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Search our Website. Request a Quote. Toll-Free: 1.800.511.5199 A grave marker is typically installed either flush or low to the ground. 15605 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418 | Talk with a designer at Rome Monument to learn about your design artwork options for a memorial for a family member. Grave markers commonly just list the decedent’s name and dates of birth and passing, but can be highly personalized as well.

Help your loved ones make the right choice. It is generally made of granite. Rome Monument, 300 West Park Street Rochester, PA 15074 Full ledger markers are designed to cover the entire length of the plot, and create distinctive and unforgettable remembrances. Full ledger grave markers have been around for many decades, and have been utilized to cover the full length of the area where a lost loved one has been interred. You can select from a wide variety of granite colors for both traditional and cremation memorials in different price ranges.

You may want a simple headstone or gravestone–something to mark the place with a name and dates inscribed on it. The larger size gives you more space for custom designs--etchings and engravings created by the skilled stonecutters at Rome Monuments.

A beautiful full ledger grave marker can create a truly remarkable memorial that celebrates the life of a loved one, and shares their legacy with many future generations to come. Phone (724) 770-0100 Many times the stone was laid in the floor of the cathedral or church to mark the burial spot of an important person. Click here to view, download and print a Monument/Memorial Hebrew Inscription Form >, Talk with one of our award winning certified memorialists to get answers to your questions about monuments, headstones or grave markers.Ask an Expert Designer, We specialize in Jewish markers and monuments featuring Hebrew lettering, symbols and imagery. Includes a diamond etch collage with white lettering.

It took four years after my precious mother's death to be emotionally able to shop for an urn for her remains. Bailey Monument Company offers a complete range of Ledger & Slab monuments to suit everyone’s requirements, as you will see from just the small selection below. Browse the gallery by clicking on the photos below. These are delivered and set in cemeteries. The granite also features a number of exquisite colors to select from, and the range of colors available in this natural material are nothing short of astounding.

The black granite grave ledger pictured above was designed, custom handcrafted, engraved and set in a Miami, Florida cemetery by the City Monument Company to memorialize Vittorio Tavernini, February 15, 1917 - May 17, 2012.It was set in front of the upright monument which bears the North Miami Beach resident's name, birth date and death date. Greenwood Able Blue Ledger. I contacted via e-mail and they happily refunded my account the twenty dollars. We can create something equally as unique for your loved one. A Ledger is a grave marker which typically covers the length of the grave and provides space for additional epitaphs and designs when commemorating a loved one. Glen Haven Bronze Memorial Gray Granite Ledger - Copy (2)-min, Apopka Edgewood Greenwood Cemetery Celestial Black Slant Ledger-min, Upright Monument African Jet Black Greenwood Cemetery Ledger - Copy (2)-min, Ledger Slab African Jet Black Monument-min, Cherokee Marble Upright Monument Ledger Palm Cemetery-min, Ledger Slab Monument Greenwood Cemetery-min, Gray Granite Upright Monument Ledger Restlawn - Copy (2)-min, Ledger Evergreen Cemetery Recessed Panel - Copy (2)-min. … This beautiful ledger grave marker can be personalized with information for one or two people or more (just note in the special instructions how many people the marker is for).

We can produce nearly anything you may require, so talk to one of our representatives about the Ledger & Slab monument you’re looking for. A ledger is a larger stone that typically covers the majority of a grave. Ledger stones have been used for centuries to mark graves. They often feature symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased. Let us help you with a memorial that is appropriate, personal and affordable. A memorial is a gift that will last forever and will be viewed by family members and friends for generations to come. The larger size gives you more space for custom designs--etchings and engravings created by the skilled stonecutters at Rome Monuments. Would you like to pick out your favorite color of granite?Tour Our Workshop, Preserve your memories of joy with a landscape rock, dog or cat urn, etched portrait marker, bronze plaque or garden memorial.View Pet Memorials, How do you want to be remembered? Memorial Products Upright Monument Headstones Flat Grave Markers Slant Monuments Pillow Markers Granite Memorial Benches Monubenches Columbarium and Mausoleum Pet Memorials Boulder Polishing & Engraving Granite Monument Signs Memorial Cleaning Kits . Companion Cemetery Monuments on Sale at City Monument Co. 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