fallout 76 stone fountain

They were also offered as a gift to individuals who had been accepted into vaults. After arriving, he and his people cleaned out the remaining corpses at the summit and restored it to full functionality. In the weapons storage building, on the ground next to the weapons workbench.

It seems originally Tabitha would ambush the player flanked with a huge number of nightkin after repairing Rhonda, but this was altered to it just being Tabitha alone in the final game. On the east side of the village inside a treehouse, in the bar on the bottom of the refrigerator. However, oddly their npcs are repurposed for random dead NCR troopers elsewhere, most notably in the Legate's tent in the endgame. 1 Background 2 Points of interest 3 Notable loot 4 Appearances 5 Gallery 6 Behind the scenes 7 References Once a normal town, Tanagra Town went through a radical shift after the Great War only in the literal sense. Black Mountain terminals; Terminal, Marcus made me type this! In the streamer trunk cavern, southwest of the red trunk and close to an orange forklift, hidden with the wood crate, explosive canister, yellow crate trolley, and netted crates. When used, it increases stimpak healing by 30% for 1 hour. In the western end of the mansion, in the master bedroom, on the mantle of the stone fireplace. With no shelter to hide in, the crew manning Black Mountain succumbed to radiation poisoning. On the upper level, by a wooden wall section and can chimes, in a cardboard box. On the edge of a picnic table in the upper dining area of the mess hall. Inside the red barn storage warehouse, on the raised area by an upturned filing cabinet and first aid box. Inside the trailer with the flag outside, on a metal desk. It leads to the Black Mountain crater, surrounded by devastated buildings. On the southern corner of the corrugated roof, by the green card table and two deck chairs (sniper's area), in the blue tray container. Inside the gray farmhouse on the roadside, in the upstairs bedroom, on the ornate dresser. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the radiation. [19], Access to Black Mountain is gained through a series of switchbacks. There are prototype dialogue messages for a situation where Tabitha can confront the player (possibly for messing with the otherwise useless dish alignment controls?) In the hidden chem laboratory, by the chalkboard, on the metal table with the beakers. Southeast of the main mine tracks, just above the cave-in that blocks the track tunnel, in a small dead-end alcove, near a support strut and ammo box. In the Sewer Maintenance Building, in the northwest upper-level corner of the building, in a small blue tray-crate. On the roof of the manor, a wood board between one of the sets of two dorm windows. On the roof of one of the treehouses to the northeast, sitting right in front of a petrified corpse. In the southeast tent with the broken terminal, on a wood crate near the entrance. When used, twice as likely to find better cap stashes for 1 hour. Marcus attempted to distract her with a journal project, however, the plan backfired when Tabitha realized the terminal was part of the radio station at Black Mountain and would allow her to broadcast her own words on the airwaves. Underwater, at the bottom of the vertical cavern with the metal gantry and generator at the top. Location to the cave entrances for power stone and fountain of youth for Atlas. It's rumored that originally there was going to be some kind of main quest stage where Black Mountain's radar dishes would need to be wrestled from Tabitha's clutches (the NCR apparently wanting it to expand their radio range, the Legion to use it to jam the NCR) so possibly this is a leftover of that idea. In the reactor room, on the south side girders (with cap stashes), supporting the top of the reactor near the ceiling; carefully jump from the computer bank on the highest gantry to eventually reach it.

In front of the command center cabin, on top of a pair of green barrels. Southeast of the audio switch for tour 7, on the rocks by a small patch of Glowing Fungus and skeletal remains. In the greenhouse, on the counter by the cash register. Inside the mine, past the mine junction, down the southeast end of the initial mine tunnel, on the orange forklift with the radioactive barrels. On top of the warehouse with the interior mine entrance and the curved roof, on the middle chimney. On a side table near the large stone fireplace, by the antique globe. On the south side of the facility, in the "welcome" office off the locker room, by the empty filing cabinet in the northeast corner.

Halfway down the large smoke-filled room with the generators at the bottom and metal gantry steps and shaft structure at the top (and small tunnel entrances at the top), on the tiered rock area with the burning coal, inside the yellow and metal crate trolley. Inside the cellar workbench room just before the locked (2) double doors, on the metal desk, behind. On the edge of the roof, in the waste bin. The fall of the Unity in 2162 scattered the super mutants in New California to the winds, with the facility at Black Mountain becoming a haven for first generation mutants moving east. On the penitentiary roof above the main entrance, inside the southern centered watchtower, on the corner of a mainframe computer bank. On the first floor, in the art studio, on one of the long wooden tables. To the south, in the building with racks of fish and a. When used, gain +2 Perception for 1 hour. On the south side of the fairgrounds, in the room with three "Hoop Shots" games, on a token dispenser. In the gym, on top of the kitchen area that can be reached from the bleachers. It is located at the tip of the eponymous Black Mountain east of Sloan. On the first floor, behind a locked door in the kitchen, in the room with the. In the kitchen adjacent to the cafeteria, in a refrigerator. Black Mountain terminals; Terminal, Alone at last! On the third floor, in the locked judge's office. This distraction idea was then repurposed to Neil, who in the final game cab be told to distract the nightkin/super mutants to make them move on somewhere else in the exact same way. Near or on the terminal shell in the southwest corner of the upper lab room with the Chemistry Station in it, and the large hole in the floor. Black Mountain terminals; Terminal, Lucky!

As the nightkin and second-generation mutants clashed with Marcus' fellow first generation super mutants, he found himself unable to broker a peace. Although the victims reported the matter to NCR Rangers, they were unable to divert men and resources to take care of the problem. [4] They started to broadcast a signal to attract mutants to their refuge, with Marcus welcoming everyone who came - a costly mistake in hindsight. There are other dead NCR troopers who were clearly supposed to be here (as mentioned in the dead NCR trooper's cut note). Inside of the cave, on a stone ledge above the sleeping bag on the raised platform. Inside the kitchen pantry, on the metal shelf with the ladder leaning on it. On the second floor, near the door which leads out to the balcony, behind the radiator. Entrance to the village, the summit is visible in the background, The aforementioned hovel under the satellite dish.

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