ford edge knocking sound

I would have hoped the dealer would know what the issue is and sort it under warranty at no additional cost to themselves, they’re a main Ford consumer and commercial dealer.

It’s easy enough to test, turn your radio off, coast, press accelerator, it sounds like I’m knocking my centre console with my knuckles. When new clutches are fitted they come with a serial no that allows the technician to run adaptive learning calibration software. Moreover, you can position yourself on the right side of your front wheels and try to shake your wheel strongly, if you hear a clicking sound it is highly imaginable that your silentblocks of stabilizer bar are out of date. I have no oil leaks at all, bone dry under the car, it drives lovely, and changes through the gears perfectly smooth, the knock\clunk is only apparent when resuming from coasting in any gear, so it must be between the final transmission and the drive, almost like a solenoid on/off engagement rather than a smooth clutch engagement. You can also check the state of the swivel bellows visually, which may affect the action of changing direction. Carbon is a byproduct of the combustion process. Your dealer should be able to do this, if they can not swop the car. Sorry about the SAT NAV voice and chirping birds, but you can clearly hear the knock. Hi Kevin, I don’t believe so, however, since Brexit and now Covid I drive a lot with the radio off, as I got sick of listening the news, and I guess that’s when I started to notice it, so it’s been there for about 7 months now, probably longer. By joepop, July 27, 2013 in Ford Focus Club. Was this there when you first drove the car? Closest to any noise like that is when the fuel tank is half full and you break or accelerate momentarily and the fuel sloshes around a lot. If they say it can only be done when it is fitted then that's not an option. Just want to be sure before my warranty runs out in June. Display as a link instead, × While many modern vehicles can go 100k miles with no issues at all from their spark plugs, they can still cause problems when they wear out. Hopefully the URL below doesn't get deleted... I'm a key worker, do about 100-150 miles a day, my warranty is about to end, it has been fully serviced at a Ford dealership via my service plan. But, it is still known to happen. This can and will cause the engine to knock.

Followers 0. These would include issues with the spark plugs, bad or wrong fuel, carbon deposits, and more. Modern gasoline has additives that clean these deposits as you go. Share this conversation. To validate the origin of the issue, you may find a lack of stability in the direction of the car (it pulls to the right or it pulls to the right). If you are in one of these cases go to your technician.

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