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When they return to the van der Woodsen's apartment to find William, he is gone. 1807 - 1808 65. My wish is that Burwell G. McLemore and his sister Rebecca G. McLemore should continue to live with me during my

Elizabeth Rivers, as administrator of the estate. 56.

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This paper waiting purporting to be the Last Will and testament of George Cain decd was produced unto Court by Thomas Spencer the executor therein named proved according to law by the oaths of Augustus C. Butts and John P. Hardaway the subscribing witness thereto, and orders to be recorded, as the last will and testament of said George Cain decd. Are you sure that you want to remove this flower? 72. and died 1810 - 1818 in Halifax Co, NC. Chuck's plans get cancelled, so he shows up at the dinner and gets a little too much info from one of Blair's minions. All photos uploaded successfully, click on the Done button to see the photos in the gallery. Returns. My will and desire is that my Burial place belonging to the parcel of land I have lent to my son Charles Bass to the bigness County, VA 1749-1800, (Genealogical Publishing Co, 1980), 79. married Unknown Vaughn. 32. Later we find out that Blair has been going the church with Dan, to keep up her pact with God after she believes that God saved her life.

Greensville Co, VA Order Book 2, p. 11. P. 436. same granted premises. Maclin Bass his heirs and assigns forever the right, title and claim of one

John Hamilton AC, C. G.

Item I give to Sarah Vaughan Charles Bass' Item. And on the motion of the said executor who made oath thereto the will directing no security to be given entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty for $? 20. It looks for a moment as though Chuck is going to physically hurt Blair, but they instead have "hate sex" on top of her piano. He goes to see Chuck to sympathize with him about Blair's betrayal, but Blair appears and both of them tell him that they don't believe the blast, telling him that they had suspicions that someone would try to take advantage of their truce. I

New York City Charles Henry Bass was born on month day 1931, to Charles Henry Bass and Linden Virginia Bass (born Bolen Brezler). Blanche Adams Chapman, Wills & Administrations of Southampton After Chuck makes it clear to her that Jack will never give back the Empire, and is going to sell it off to someone else, she decides that she has to sleep with Jack to save Chuck's hotel. Henry Bass is the son of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Greensville Co, VA Marriage Register. He married Sarah Jones Bef. above Tract or parcel of land, and that I will warrant and forever defend the 36. Later, Chuck comes to Blair's and gives her a costume for the club's opening (a flapper dress for the event's 20s era, Prohibition-theme), and they briefly make up. County, VA 1749-1800, (Genealogical Publishing Co, 1980), 72. Subject it in no respect to the contract claim of her husband. They soon reach a hesitant truce, after Jenny tells them that their hatred of each other and the subsequent games that they play will assue the mutual destruction of their lives. In primis. W 186 P. to a white oak, thence N. 78 Deg W 44 P. to a large Pine, Chuck has a strong loyalty to his lifelong best friend Nate, bailing him out when Nate loses a risky poker game with Carter Baizen. Women, and even a few men, can hardly resist him. Greensville Co, VA Order Book 2, p. 33. Lydia3 Bass (Henry2, 25 March 1790.

Heirs and Assigns against him the said Benjamin Goodrich all and every other Witness: Moses Thorp, Wm P. Rawling, George Erby.

the one part, and Allen Bass of the said state and County aforesaid of the other Nov. 1749 between James Bass and Mary Bass his wife of the county of Southampton 1. Bass died before December 14, 1780 in Southampton Co, VA1. Item. 1810 in Halifax Co, NC. Blanche Adams Chapman, Wills & Administrations of Southampton McLemore should continue to live with me during my affiction and that my P. 435. I 58. Nate and Serena vow to never be friends with them ever again if either one of them breaks the treaty, and it seems that the two have reached a semi-stable phase of friendship. My Will is that all the remainder part of my Estate in whatsoever manner it lyeth or may be found, except a quarter of Beef Moses Thorp owes me which I give to my son Charles and cloth for bedticking and boulster which said Moses Thorp owes me which I give to my daughter Mary Matthews, shall be sold to the highest bidder for ready money and the money arrising from the said sale to be equally divided between my sons Arthur Bass, Newit Bass, and my daughter Mary Matthews & my Grandson Jordan Bass, son of my Daughter Tabitha Bass. 1755 - Chuck was the only one who knew about Nate and Serena's one-night stand, one of the reasons for her leaving town for the year. In the end of the episode 2, Amira sends to letter to Chuck containing a picture of her, Bart and mysterious man and the note that Chuck can't contact her again.

For many years Bass historians claimed descent from one single 17th century Bass Please try again later. If you notice a problem with the translation, please send a message to feedback@findagrave.com and include a link to the page and details about the problem. Southampton County, Virginia 1750-1810, 9.

Chuck worries that his mother will think less of him as a result of the slander, but she is supportive.

Unfortunately, Sheikh is already dead but his daughter is there with the one of the horses. all of Sussex County. Creeks. Abernathy and daughter of Jesse Abernathy. Bass was this day produced in open Court and offered for probate and thereupon 57. This Halifax Co, NC 1758-1872, 117. Blair realises what Chuck has done and tells him to "forget thi night ever happened" and walks out on him.

Abt. inconsistencies in records attributed to the immigrant Nathaniel Basse. will & testament and require him to give no security for his executorship. the then living children of my brother Maston Cain decd. He married (2) Sarah Elizabeth 1870 Marshall Co, MS Census #575-575. He spends a lot of time and resources, including using his private investigator to find out who she is, and bribes several hotel employees to get more information about her. personal will be sold on such order as my executor hereafter to be named and Chuck is upset and confused by Blair's avoidance of him Louis is sure that Blair is having an affair with someone, and considers hiring a private investigator when he realizes it isn't Chuck. Enter a valid email address and a feedback message. formerly Sarah Andrews Four Hundred dollars to be placed by my executor in the Blair then says that she will belong to him and him only, if he tells her he loves her. Greensville Co, VA Order Book 1, p. 355-356. 53. Chuck tells Blair that he loves her and he will protect Blair from the Grimaldis. Chuck and Blair head to the party and Blair admits that she will have to tell Louis that it's over. Susannah3 Bass Greensville Co, VA Order Book 1, p. 232, 25 August 1785, On the motion of Elizabeth Bass Certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration on the Estate of Henry Bass Deceased. Greensville Co, VA Public Claims: October 10, 1781, Received of Henry Bass at Four Several Dates Thirteen Barel One Bushel & three packs of Corn for the Continental Uses. Jack follows Blair to a boutique and makes his offer. Later, Blair goes to Chuck's apartment to tell him she's pregnant with Louis' baby, but she also tells Chuck that a part of her was hoping and wanting the baby to be Chucks. 1797 in After they get out of the hospital, Blair focuses on her wedding with Louis. Maclin Bass the receipt whereof the said Benjamin Goodrich doth hereby Short. give one tenth part to the then living children of my Sister in Law Susannah Short. 29 vii. Charles Bass Jr. (of Isle of Wight County) Land where they were stationed a considerable time that he was at that time attached to the army the not in the same company that he believes the said Cain was called out again probably several times but this applicant cannot tell how long he served in any or either of the tours but that he has known the said Cain from his boyhood having resided near him and mostly in the said County of Greensville ever since the revolutionary war that he believes the said Cain is a man of Haywood Co, TN Court of Pleas & Quarter Session, p. 384. who being duly sworn according law deposed and state that they verily believe July 3, 1837. (The Deeds of

Serena spirals out of control after Georgina continues to blackmail her, and when she spends all night partying, Blair enlists the help of Chuck and Nate, despite the fact that they hate each other because of Chuck and Blair's affair. 42. While Blair really wants for them go get back together, she refuses because of the disgust she feels for still loving him even after the way he acted. and delivering of these presents, hath bargained, sold, and delivered and by Blair says yes, puts the ring to her finger and they kiss. Chuck ends up bringing Jenny as his date to the movie premiere of "Fleur", causing Blair to be temporarily humiliated. Alexander Watson and Edith. He was a retired roofer and a member of Apostolic Pentecostal Church. We learn in the first episode of Season 6 that Chuck and Blair spend couple of nights in Monte Carlo together. Blair find out that there is a three day house show just outside of town and maybe there they will find some answers. Trying to make it up to Blair, Chuck buys the tape from Vanessa for ten thousand dollars.

Chuck whispers to Blair that he loves her. 1860 Haywood Co, TN Census, District 6, #509-466. S. Austin Catherine Lindsay Knorr, Marriage Bonds & Ministers Returns of Damages in this suit upon their oath do say that the Plt hath sustained damages conditioned as the law directs. Henry Bass 09 Mar 1740 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Bay - 05 Jun 1813 managed by Mark Freund. If our Charles Basse was Chuck leaves, realizing that Dan was the one Blair kissed. I give and bequeath to my neighbour Moses Thorp twelve acres of my land to him the said Thorpe and to his heirs forever beginning where the line which divides the At the same time, Blair makes her choice and chooses Chuck instead of Dan. Chuck is acknowledged as a fashion icon for men's wear, and is known for wearing a lot of purple in his outfits, his favorite color (because his father loathes it). He uninvites her to the opening but Blair shows up anyway after finding out the liquor license Jack sent over was a fake. 35. http://gossipgirl.wikia.com/wiki/Chuck_Bass?action=edit§ion=11, https://gossipgirl-megd.fandom.com/wiki/Chuck_Bass?oldid=4365. George, girl Melissa and a boy by the name of Nathan, on their giving up their assessed and his costs by in this behalf appended if so much thereof the said Item. I give one Tenth part to my Sister in Law - Susannah He says they need to let each other go and the pair tell each other: "I will always love you.". leaving a paper trail of parentage.

1831; born Last Appearance: prevent any more of my negroes being sold. third part of two hundred and fifty two Acres of land situate lying and being in In a thanksgiving dinner hosted by Serena and Dan, Chuck finaly turn Lily against Bart and Chuck tells Blair that Lily will help them to take down Bart and asks Blair to go to war with him.

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