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Thanks! He also has a tendency to refer to the protagonists (if not everyone) as "homies".

Pretty much flawless, we emptied the vault and managed to escape barely having to fire a shot on the way back. Gustavo Mota is one of the gunman available for recruitment as a Heist Crew Member. In alternative, we created a VIP Membership that allows you to browse the site without ads and get some extra features, for a small price. Crew: Eddie Toh (Driver), Gustavo Mota (Gunman), Paige Harris (Hacker) Pre-Requisite Missions: Casing the Jewel Store, Bugstars Equipment, BZ Gas Grenades.

"I need the best for this and that's why I came to you.

Gustavo Mota is a Hispanic professional gunman with prior affiliation with the Vagos.

We will never spam you. Reza Salazar, Michael De Santa (Optional)Franklin Clinton (Optional)Trevor Philips (Optional)GTA Online Protagonist (Optional). hide. About 10 minutes, but really, he should pretty much spawn in within a couple of minutes once you've switched if conditions are right. Bring him back to the warehouse - he can lie low here until the heat eases off. What I know is that for artwork it was barely enough to get all of them and escape before the time ran out. He will turn up then for sure. this morning i was playing, driving around the main lsc and all of the sudden a saw this small blue dot on my map, when to investigate and there it was, the police van stopped at the red light, packie was telling me to help him, i when on, pulled the cop out of the van and drove away with packie, delivered him and he is now unlocked!

Chef, Packie, or Gustavo Mota; With this heist, you are only given the choice of taking along one additional gunman.

  Your link has been automatically embedded. Is it me or does the gunner (Gustavo mota) from GTA 5 looks like carl herlod.

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Male I was doing a Bunker supply mission when the van spawned. Regardless of which heist he is chosen, he survives and does all of his jobs perfectly well during heists.

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Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto Online This guide is a full breakdown of the latest heist added to GTAO, The Diamond Casino Heist. Freelance gunman

His first major heist was hitting a security truck with some other members and …

I swear I have them all but the box isn't ticked saying its complete still. share. Accuracy is a crew skill in Grand Theft Auto V. This skill determines the accuracy of firing weapons Characters with a higher skill will hit the target more often. This is gonna be a very long post. After the protagonist stayed in Los Santos for a while, they get contacted by Lester Crest to free Gustavo and take him to him to Lester's warehouse. Character history. At some point prior to the events of the game, Mota is arrested for unknown reasons. All Rights Reserved. 100 percent Completion Requirements (Gold)-Steal the jewelry within 00:50-Protect Franklin during the LS River chase Just make sure the cops don't follow you."" i tried many times in the past few months but the mission was bugged every time. His first major heist was hitting a security truck with some other members and making away with two hundred grand total, most of which went to the gang itself. Gustavo Mota is one of the gunman available for recruitment as a Heist Crew Member. Cookies help us deliver our services. 12 - The Jewel Store Job - Loud Approach (The Second Heist of the Game)Grand Theft Auto V - PC - Storyline Missions [Gold Medals] Playlist: for: Lester CrestCrew: ● Driver: Eddie Toh (14% cut) - He will give you directions and bring dirt bikes, making it easier to drive in the tunnels.● Gunman: Gustavo Mota (14% cut) - Won't drop any diamonds and won't crash his bike.● Hacker: Rickie Lukens (4% cut) - He will give you 50 seconds to grab all the jewels.Mission Objectives:Get in the van and go to the Jewel Store. They were holding him in Paleto County but he's being moved to Bolingbroke Prison on the next bus. All Rights Reserved.

Gus is an expert in the use of guns and weapon choice, making him one of the best choices of gunman in the game, but his heist cut is also the highest of all the gunmen: 14%.

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