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Ms. Bitters: No leaving the class without a hall pass, Zim. Hey over here, my Tallest!

I cut the power! I'll just shut my eyes. Tuna is worth nothing! Almighty Tallest Purple: Oh, I dare not speak it! Just like this KABLAM! [points to GIR], GIR: SANDWICH! Almighty Tallest Red: I was waiting to see when you would shut up on your own, but it's been three hours, Zim. Hey! Zim: INSOLENT SCHOOLBOY! Soon the name of Invader Zim will be synonymous with DOOKIE! Huh? Hey, my Tallest, my Tallest, my Tallest! You're in the house's computer? Zim: But... invader's blood marches through my veins, like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! Zim: [GIR is eating the Poop Candy Bars] GIR! I want you to... Almighty Tallest Red: Enemy Vessel, ha! That *is* creepy! My Tallest? Nik: Hey look, there's a binary system. [Zim and Dib are arguing over the memory from Tak's SIR]. That's how some kids react to the cafeteria food.

You're creepy, Zim. Zim: Even as a young Irken child, my dream was to pass Probing Day like a Slor Beast passes her young... jiggly and full of juice! Zim: Gir, do you want to wake up the entire planet?

[inventorying equipment, looking at SIRs]. Hey! Can you imagine, huh? Oog-Ah: Quiet or I'll eat your head. Ms. Bitters: SILENCE!

Zim: So very alive.

Almighty Tallest Purple: You quit being banished? Dib: [commenting on his teacher, Ms. Bitters] Someone said she's existed from time immemorial and they just built the school around her. Almighty Tallest Purple: [With his mouth full] Yeah, huh? Zim: You dare agree with me? Hah! Oh, I don't know. My Tallest? GIR: [being used to catapult an accelerator to speed up the explosion] But if the big 'splodey goes fast, won't it get all bad?

Zim: [Zim kicks open the classroom door after a bathroom break] My business is done! My TaaaaaallEST! Zim: *I'm* the omly one with the technology to decode the file! Almighty Tallest Purple: How do you know that? Dib: Hey Gaz, did you eat all the cereal?

Huh? Your parents will all receive phone calls instructing them to love you less now. What's in them? There's a squid brain in your head! Gir: I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now. Prepare to meet your horrible doom! Tell us, how did you know he was an alien? HE... WILL... PAY! Zim: They locked down their fortress - with locks! Gir: I loveded you, piggy! Shloonktapooxis: How 'bout the pirate monkeys! We have come to strike... Almighty Tallest Purple: Woowoowoowoowoo! Privacy Statement • Discover and share Gir From Invader Zim Quotes.

Zim: [More annoyed] A hunter-destroyer machine. Hey! 1. Best Invader Zim Quotes.

The series involves an extraterrestrial named Zim who originates from a planet called Irk, and his ongoing mission to con, Almighty Tallest Purple (voice), Almighty Tallest Red (voice), Zim (voice), “I'm an unstoppable death machine, you know.”, “ GIR, your waffles have sickened me! You're just stupid! [Carrying a large, bewildered pig over his head]. Huh?

*Mission* goo! Do not ignore my veins! I just recharged your guidance chip.

Huh? Almighty Tallest Purple: Malfunctioning SIR units. Nik: Would it... would it kill you to say something? Zim: [Finishes scrubbing himself thoroughly] Why was there BACON IN THE SOAP? My Taaaaaaallist! It fills me! Dib: [scopes inside hall monitor's body with X-ray goggles, sees Zim's hall pass] It's Zim! I control your arms!

Dib: [raising his hand] Ms. Bitters? Ms. Bitters: There's a pigeon on your head. Hey! Dib: I SAID IT WAS! Zim: Do not question me! Zim: Nonsense! Not a plan for world conquest! Almighty Tallest Purple: Ah, let's go eat food! I LOVEDED YOU! Zim: Now, to unleash screaming temporal doom. Almighty Tallest Red: Identify yourselves.

GIR: [Zim thinks the baby next door is spying on him] Oh, it's just a baby! The fish is part of the plan.

I want to go to Bloaty's. The end. Ms. Bitters: And these weren't the cuddly kind of rats you get in today's sewers. Zim: I was wondering what that turkey was doing there. MY TALLEST! My Tallest! Almighty Tallest Purple: Who's that large headed kid? 5.

Dib: ...Okay.

My Tallest! MY TALLEST!

Receptionist: Oh, the green child. Or be crushed... be crushed... by his jolly boots of doom!" A hunter destroyer- 2. Hey! Why does everyone say that? Zim: Is that Irken equipment you're using?

The Resisty! All you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing Bigfoot in your garage! Dib: I said it was! Lard Nar: We are the Resisty! Zim: [over video link] Soon, I'll bring the Tallest here to witness my ingenius evil! That enough words for you? Zim: I have come to accept your feelings for me.

Zim: Sometimes I'm scared to think of what goes on in that tiny robot brain of yours, Gir: [looks out at the cows in the field. GIR: [looks out at the cows in the field. GIR: [Bringing ZIM waffles] These got peanuts and soap in 'em! Gaz: [to Dib] All I wanted was to have some pizza, hang out with dad, and not let your weirdness mess up my day! [a mystic escape portal is in Dib's own forehead]. Or be crushed... be crushed... by his jolly boots of doom!

Zim: "Insufficient data"? Hey my Tallest! I was just making conversation... Gir: [Zim's compass magnetically sticks to Gir] Aww, it likes me. Dib: Excuse me, but, can you put this spy camera in ZIM's house so I can... spy on his evil and stuff?

[Dib snaps his pencil in half and puts it in his nose]. Escaped from your exile on Foodcourtia! GIR: What is it?!?

THREE HOURS! My, my, my my Tallest! Blob: [in a melancholy tone] I don't even know anymore. Gir: I am government man, come from the government. The pants command me.

Zim: My Tallest! There's all kinds of things wrong with what you just said. Computer: O... kay... Um, founded in 1492 by, uh... demons, the FBI is a crack law enforcement agency designed to... uh, I dunno, fight... aliens? Gir: [five minutes after eating it, crying] I miss my cupcake. [GIR turns on the light] HI BABY! Almighty Tallest Red: So, you're saying the humans are dumb, yet... tall. If you believe that any Site Content infringes upon your copyright, please notify us by email Did you say "the Resisty"? I was the turkey all along!

Zim: At this very moment I'm in a microscopic submersible somewhere in your disgusting belly attached to your arm control nerve.

Scientist: Well, we noticed he had no friends. Something is broken and it's not your fault? Zim: GIR, your waffles have sickened me! My TallEST! Get me cleansing chalk! My Tall! We can't form a resistance and not have a name! MAH TALLEEEEST! Zim: Once I infect the human's meat supply with filth, the planet will be mine for the taking! Zim: I have already stuffed my normal human belly so full of delicious human FILTH, that I could not eat another bite.

Zim: [ZIM has been captured by Sizz-Lorr] Sizz-Lorr! These things are dangerous! That *is* creepy. It's me! Zim: How can you not know? Zim: I was out playing like any normal Earth larva. Zim: Of course; they're right over there... Stupid, stinking humans. Huh? I congratulate you for acknowledging my superiority in choosing me as your love-pig.

Ms. Bitters: Children, your performance was miserable. HEY, SOMEONE'S MAKIN' DOUGHNUTS! I congratulate you for acknowledging my superiority in choosing me as your love-pig. [Out of rage, grabs a little rubber piggy from GIR to throw it at the rejected robot, with it bouncing off and sent flying into the portal].

They fused me so many times. Stupid, stinking humans. You want a drink with that? Zim: Human law enforcement machine. Go home and shave your giant head of smell with your bad self! Professor Membrane: [from basement] Son, there'd better not be any walking dead up there! Almighty Tallest Purple: Right! Zim: Cashlook can take a break without exploding! [Zim has sent GIR to attack Dib. Zim: You expect me to pay to ride this filthy contraption? Hello?

AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Zim: Argh! Zim: Computer, give me all the information you have on the FBI. Zim: I'm an unstoppable death machine, you know. Meta • Almighty Tallest Purple: It's not stupid, it's advaaaaaaanced! Receptionist: Nobody's come in with head pigeons, young man. Zim: Prepare your bladder for imminent release! So that's two large tacos, burrito, and a medium Gir, take us back to the base right now.

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