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This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions. The 747, like all aircraft, is built to handle severe punishment like this. However on later being pointed out by several users that it is a simulation, Goenka replied 'of course'. WATCh dramatic MD-80 landing over beachgoers. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. is an authorized user.

BOOM found that the viral clip has been picked up from a YouTube channel that culls videos from flight simulator games. Taking a cue from the replies to the viral clip, we searched with the keywords 'X-Plane 11' on YouTube and found that the clip has been picked from a YouTube channel that makes videos on airplanes landing using flight simulator games.

Continue We are collecting cookies for marketing purposes. 3m 17s; HD; TV-14; It's January 16, 2002 and Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 is struggling with a loss of power. Some hair raising landings which still managed to survive a crash We notice you currently have an ad blocker installed. Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747 landing, real footage - YouTube To allow all cookies click OK. BOOM found that the viral clip is taken from a flight simulator X-Plane 11 made by Laminar Research, and is not real footage of pilots landing their planes on the runway while battling crosswinds. The YouTube channel Bopbibun had also stated below the video that it is a flight simulation and not real.

AirlineRatings’ thoughts on the MH370 tragedy aired on the BBC, Check out Beijing’s spectacular new Daxing airport before it opens, Boeing boss still betting on fourth-quarter MAX approval. By. or

By the end of its cycle of fire and fury, 57 people had died.

We have only 15 seconds of a lovely Lightning, owned by the Fagen Fighters World War II Museum in Granite Falls, Minnesota, flying over a winter landscape. Then you will love this! We rely on advertisements and subscriptions to support our high quality journalism. 6318. Vice Admiral's Video Viral As Air India Pilot Deepak Sathe Singing.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the airplane had 191 people on board, and in a statement, Air India Express confirmed the death of 18 people including both pilots. But investigators found no evidence of a problem—so how do we explain the discrepancy?

It’s also interesting to learn, as the 10 airmen board, how the crew is organized. Terms of Use

WATCh dramatic MD-80 landing over beachgoers. The 2.07 minutes clip shows three aircraft - Dreams Air, Boeing 777, and Garuda Indonesia which are inspired by real commercial airplane company names making a hard landing on the runway unharmed.

Silkway Boeing 747 hard landing at AMS ✈️, — Airplane Pictures ✈ (@ilove_aviation) September 2, 2019. Smithsonian Channel is a trademark of Smithsonian Institution. The Bureau of Motion Pictures at the U.S. Office of War Information produced a 10-minute film about the B-17 Flying Fortress in 1942, with the dramatic narration typical of the department’s products during the war.

Click here to view, and here for an archive. The captain decides to perform a maneuver few other pilots have ever attempted: to land his Boeing 737 in water. September 11, 2019 Share on Facebook.


By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms of our Video Services Policy. BOOM has previously debunked misinformation around the Kerala plane crash as a video simulation of the Air India Express Flight 1344 was shared falsely claiming that it was the actual footage of the airplane skidding off the runway, Also Read: Retd. Subscribe Now! You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.

By the end of the war more than 10,000 of them had been built, and they introduced novice Army and Navy pilots, including a young George Herbert Walker Bush, to the wonder of flight.

Vice Admiral's Video Viral As Air India Pilot Deepak Sathe Singing, Need Help To Verify An Image Or A Video?

Kindly turn off your ad blocker and help us serve you better. Watch Queue Queue At the 3.53 minutes time stamp, the same sequence of events occur and the same names are spotted on the plane like 'Dreams Air', 'Boeing 777', and 'Garuda Indonesia'.

After the carnage of World War I, the U.S. Army Air Corps saw the need for a new type of plane with the range, altitude and speed to effectively bomb its targets. On December 17, 1953the 50th anniversary of the Wright brothers first powered flight at Kitty HawkMajor Yeager sat down at the Pentagon for an informal press briefing to discuss his own Mach 2.43 flight in the X-1 five days earlier. Love Switzerland and the DC-3? The clip is viral in the backdrop of the Air India Express flight 1344 that skid off the runway and fell 35 feet down a slope before breaking into two pieces at Kozhikode airport in Kerala on the night of August 7, 2020. You aimed your aircraft down, four miles above the ocean, and plummeted at speeds of up to 275 miles per hour. The final scenes at the Vintage Flying Museum at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, Texas, show the last airworthy A-26A, "Special K," now owned and being restored by the Pacific Prowler organization chaired by Jim Terry. This excerpt opens with footage that appears to have been shot from the ball turret, and watching the airplane’s vertical stabilizer in the frame is mesmerizing. Starting in 1934, the same year it was acquired by Boeing, the Stearman Aircraft Company of Wichita began building a sturdy biplane trainer. Video shows some hair raising landings which still managed to survive a crash, We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site. During the battle of Midway, dive bomber Dusty Kleiss scored a direct hit on the Japanese carrier Hiryu by anticipating its next move: he aimed for where he thought it was going, rather than where it actually was.

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