hoi4 aircraft carriers

As the main surface combatants, capital ships are designed to sink enemy ships in surface battles. I have around around 250 hours in the game, and I've found that aircraft carriers are so much more effective than battleships, even though they cost around the same. Carrier, pure and simple. Convoys are distinguished by the following characteristics: Convoys are defenseless against enemy warships, but can be escorted by friendly warships for protection. Hi guys. Surface warships are categorised either as capital ships or screen ships, while submarines and convoys have their own unique mechanics. Only carrier (navalized) aircraft may be based on carriers, and must be researched and produced separately from their ground based counterparts. In fact, i would even say light cruicers are more usefull than battleships, if you team them with 3-4 carriers and 3-4 battlecruiser. They are great. Need more nav attack to make the boat worth it. I prefer the full on carrier option where I go a 60/40 bomber to fighter or so. However, it is possible to influence convoy routes by setting. Hearts of Iron IV tracks experience, skill and history for individual ships, and this can be seen in the Fleet View.

To do that, you have to click the carrier icon on a planes pic on the research screen. Reorganizing air wings is done through the air wing management system. All the battleships need to do is hold off the enemy while Naval bombers wreck their fleet.

Really its kind of arbitrary, the most important thing for Naval Combat is massing Light Cruisers and Destroyers to screen and harass. ; Battle-line: Consists of capital ships except for carriers. I have problem with finding info about what air wing composition should I put on my carriers. Hi guys. Carriers also can't hope to fight off the massive swarm of fighters an airfield can offer, so if you're attacking coastally or defending your own coast, full Naval Bombers make more sense. I'm beginning to wonder if the Naval Bomber line is actually worth it. For example, I was playing as Italy, and was able to outclass the UK with around 4 carriers and 50 screen ships, even though they had 250+ ships. You'll end up with the steeper airplane repair bill afterwards, but you'll still have a carrier and they won't, which I think is more important. For 100 slot carriers I'll generally go 20 Fighters / 80 Naval Bombers. But after that it becomes mostly more or less exactly 1:1. I still like to be 100% sure to bring down all enemy carrier planes fast so they cannot do any significant damage.

It's automatically 50/50 fighters/navel bombers, so you really don't need to mess with that part. Researching Naval doctrine can also increase stats. As of the most recent patch, fleets with the Carrier Air advantage impose positioning penalties on the opposing fleet as well

Layout []. They really are the strongest piece in naval combat - should cost double that of a battleship. How does that work? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

I would imagine CAS could help in the Japanese Navy when invading islands and coastal china, but I haven't tried.

You'll surely shoot down the enemy's carrier based aircraft... however you likely wont have enough Naval Bombers to make a significant difference versus their ships. I usually just go 100% naval bombers. I go with fighters and naval bombers.

Never had a problem with it. It's like having a hierarchy and then one ship just sits outside of that and beats everything in it. Carriers are vitally important to fleets in HOI4: if you don’t want to build any of your own, you should still plan to specifically target and kill enemy carriers. True. Naval Bombers and Fighters. Naval bombers have a higher range and naval damage. Sounds like I need to do another Japan game. Damaged convoys do not need to return to dockyards in order to be repaired.

At the start of the game, each country will have a selection of pre-existing ship variants available for production, based upon hull types which have already been researched. My carriers normally get to level 5 in 6 months and most have 30+ kills each In fact, carriers are by far the most powerful ships in the game, making everything else almost useless. 3:1 fighter:bomber ratio seems a bit high. Convoys are ships which carry land units, resources, reinforcements, and lend-lease equipment across water. Or night time. If you spot a mistake then you are welcome to fix it. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Depends. If you want to use Carriers as a mobile airfield for supporting naval invasions, it's useful, i guess you can include them to help out bombing enemy units in coastal zones. Also, you need to make sure that you have carrier planes researched, and that you're building them. Hull types and their corresponding ship type(s) are listed below: Surface warships are categorised either as capital ships or screen ships, while submarines and convoys have their own unique mechanics. If the ship has participated in combat and sunk any enemy vessels, an additional icon appears next to the ship name for history. There are no technologies available to unlock more advanced convoy models. For any strategic region containing sea provinces, an access level can be set to determine whether ships can enter the region.

They are quite powerful, but don't skip out on Battleships. Coupled with the aa of the ships, the fighters, and that navs can somewhat defend themselves, I think anymore than 40% fighters on a carrier is a waste outside pvp.

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