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We're all pathological in our own way. Harris describes Lounds as "lumpy and ugly and small", with "buck teeth", and whose "rat eyes had the sheen of spit on asphalt". [1] In terms of personality, Harris further describes Lounds as having "the longing need to be noticed that is often miscalled ego",[1] sharpened by frustrated ambition: He had worked in straight journalism for ten years when he realized that no one would ever send him to the White House. Portrayed by

[7] The 2002 film adaptation of Red Dragon, however, retains the original scene from the novel, and shows Dolarhyde (portrayed by Ralph Fiennes) biting Lounds' lips off in close-up. [1] Lounds has been characterized by reviewers as a film noir throwback: Noir tropes appear again concerning the character of Freddy Lounds, a sleazy journalist that's too good for the trashy job he's doing, Lounds is burned by ambition and by desire for vindication in front of those colleagues that look down upon his tabloid-related work. [3] Through photojournalism, Lounds publicly highlights Graham's role in the investigation, thereby making Graham himself a target of the killer,[4][5] and also conveying to Graham's wife and stepson the dangerous world in which he has involved himself. Or she just doesn't want to leave evidence at crime scenes. To the chagrin of the FBI, the killer, Garret Jacob Hobbs (Vladimir Cubrt), is able to use these stories to stay a step ahead of the investigation.

Graham then appears and, when Lounds flees and calls Crawford, overpowers her. Fredrica "Freddie" Lounds is a supporting character in NBC's Hannibal. First appearance Lounds first appears in the 1981 novel Red Dragon as a foil to protagonist Will Graham.

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[5], In the novel Red Dragon, Lounds attempts to elicit information from Will Graham as Graham investigates serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, whom Lounds has sensationally publicized as "The Tooth Fairy". ", "I think you need to tell your own story. Occupation(s) Everyone will know the truth. Hoping to lure Dolarhyde into a trap, Graham gives Lounds an interview in which he blatantly misrepresents the killer as an impotent homosexual and the product of incest. We can change that together. While eating, what Hannibal discovers isn't pork. Graham despises Lounds, who had sneaked into Graham's hospital room after Graham was attacked by Lecter, and taken pictures of his wounds, publishing them the next day in the Tattler. Impales mice and lizards on thorny branches and barbed wire, rips their organs right out. He also makes her assist as he surgically removes organs from still-conscious hospital psychiatrist Dr. Frederick Chilton (Raúl Esparza),[15] with the intention of leaving a "gift basket" for the Ripper. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is shown to be an avid reader of, especially Ms. Lounds' articles. ", "I could write a story about you, anything you wanna say. Lounds becomes aware of secret correspondence between the killer and the now-imprisoned Lecter, and sneaks into a crime scene to get information.

Gideon instead shows Lounds the psychiatrist's dead body, and forces her to write an article about him. [13] This is met with grave concern from Graham and Lecter, both of whom have helped Abigail cover up her "accidental murder" of Boyle's brother. in a case involving the Chesapeake Ripper by falsly confirming on TattleCrime that Dr. Gideon was the infamous serial murderer. She eventually makes a deal with the killer's only daughter, Abigail Hobbs, to help her write a book about the case, supposedly to allow her to express her side of the story. [11], Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) make a deal with Lounds to write a story about Dr. Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard), a patient at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane who has murdered a nurse.

Lounds here is depicted as a well-dressed, fast-talking hotshot. When Graham is brought to the crime scene, Lounds photographs him being removed from an FBI van in restraints. In Rôti, Lounds is kidnapped by fugitive killer Abel Gideon, who contacts her posing as one of the psychiatrists who interviewed him and offers to give an interview about his escape. Lounds is ultimately murdered by the novel's primary antagonist, serial killer Francis Dolarhyde. This behavior puts her at odds with the members of the B.A.U., and when she leaks information on Will Graham in an article, sours her already tense relationship with law enforcement.

In the second season episode Naka-Choko, Freddie, upon arriving at Will's house for an interview, stumbles upon his barn and breaks in to the building. Frederick "Freddy" Lounds (or Fredrica "Freddie" Lounds) is a fictional character in the Hannibal Lecter series, created by author Thomas Harris.

Freddie draws her gun, resulting a scuffle between the two. In a nearby freezer, she finds the limbs and organs of what could be Randall Tier himself, as only the head, upper jaw, arms and legs were displayed on an animal skeleton. They patted his back and told him he had a lot of balls and they refused to put his name on a parking place.[1]. She often expresses a deep distrust for Will Graham, considering him a psychopath and claiming that's why he is so good at empathizing with the killers he chases. Three on-screen versions of Freddy Lounds (clockwise from top left): widely reported telephone hacking conspiracy, "Hannibal, Ep.1.02: "Amuse-bouche," one of the most effective thrillers on TV", "An interview with 'Hannibal' star Lara Jean Chorostecki", "Hannibal, Ep.1.06: "Entrée" raises goose bumps and a few questions about the future of the series", "Hannibal, Ep.1.09: "Trou Normand," a nearly flawless cohesion of visual poetry", "Hannibal Lecter's meals: an all-consuming project", "Hannibal Ep 1.11 "Rôti" and breaking down Will Graham's dreams", IMDB page on the character, Freddie Lounds,, Characters in American novels of the 20th century, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 16:43.

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