ffbe unit ranking jp

Will also depend on how OP 7 star Sabin is. Sadly we no longer have a lot of top tier sword users. She was so outclassed and got such a significant buff.

There are currently 155 units in the ranking, listed from highest to lowest. Gravie's TMR gives 70% ATK when equipped w/ Katana & Clothes (which you will most definitely be equipping), so it's hard to move Seph's STMR up. Any improvement, suggestion or criticism is at my disposal. +60% MAG when equipped with Rod & +60% Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Resist. This is more of a low A/high B tier STMR since you rarely have to stack up SPR on your magic tank (and since Lila's enhancements are disappointed as hell) as they tend to focus on elemental resistance instead. 200% buffs + 80% breaks + party fire imbue + 150% fire imperil. This is just slightly below Queen's STMR in today's metagame, but is absolutely insane if you're using a damage dealer that doesn't depend on unlocked skills/stacking skills. I also have 2 Barbariccia, and am awaiting to see how her 7* turns out since she uses whips. It caps the chain by the 3th hit if chained with a dupe whip user (including the first hit that is the base of the chain). +20% ATK, +20% DEF, +20% MAG, +20% SPR, +20% HP, +20% MP, +15% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Water/Wind/Earth Resist. Seven months ago I brought the ranking of 7 * units of jp based on Altema and Famitsu. This was a decent STMR back in the 300% cap days. That was pretty good too.

Or you can fuse a 7★ Cloud into another 7★ Cloud for his STMR. ), so this is a huge for summoners. +100% Phys/Mag Damage to Demon, +30% Dark Resist. I mean subreddit ★, Tifa/2B/Lenneth main (Will quit if no Yuffie), “Gümï, may I have some latënts?” - 198,162,240. I understand that these type of Lists are subject to objective and subjective biases, but clearly some stmrs should be ranked higher like Randi’s.

(25% Accuracy) +100% EQ ATK when 2-Handing (TDH) & +30% ATK w/ Spear. At worst this is a 100% TDH materia, which is always valuable. Highest SPR staff in the game that also provides extra HP/MP, although your healer shouldn't be dying anymore at this point in game, +80% ATK w/ Gun & 50% Physical Damage vs Machine, (+25% Acc) +50% EQ ATK when 2-Handing (TDH) & +10% ATK from Equip when Dual Wielding & +50% ATK w/ Greatsword. you can stop. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFBraveExvius community. It has a nice mixture of stats, but really only used for parameter missions. This element-less katana is perfect as it stands since katana users generally have element imbuing skills in their kits, this is absolutely huge for the current meta & a must grab for anyone looking to use Citan/Auron/Sephiroth or Akstar himself. If anyone knows some GL ranking with notes besides that on the wiki please let me know. Come to our server! (Two-Handed) +175 ATK, Wind Element (+50% Accuracy, Variance: 1x~1.5x). +24 DEF, +52 MAG, +38 SPR & +20% EVO MAG & +10% Esper Stats, +92 DEF, +84 SPR, DEF +20% (+20% DEF), SPR +20% (+20% SPR), +60 DEF, +60 SPR, HP +15%, Resist Fire(20%), Resist Ice(20%), Resist Lightning(20%), Resist Water(20%), Resist Wind(20%), Resist Earth(20%), Resist Light(20%), Resist Dark(20%).

Even if you're F2P, future step up banners gives you a good chance of aiming for a STMR if you manage your resources carefully. On the flip side, this STMR is pretty good for magical tanks if you don't have Wilhelm's STMR since most of them do have +SPR passives when equipped with Light Armor. Good to know she get the spotlight. +80% MAG When Equipped with a Rod, Recover 5% MP per Turn, This might as well be an unconditional increase in MAG since every mage will be using a rod anyways. They can always make a Elephim for different element and even more effects (regen, refresh, mitigation), Simply lower the buff by 10 or 20% and bring imperils effect. For example, you can fuse two 5★ Clouds into a 7★ Cloud for his STMR. Extra survivability is always nice on support units I guess. Alternatively, you can also obtain a STMR by fusing two of the same 7★ units - this is actually recommended in JP for the expert missions that counts how many 7★ units you've awakened (you also get an extra TMR container for fusing this way). How does a 2H whip make ANY sense? Cast "ブレイブ(白妙の聖蓮用)" (Self +80% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR Buff & Self ~2900 HP Heal w/ 1.2x Mod per Turn) & Recover 12% MP per Turn & Gain 2.5 LS per Turn. This is on the lower side of the A Tier IMO. Great all around stats for a Robe, only 5 less MAG than Sakura's STMR but offers extra MP & MP recovery. I'm sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. Fire Dagger on Nyx's STMR???? Other than for Nagi herself, this BiS for DW users to maximize their damage potential. I'm just lazy to make tiers in between. (PS: All those bold * were escaped out and fuck if I'm going to fix that...). This STMR is an upgrade from CG Lasswell's since it gives +20% ATK & Man Eater+, and it helps that new katana users such as Auron & Citan himself already have elemental imbued skills in their kit. Thanks for doing this excellent write-up! As most of you probably know, there was a recent increase in the stat cap from 300% to 400% in JP. +45 DEF +94 SPR +30% MP & +65% Ice/Light Resists. Highest ATK accessory with 100% LB Fill rate and +30% MP is insane. Elfim enhancements doing that much for her is so good to see. There are currently 155 units in the ranking, listed from highest to lowest. My inventory. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Behold!! Not going to go too Ham here, but I don't understand some of your logic. Great for CG Ignacio himself (Move this to A/S tier if you plan on using him), not really useful for anyone else. You've been warned! +30% ATK, +30% DEF, +30% HP, +50% Phys Damage to Human. As if Katana users (Citan/Auron) weren't OP enough, they just got a HUGE buff with Akstar's STMR. +55 ATK, ヤヌスの眼鏡 (100% to Ignore up to 1 Fatal Attacks when HP above 1%).

Absolute game changers, definitely worth pulling and fusing 4 of these fuckers, Game changing enough to make you think about pulling 4 for their STMR. .

DW units can't really compare to DC-TDH ones, and Conrad's TMR is already better than it when you take variance into account. +50% Phys/Mag Damage to Beast, +50% Phys/Mag Damage to Avian. Point 2 and 3 can't even be argued; they can literally do anything (Copy-Paste + Increase modifiers) to powercreep her.

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