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Geez, the base is contained and constrained to protect the scientists from the elements while they are doing world class research.The staff has one year assignments at this base camp (Ukraine). They even have a small gift shop with tee shirts and patches and gifts. It holds the distinction of discovering the "Ozone Hole" in the Antarctic atmosphere. Also in the lounge, our hosts set up a makeshift post office where you can purchase $2 postcards, $5 stamps, $8 decals and $10 badges. On one wall, a framed box - containing a small bottle of Jägermeister, condom and cigarette - hangs with a notice stating 'break in case of emergency', Come in from the cold: The Faraday bar is cosy and warm with a twinkling Christmas tree adding to the glowing feel, Outside layers of snow coat the research station even during the summer months, To exploration and beyond: The Vernadsky Research base also has various research rooms, with bizarre pieces of equipment lining the shelves, Must-see spot: A rather ancient-looking dart board hangs on the bar wall, Must-see spot: Along with the bar being a popular attraction, the Vernadsky Research base was also where the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered, Chalking up: Along with a range of hard liquors and beers on tap, a pool table offers another form of entertainment, Souvenir stop: The Vernadsky Research Base also has a small gift shop, post office, gym, kitchenette and surgery, 09:05 21 Oct 2016, updated 13:21 21 Oct 2016, Add these to your bucket list! Commonly searched for in Antarctic Peninsula. For lady drinkers they accept payment in US $ or you can leave your bra hanging at the bar, along with the already impressive collection. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Inside the station there is the only Bar of Antartica! It was formerly a British station (Base F) established on adjacent Winter Island in 1947, the main hut being named "Wordie House". Don't miss it! Ceilings of the bar are 4m-high and may accommodate at least 15 patrons at once. Photo: ravas51/Creative Commons. This year, Vernadsky's home-brewed liquor was banned to tourists, with rumours swilling around that it was so stiff it could leave drinkers blinded. Sunland Pub is an alternative name of the Baobab three-bar located right in the immense tree high and wide enough to make a bar inside because it’s known to be the widest and the most ancient tree in Africa. Lesson learned: Bring a spare. They enjoyed showing you around and telling of what they did. Ritz-Carlton of Hong Kong is a famous hotel recommended to all tourists traveling in Hong Kong. By the way, the southern bar in the world has its custom vodka made with using of Antarctica’s ice.

Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks. The Loungaroo has a storage pouch AND doubles as a pillow (plus there's a compartment for cold feet), 'Paradise? Welcome to the world’s most isolated pub as the World Record claims. )If you've gone this far in your trip, visit this place. And so, it was sold to and taken over by Ukraine for the token sum of £1 (one British pound). The 19th Century English scientist contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. The... It was hell': Luxury hotel manager reveals the hardships of living on a spit of sand in the Maldives before a £39m makeover turned it into a dream destination. The British ran Faraday Station for almost 50 years, monitoring the climate and taking on basic scientific experiments before it officially changed hands. Now, there's an interesting story behind the row of brassiers hanging behind the pub counter (see photo below). Prior to being owned by Ukraine in 1996, the station was named the Faraday Station under British control. The modern design of the bar, neon lights, white bar zone, and bar menu with luxury wines and classic cocktails together offer a great place for fun and rest. I purchased a few postcards and stamps.

Officially, the Vernadsky Research Base, named after Soviet mineralogist Vladimir Vernadsky, is a Ukrainian Antarctic Station at Marina Point on the northern tip of Galindez Island in the Argentine Islands, Antarctica. It boasts the longest bar in the Antarctic and you can buy vodka and sip it under palm trees (inflatable). There’s also the worldwide famous Irish Pub greeting visitors with the phrase “There are no strangers here, only friends who haven’t met”. Instead red and white wine is offered to visitors - priced at $3 for those without bras - with pineapple and cheese trayed up on the side.

Well, I didn't get to drink vodka because I didn't have a bra to trade. Your email address will not be published. They're always happy to welcome people and show them around,' a polar expedition leader added. Especially recommended for all guests is Into the Blue custom cocktail consisting of blueberries and blue curaçao, and Bacardi, in a chic large glass. The wooden bar, built by the British, remains in its original state. See Bangkok from the 63rd floor of Sky Bar. But it doesn’t matter for bar lovers who come so far searching for a comfortable atmosphere, music performances and different musical instruments free for playing to all guests especially in summer. Located at 65º 15′ S - around five miles off the Antarctic Peninsula and 734 miles from the nearest port in South America - Faraday Bar is considered the southernmost drinking hole in the world. One expedition staff member who's made numerous journeys to Faraday Bar en route to the Antarctic Circle told MailOnline Travel that he once saw a female patron literally undress in front of the bartender. In 1996, Faraday Research Station was sold to the Ukrainians for the princely sum of one pound and renamed Vernadsky Research Base, a station that remains operational today (and is most famous to tourists for its bar and home-made vodka). Visiting Wordie House. The homemade vodka is brown, a tad sweet and smooth. From Faraday Bar in Antarctica to The Brazen Head in Ireland, we’ve managed to find the oldest bars on every continent, so grab a drink and pull up a barstool because this is quite an epic list. read more, Stopped here while on our Quark cruise. Me? The Faraday Bar, Antarctica Without a doubt the most remote destination on our roundup, The Faraday Bar is located at the Vernadsky Research Base in Antarctica. Subsix, a part of Per Aquum Niyama Resort, is set on the depth of 3m in the Indian Ocean. Upstairs are a lounge, library, dining room, gift store and kitchen. Polar plonk: Located at 65º 15′ S - around five miles off the Antarctic Peninsula - Faraday Bar is considered the southernmost drinking hole in the world, Off duty: Situated within the stark Vernadsky Research Base, the inn is a refuge for the 12 male Ukrainian researchers living there - visitors can hand over their bras (right) to get a free shot of alcohol, This image shows  just how inhospitable the environment is at that Vernadsky Research Base, A long way down: The Vernadsky Research base is miles from anywhere and supplies must be shipping to inhabitants, Room at the inn: Before being purchased by the Ukrainians in 1966 for £1, Vernadsky Research Base was owned by the UK and called Faraday Station - that's where the name of the bar comes from. The bar retains the old name of Faraday Bar, even after the rest of the station switched to a Ukrainian name. That was a cool thing to do.

Stopped here while on our Quark cruise. Here’s How to Convince Your Parents. Ask Flavio F about Vernadsky Research Station, ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF A TRIP DOWN THE PENINSULA, Ask John E about Vernadsky Research Station, Ask William G about Vernadsky Research Station, Ask Tabitha G about Vernadsky Research Station, Ask Steve J about Vernadsky Research Station. The research base was established in 1947 at the Wordie House site on Winter Island by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (today British Antarctic Survey) as Argentine Islands. The scientists were quite friendly and in good spirits. A natural lagoon dating back to the 1970s is now a place for drinkers of all kinds coming to the Lagoon Bar. Behind the bar, dozens of bras dangle from their straps, handed over by female tourists in return for a shot of moonshine. But it will take months before it reaches its destination. Just a real nice historic place to visit. If you don't have the cash, you can trade in your lacy lingeries. This Bar has been constructed by an english carpenter who was supposed to build a ship with those logs! It's a lovely colourful place with beautiful surroundings... There is a small bar with a pool table. The base moved to its present location in 1954 and was renamed Faraday Station in 1977. Background: As part of an 11-day Antarctic cruise, our ship MS Expedition crossed the Antarctic Circle to anchor just off of Galindez Island, while we made a shore landing via small Zodiac boats to visit the Vernadsky Station. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar. The base moved to its present location in 1954 and was renamed Faraday Station in 1977.

Faraday Bar situated in Antarctica was firstly owned by British researchers but was later bought by Ukraine (with the station). Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. The £1 coin that was used to purchase the base is displayed at the bar. Travellunatic | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Before being purchased by the Ukrainians in 1966 for £1, Vernadsky Research base was owned by the UK and called Faraday Station. The Indian Ocean hides a multifunctional underwater nightclub where people can book arrangement of all celebrations and events. Faraday Bar at the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Station. Totally made of ice London’s bar (even glasses here made of ice) is changing annually thanks to sculptors who have some new ideas about the interior. This quirky bar feels as though it’s at the end of the earth.

Faraday Bar situated in Antarctica was firstly owned by British researchers but was later bought by Ukraine (with the station). Likewise, the lounge is considered the southernmost public bar in the world, modeled after a British pub. Formerly was a british property, sold to Ucraina for a single pound!

The name was saved but the interior was changed with the Ukrainian accent. Travellunatic | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners. Your email address will not be published. The settlement of Edinburgh is small with only 300 inhabitants so don’t be afraid of crowds inside. Views you can see from the extreme bar are the spectacular and beautiful north of the volcanic island. A two-storey extension provides sleeping quarters, clothing store and boiler room on the ground floor. Did you see a pub you can reach only by feet or on a ferry as no roads and highways are next to it? Aside from Port Lockroy, this is one of only a few post offices where you can send mail from Antarctica. The dedication and mental stability required are astounding. On one wall, a framed box - containing pieces of stale bread - hangs with a notice stating 'break in case of emergency'.

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