helicopter rig for roach

I have found a size 20 Gardner Target Swivels are ideal used in conjunction with medium size Gardner Target Line Stops for constructing this part of the rig.

When it comes to bait white maggots are without a doubt my favourite. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I didn’t want to build up a bed of feed during cold conditions and if the roach decided to feed there would only be a small patch of maggots and they would hopefully pick up the hook bait. He had actually caught slightly fewer roach but his catches included eight 3’s’! This puts the hook bait right in front of the Rudd and due to their mouth shape, allows them to take a bait suspended up off the bottom far easier. Size isn’t everything, though. The fishing on Willow was very different compared to the rudd fishing at Frensham and rather than working a swim for bites it was the case of waiting for one. Ideally it is best to sandwich the swivel so there is just enough room for it to rotate and I test this on the bank before casting out. However on the last day of the season rudd were shoaling up in a reed-bed and I sneaked a couple out free-lining maggots to them, including a personal best of 2lb 2oz. The first entry is “I can say from the outset that this was a war of attrition”, but like all good stories it had a happy ending.

I knew immediately I’d caught the roach of a lifetime and was elated to record a weight of 3lb 7oz making it the largest roach caught from Willow for over two years. Quite a common tactic I thought? The hooklength also does not have to be too thin. Korum, Part of Preston Innovations Limited. Britain’s favourite species can be caught on a wide range of different tactics, from float fishing to the Method feeder. I start with it sitting around 6–7 inches above the feeder and adjust it throughout the session until I find out how the fish want the hookbait presented on the day. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. This can be between 0.11mm and 0.15mm in diameter, 2) Tie on the hook using a spade-end knot, but pass the line through the eye first. Helicopter Rig’s for Roach and Rudd by Alan Stagg The helicopter rig is a tactic that has had a great effect on my fishing. One of the most effective tactics, especially in winter, is a helicopter feeder combined with maggots for feed and hookbait.

Willow is quite deep beyond the margins and generally the roach come in fairly quickly to the sloping marginal shelf at which point they start to pull back and start head-shaking more vigorously. Suffice to say on my way home I stopped at a tackle shop and bought a sleeping bag cover that makes a huge difference on cold nights.

Feeders would be despatched and left for several hours before recasting.

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