fig beetle vs june bug

European Chafer bugs are another type of beetle that is known under the broad name of June bug. These large, metallic green beetles, the common pests in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico, breed on flower petals, plant’s and desert tree’s sap, cacti fruits and soft-skinned fruits like figs, grapes, guava, nectarines plums, peaches, berries and tomatoes. Your email address will not be published. And our June bugs emerge in May. I’ll be sure to read more. Do something kind of “checking” routine. Felt sorry for them as I observed them crashing into walls, trees, or people. I may be able to help you out! The benefits of BT are that it is organic and non-harmful to humans and pets. This will help deter them from your fig trees. The grubs will feed on grass roots, causing large areas of dead lawns. It is renowned for being a weak and clumsy flyer and so will frequently be seen crashing into windows or porch screens, trying to get to the light it is naturally drawn to. Once ripe, a swarm of these beetles flew in and damaged most of the crop. Once the mating process has taken place, the female will lay between 60 and 75 eggs underground during a two-week period. The flesh fly (Sarcophaga helicobia) has been observed to prey on both the larva and adult stage of the June beetle. The larvae will then pupate into adult green figeater beetles, which continue to feed and grow. This will let you attract grub eater to the area to help control the population.

Get a container with a few drops of dish detergent mixed with water. I hope you’ll let me know if you ever find out what it was! Something is making a loud buzzing sound in your backyard? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

The crucial differences in appearance.

It has been living in it for almost 2 months and seems to like it. If the grub infestation is severe, entire lawns of dried, brown grass can be seen.

Don’t use soils with high manure content. They have the same name, but they’re not the same species. And personally, because it’s just a common name, I think anything you want to call a June bug is okay. Beetles, in general, are considered pests, although not on par with much more invasive species.

While you may notice that the adults don’t cause a lot of damage, they can still lay thousands of eggs, and those will destroy your turfgrass. You can check out this article on June bugs to see if you can identify the difference and to ensure which pest you’re dealing with. Physical Characteristics . Or click on the RSS icon to subscribe via the RSS feed reader of your choice. For starters, June bugs are larger than Japanese beetles, at about 1 inch in length; the latter are about one third in size compared to them. Oh, and in Utah, where I grew up, we called them Water Skiers.

Yep, Tucson definitely has both (I wrote the post in Tucson actually! There are 6 legs in total. Since then I have lived over every region of the USA except the NW.

These beetles are able to roll on their backs and also move upside down. I know the brown scarabs in Arizona are HIGHLY attracted to lights and will flock to them at night in droves. A soil with adequate moisture represents the ideal condition for that to happen. They mostly get the black Beatles that they call Japanese Beatle. You can buy netting at most hardware stores for cheap in bulk. The fully grown larva color is glassy yellowish white shading toward green or blue at the head and tail.

Whether they’re “June bugs” or not depends so much on where you’re from originally, but a lot of people in Tucson do call those little brown guys June bugs.

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