guinea pig clucking

We just got her a couple days ago and i have never had a guinea pig before so please help. As previously mentioned, they usually make this sound when they’re angry or annoyed, and it can even mean they are showing dominance towards other Guinea pigs, especially when you introduce cavies the first time. Have always been kept together but now seem to be teeth chattering to each other a lot. I’m kind of worried about my babies. So turn your speakers on, crank up the volume and click on the sound name to actually hear it. We can understand what she means!! I have a male guinea pig who always make weird sounds when we hug him, like wheeking but sounds somewhat different from the normal food wheeking. I go5 a guinea pig for my kids and a day later I got another one to keep him company.

Most living things in fact prefer physical autonomy, find it disconcerting and uncomfortable at best to be picked up and carried. My guinea pig always weeks in the middle of the night and then the next day I am super tired. Sep 18, 2012 I have just bought 3 male piggies and not one of them makes a noise. yeah, every evening i sing a little lullaby to mine and she tends to pur every time. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: f343e7cff80750e8aef9ff5c8429eca0, Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone?


My daughters and I thought something was wrong or Rose was sick. I have never had a guinea pig, so any advice to make him happy would be greatly appreciated. If your guinea pig is making the noise when its calm and being petted, it’s most likely chutting.

It only happened a couple of times, and I have no idea what it means. When you hear this sound, you will think that a bird flew into your house as chirping Guinea pigs sound very bird-like. Exactly how big is your cage? Sometimes when I pat or put my pig in a position she makes constant squeaks (not loud but not low). Are you convinced yet? When they make an unexpected sound, you may get worried. (As if you were clicking your tounge) what does that mean?

I have two young guinea pigs. If it sounds like your guinea pig is in pain, it might be a good idea to get it checked with your veterinarian. In no time, the growl may turn into a delighted purr. Is this normal as they settle in? Sounds very interesting. Currently being in school for my veterinary technology degree, I spend my leisure time with 3 critters that I own. For example, if one of your guinea pigs bites another, you will likely hear a shriek.

It’s because scientists have concluded that guinea pigs never made these noises in the wild, probably because they never had humans hand feeding them pellets and treats. However, if coughing is accompanied with other respiratory problems, or other symptoms of illnesses, or is extremely frequent, then you should take your guinea pig to the vet. It really helped in trying to determine what noise my guinea pig made and what it means. Lol. This can also happen when there is suddenly a drastic change in their environment. Your cavy’s purr isn’t as high-pitched as the cat’s and it is more like a combination between the sound of a low purr of a feline and a grumble of a canine. When in doubt ask a vet. *Toileting please help me if u can! I have 2 girls. Hi, My guinea pig is less than 2 months old, and she has started to nibble my finger/ hand.

my fiance and i just got a short haired baby guinea pig and we named her Mocha. When I play the wheeking video, my pup joins in. See the video below to hear for yourself. This is when your guinea pig releases a rapid streak of squeaks. They do not like humans have baby teeth that first have to grow in, then fall out, and adult teeth grow in. I don’t know if this is bad or not.

Like the purr, chutting happens when your guinea pig is relaxed, happy or content. Thank you. Like any pets, Guinea pigs have their way of communicating with their owners and cage mates. It sounds like a bell ringing quickly. However, if you’re doing your best in taking care of them, you shouldn’t worry about hearing this sound too often. Love him too bits ❤️, Hi I bought a guinea, 7 months old male, he seemed to live most of its life inside a class cage in a pet shop I visit on a regular basis. We also want to note that no matter what you bring home, all guinea pig breeds can make these sounds.

He runs around his cage so fast that it slides. How do we know this? I am worried she doesn’t like me and she no longer is comfortable in my arms though at first she was. Let’s look at an example. :/. Should we take her to a vet?

Here recently the older will be on the tail of the others with the purr or rumble, not fighting or anything but the younger don’t really like it. Wheeking in cavies is so common that most people consider this guinea pig sound as distinct as a “roof” to a dog or a “meow” to a cat.

This article was so helpful. They sometimes make this sound when they are distressed or agitated, especially when experiencing sudden changes in their environment or when they’re being moved to different cages all the time. I wonder why they do it at that moment. She is actually super young too, i think she may be less than a month old. Look at their natural history facts.

what should i be feeding her other than her haye which is Timothy or her pellets. Of the guinea pigs we’ve raised, only our Abyssinian and baby teddy (she stopped after a few years, which isn’t uncommon) would chut. I bought a guinea pig cage so I thought this was adequate. how long have you been hugging the male/female? When cavies chirp, they exhibit bizarre behaviors like standing still as if singing in a concert, their ears may flap back and forth, and their eyes open very wide. SIDE NOTE: If you’re taking them to the vet for the first time to get shots, expect to hear shrieking.

A guinea pig’s whining sounds like a high-pitched moan. One is 3 and the other one is 8 months. Is someone hurting yours? I have that same exact problem and I don’t know what to do. She when I hold her, she is grinding her teeth together. I’m not sure what the exact reason is for two males to be making rumble noises, but just know that it is a good thing. The rumble sound may not always be associated with a male courting a female guinea pig or vice versa. it’s only been a week. He doesn’t do it when my Mum picks him up, and he becomes docile the moment I get a hold of him (I’ve had other pet rodents and know how to go about it). If in doubt get an exotic vet to sex them. If you’re doing a good job keeping an eye on them, this sound should be extremely rare. What we did was buy a bigger cage that separates them but keeps them close. Guinea Pig Coughing The coughing, chocking and sneezing sounds in guinea pigs can happen for several reasons; some of them are nothing to worry about, because, like sneezing, some coughing is considered normal in guinea pigs.

As fascinating as it seems, chirping is the least understood as it doesn’t usually happen in all cavies. If we did wouldn’t they feed off each other’s fears? You put them in a new environment so they will assert themselves to become the “leader”. The weird thing is that the older pig sounds like he’s rumbling when the younger one does it . Has anyone had any success with cannabis oils and guinea pigs. I rub him and he forcefully lifts head….to say quit. You will most likely hear it when you are gently petting your pig. How can we get them to trust us so they can come to us and not run away in fear, My guinea pig is just standing in the corner of her house not moving she just makes a little shinning noise and her body is just twitching like if she has hiccups or something does anyone know what that means thank you, I just got my guinea pig! These guinea pig sounds/noises and their meaning aren’t set in stone, but rather for most cases. The sound was like a human makes but regular with his breathing. I try to talk to her and comfort her but she is still super scared. It’s easier to understand than you think. As I write this to you he has made noises twice now. I am pretty convinced that they “talk” about me when I get up in the morning. Chirping is a rare and mysterious phenomenon among Guinea pigs. While we can only wish for that to happen, being familiar with the sounds and noises your Guinea pigs make can be the next best thing to understanding what they’re trying to say. I have a male guinea pig and when he heard the sound, he started purring, maybe guinea react differently? But should I be concerned or will she grow out of it? Let me know what you think…. However, sometimes when they hear a startling noise or suddenly feel threatened, they will vocalize this same noise but in short spurts. Also, this sound is believed to be usually directed to their human owners and is generally considered to be a happy sound. I woke up once when my guinea pigs made a series of five notes that sounded like a melodious tune.

❤️. A little like a cat. *Fur.

I hear the big one rumbleing and is trying the woo the little one. Also, before any violence occurs, consider some ways on how to introduce them to one another and the proper cage management. They make the noise where they’re trying to mate and is that normal?? This is often called the “rumble strut.” It’s really a funny, yet fascinating process to watch. I bought my son a piggie for Xmas.

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