista, on the other hand, would like to closer to the city to enjoy the nightlife and a have a closer commute to work. Mom wants to see large bedrooms for kids, but Candace is only worried about having a diva-worthy master.

Which one will they choose? The only problem is those areas can be costly. He has decided to buy a home of his own. She needs more closet space, a bigger kitchen, a separate laundry area, a yard for the dog, a guest room and an extra room for her new hobby of making stained glass. Valerie is looking for her first home in Seattle, but she won't settle for the average starter house. These two are going to have to learn to compromise if they hope to find a home in Lexington's competitive real estate market. With plans to have kids, they would like a home with enough room to possibly raise a family. Newlyweds Katie and Jonathan relocated from small town Michigan to the Washington, D.C. area, and they're thrilled that Katie's dad has celebrated their marriage by giving them a downpayment on their first home. A growing family running out of space has decided to look for a bigger home in the family-friendly towns of Murrieta and Temecula, California. His daughter Shannon is in her last year of college in Tampa, and she's a frequent visitor to her father's home. Even though he is only twenty-one and just out of college, Brian is convinced he would be better off buying a home than renting one - as long as he stays within his budget of $100K - $130K.

Problem is they have different visions of "perfect". With her fascination with odd collectibles, including a whale skull coffee table and a stuffed squirrel, she admits she has quirky tastes, and wants her new house to reflect that quality. Pediatrician Bryan works in the hospital where President Obama was born, and his wife, Chui, works for the U.S. Geological Survey. Jodie loves her adopted city of Chicago so much that she's decided to buy her first home. Now after a job transfer, they are back home and looking for a house where they can settle down. But with just $150,000 to spend, will they find their safe haven? Six years ago, Randy, his wife Mickael and their daughter moved from Las Vegas to California for work. She's hoping to find a two bedroom place with a laundry in the home, but with her tight budget it may be a challenge to get what she wants in the downtown area. Watch House Hunters on HGTV. But Marshall sees this house as his first opportunity to break out his power tools and put his stamp on a home.

Wendy's best friend Lara will join in on the house search. Since then, they have decided to stay in town, so they now have just one short month to find a new home. But she has a long, specific wish list and he wants something that is one hundred percent move in ready.

Their realtor is sure she'll be able to help them find a home to start their lives together. But outside, traffic noise from a busy street downgrades the backyard. But these twenty-somethings aren't just looking for a home ... Matt and Sara have recently moved from Albuquerque to the Boulder, Colorado area.

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