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If you’re hoping to learn more about George and his journey to Madejski Stadium, now is the perfect time to do so as he spoke exclusively to The Royal. I’m a social guy, it’s not so hard for me to get friendships and they are really good guys. Nephew of John and Anna Pitis of Gary, Indiana. Some foreign players spoke English and they were helping me a bit. I’m so proud of us in Romania, the thing we did at the European U21 was amazing, there was an explosion of support in Romania.

With the football and the way it is played, I think it is the most beautiful in the world. I think that performance was the best with my national team, to get to the semi-finals doesn’t happen in Romania for 20-30 years. The Fathers Eugene Lazar of Gary and Stephan Opreanu from Detroit officiated. "We congratulate from here to him his wife and his whole family for this fantastic event in their lives.". Inter are one of the biggest clubs, so there is not a lot of difference between Inter and Arsenal, I went there. But in Romania, I had no opportunities to train until then and I only played football outside my door. [10][11], Puscas' "Love Letters", a weekly column in which Puscas responded with humor to letters from readers, began running in the Free Press in June 1959 and continued for nearly 50 years. I came with other new players so at first, I stayed with them, they were the first friendships.

There was no doubt both players put in excellent shifts but it's not something Paunovic will want to do every week.

Upgrading your account means you can get additional access to: Reading Football Club badge - Link to home, Live coverage of all of our fixtures, meaning you'll never miss a game, Match highlights to relive all the action, Live coverage of all of our fixtures, meaning you’ll never miss a game. On Wednesday we face the division's away specialists. His tireless work rate, his enthusiasm for the cause and his clear natural talent have immediately made him a fan favourite in the stands at Madejski Stadium – and he hopes to continue that trend as the season settles down into the autumn months. Royals' academy product made his debut earlier in the season in the Carabao Cup game against Luton Town. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can find it for Apple devices here and Android devices here.

I chose the passion, the football. George Puscas (April 8, 1927 – April 25, 2008) was an American sports writer for the Detroit Free Press. For the first two or three days staying at the academy I thought it was a joke, I wondered what was happening! I think we’re starting to show ourselves in big football again, starting with great young players. Digi24. Having grown up in rural Romania, chances were limited for the young Puşcaş to make his way through a professional academy. Sixty-five years' worth. "[13], Puscas was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 2004. We’re getting points and that’s important for this team – to win, to get points and we have great fans along with us. I started ‘real’ football when I was 10, which is late because now they start at 5 or 6 years old. From humble beginnings in a remote part of Romania, the 23-year-old credits his parents for their vital support and guidance to help shape his career – taking bold steps to ensure their son had the best chance possible of becoming a professional footballer. George Puscas of Reading celebrates (Image: Getty Images) ... Laurent wears number 28, the date of his father's birthday and the same digits he previously … Vom avea cel mai scump pod din istorie, dar nu îl vom putea folosi. Some of the moments you may not have come across during Royals' win against Watford, Sign up to our newsletter for daily updates and breaking news. "But we have to congratulate them. It was a real display of the unity and togetherness of all involved, not to mention a key reason for the fantastic start to the season. They came and watched when I played with the team from my city, I scored in that game and after that, they gave me the trial. A lot of players play out of Romania in the big championships, they’re growing up and I think we have a good generation – we can do great things. Royals boss Veljko Paunovic was pleased with his side's effort and a lot of what he saw in the performance at St Andrew's this evening. The wedding was as a dream. "I can be satisfied with most of the game, we played good, especially in the first 45 minutes I believe we were dominant. Our. What we did meant we were going into people’s hearts, we played well, we played with heart and now we have to continue this. [13], "Nothing to Bark About: Snobbish Dog Just Sniffs at Scribe", "Duffy Spurns Texas Gold for 'Love of MSU'", "Weep for a Child of Tragedy: Another Sad Chapter Is Written in Bratton Story", "Travelin' Music for Karras: Jackie Gleason of Lions? I was doing well, I was enjoying it so much and I did well in the trial. Ultima oră. Since his arrival from Inter Milan in the summer, striker George Puşcaş has made quite the impression on the RG2 faithful. Find out how you can get the latest news from BerkshireLive delivered straight to your inbox. But I found my model changing with time because I grew up and watched other players, but when I was little, I had t-shirts with Torres and had his name on my wall, I was crazy about that. The European was incredible, and for me the national team is so important because it’s something special. GALERIE FOTO.

I celebrate like this because my name in Romanian, Puşcaş, also means ‘gun’ and I started to celebrate like this two years ago, because it represents me. And after the team coach departed St Andrew’s on Friday night, attention immediately turned to righting the wrongs of our first defeat of the season.

George Pușcaș a fost unul dintre cei mai buni jucători ai României U21 în meciurile cu Croația 4-1 și Anglia (4-2) și asta i-a adus o ofertă de ultimă oră, chiar din Premier League. ", "Alden Thompson Has Big Plans for Tartars: Big Things Are in Store for Wayne", "Tartars See Old Threat: Weather Man Spells Grid Troubles Again", "Abbott one of 10 to enter Michigan Hall",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 June 2020, at 23:40. But through sheer talent, determination and a devotion to his craft, he has made the journey to England with the Royals – and has started life at the Madejski in fine style. The first trial that I did was with Arsenal, but Inter came after that with a contract straight away without a trial, they put the contract in front of me so I thought I would choose straight, because I could not afford to wait. In Romania, there’s incredible ambitions. I had so many other teams in other countries with other money and a lot of other things, but I wanted to come here because they wanted me a lot. George Puscas was the matchwinner with a deflected effort in the 41st minute at Madejski ... Paunovic revealed post match the striker's absence was because he had become a father … Puscas was born in Detroit in 1927. It was harder than moving the first time because I didn’t speak Italian, but in around 3-4 months I was understanding everything - the Italian language is like Romanian, but it was a little bit difficult at the start. But when I started playing and saw the conditions and sacrifice, I knew that I was on the right way. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. The Serbian, who, like Paunovic is new into the Championship this season, criticised his side though for losing their shape in the final 20 minutes as they tried to chase the game. My father pushed this situation more than my mother, he told me that it would be a great future there. Thankfully, he was not needed but it would have been a huge ask for the player to turn out twice in such a short space of time. I watched the games at the time, but it was always about playing.

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Ivic said he was satisfied with 'most' of the game, despite the result. Blessings of Bishop Valerian. Football was hard but with the games, I forget everything when I go on the pitch. Perhaps that was Tetek's intention all along...but either way, it worked!

Nothing left to do, nothing left to say. Father Grigore Coste. When I went to the first team for the first time, there were too many good players to remember – but the first name I remembered was Zanetti. You can also get the latest news for Berkshire straight to your mobile or tablet when you download the free BerkshireLive app. Reading's 100 per cent start to the Championship season continued with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Watford. It was not like moving to another town in Romania, but it was moving to another country when I was 17 years old.

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