guinea pig molars

Although not obvious to the untrained eye, your guinea pig has very long incisors. Why is your guinea pig biting the cage bars? However, in case of an emergency or unavailability, you can attempt the same but with much caution. Make sure you do it little by little. How much does it cost to get a guinea pig’s teeth trimmed?

How do you know if your guinea pig’s teeth are too long?

This will allow your guinea pig to gnaw and chew to keep their teeth at the appropriate length. Providing your guinea pig’s with lots of timothy hay is important to keep your guinea pig’s teeth in the right shape. Like rabbits, guinea pig’s teeth are open rooted and continuously growing. Why is my guinea pig not eating their vegetables? If you notice that your guinea pig isn’t eating their food, or have stopped eating altogether, you must make an appointment with you vet immediately. Therefore, it is best to check your guinea pig’s teeth regularly, just in case they have had a mishap.

Both top and bottom incisors should match up in length and show no signs of deterioration. Open your guinea pig’s mouth. However, they are usually smaller and allows guinea pigs to close their mouth comfortably. How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig? -- from the House Rabbit Society website. However, they are excellent for keeping your guinea pig’s teeth in shape. A lack of vitamin c, Calcium, and other essential nutrients in their diet can weaken the teeth, and as a result, it will fall out. Your email address will not be published.

If your guinea pig’s appetite changes, it is most likely due to dental problems. Guinea Pig coloring book: Halloween Theme, What Should Guinea Pig Poop Look Like? Due to the fat pads in your guinea pig’s mouth that obscure the molars from view, it is not possible to do this at home. What are molar spurs? This can be a painful situation for guinea pigs. They also have molars in the back of their mouths that you cannot see. Good teeth are essential to your pet's health.

In such cases, visiting a vet for trimming their teeth would be an excellent choice. The molar teeth wear unevenly, and maxillary cheek teeth develop spurs which grow into and ulcerate the cheeks, whilst the mandibular cheek teeth grow towards the tongue causing buccal ulceration. A physical injury can displace the teeth that can eventually fall out. Before you learn more,here are some hand-picked supplies for your guinea pigs that you must add to your wishlist today: Guinea Pig Tooth Trim with Carlito the Cuy. Guinea pigs have sharp front teeth, so it is best not to let them nibble anything and everything. This ensures they are never bored with it, and they will also have different types of toys and surfaces to chew on. Guinea pigs have upper and lower incisors that are long, straight & white.

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Many people do not realise guinea pigs have molars due to fat pads in their cheeks making them invisible. The molars are located at the far end of the mouth, and they are not visible to us. Maloccluded teeth can cause sores, injuries, and infections in your guinea pigs mouth.

There are many health problems that can accompany overgrown teeth. Your vet will most likely use some sort of anesthetics to check their molars. If you find they are broken or damaged in any way, your guinea will need to have their teeth trimmed or filed so that they are even again. Molar Spurs In Guinea Pigs.

It may only appear that the front teeth are being affected but, more often than not, it occurs in the both the front and back teeth at the same time. Buccal pad separators are designed to hold the cheeks back, aiding examination. Also, remember that every tooth grows at a different rate show you might need to trim longer teeth to keep it in shape. An experienced veterinarian or animal dentist can help deal with problems that arise. (Causes+What To Do). Failure to do so can result in a harrowing situation as overgrown teeth can hinder their ability to eat and chew. Guinea pigs need a lot of hay and chew toys, solid but safe woodblocks, and branches to keep their teeth in shape. The incisors must be around 1/2-3/4th of an inch long, with the upper teeth overlapping the lower one. Do not be alarmed if you catch a glimpse of these pearly whites in all their glory, it is completely normal. You can get your guinea pig’s teeth trimmed on an outpatient basis, under anesthetic. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

(Causes+What To Do), Hay for guinea pigs: What type, How much & more, Safe wood for guinea pigs. In such a scenario, the only way left is to trim down the teeth manually.

As guinea pigs don’t have canine, the space of those is empty, followed by the premolars.

Understandably they are a lot harder to examine. The only way to keep their teeth in shape is to provide them with good quality hay and wooden chew toys. Sometimes, the roots of your guinea pig’s teeth can get pushed up or start growing into the jaw. This results in elongated roots and an oral examination will not indicate that this is happening.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In most guinea pigs the bottom molars grow towards the tongue, whereas the top molars grow outwards towards the cheeks.

Also, avoid cats and dogs chew toys as they tend to be made up of flimsy plastic and are too large for our guinea pigs as well. Genetic problems are rare but in some cases, guinea pigs might be born with a brittle set of teeth that comes out easily. You can learn more about hay, safe wood for guinea pigs, etc from our articles below: Before you read further, Here are some of our popular books that provides you great value. For guinea pigs who are in the early staged of the condition a chin sling may be used. However, in captivity, we end up providing them with more treats, veggies, and soft hay, which is not enough to grind their teeth as needed. Routine tooth trimming is not necessary and may interfere with your guinea pig's ability to eat. Overcrowding and overgrown teeth can become very painful problems for your guinea pig and can cause sores and infections. Examine the incisors regularly for breaks and irregular wear (like slanted teeth) during your weekly health check. More often than not, diet is the main reason as to why your guinea pig’s teeth aren’t as healthy as they should be. The cost to get a guinea pig’s teeth trimmed might depend upon your vet, but expect to pay anywhere between 80$-150$ on an average. However, be cautious as your guinea pigs might ingest a lot of the shredded pieces leading to intestinal blockage.

Maloccluded molars will be ground and filed, usually under anaesthetic. Your guinea pigs might not show any sign of discomfort or any ill effect it they lose one of their teeth. This can be a painful situation for guinea pigs. A nutritious diet and adequate vitamin C will help them grow strong. If any of the broken teeth grow back crooked, then the same must be treated by a professional veterinarian to avoid any complication in the future.

Check The Academy of Veterinary Dentistry to see if there is a veterinary dentist nearby. Your guinea pig’s teeth are open rooted and grow continuously. Wild guinea pigs used to chew on tree branches, hay, and other natural wood that helped to keep their teeth in shape. This is simply the name given for a gap between two teeth, many humans have it and it is completely normal in all mammals. However, sometimes even after dong everything correctly, your guinea pigs might end up with longer teeth. You should only attempt this if you have steady hands, and you are confident about it.

This can cause issues as the remaining teeth will not be wearing down properly.

Providing your guinea pigs with chew toys is also an excellent way to grind those long teeth and keep your guinea pig’s entertained as well. They have incisors in the front, which are the sharp teeth you can see. These includes: Please note that regular inspection of your guinea pig’s teeth is essential to keep track of their dental health. Guinea pig’s teeth continue to grow due to the diet and living conditions of the guinea pigs. Furthermore, if the opposing teeth begin growing inwards and contacting the mouth, book an appointment as soon as possible to save your guinea pig any further damage. When it comes to your guinea pig’s molars, it is best to let the vet handle any examination unless something is glaringly obvious. The overgrown teeth can cut through the tongue and gums as they struggle to chew their food.

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