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In the last sentence of the first section, the author writes: “Any undergraduates who have met the academic requirements can sign up for the course in our program in ‘ fire science ’.” Therefore, students who can sign up for the course are undergraduates and ones who are studying “fire science”. General Training Task 1 model answer 4 - A party you can't attend. The answer is “sustainable” and “recycled” • Easily = without difficultyAnswer: 10. To be good at the job of = professionalization Therefore, the answer is No. We can understand “a hunt” = “searching for”. • A sense of = a feeling ofAnswer: triumph, Key words: collectors’ clubs, share In the first sentence of paragraph 3, the author mentioned “a group of collectors” – “attending meetings of a group of collectors and exchanging information on items.” We can consider these groups as “collectors’ clubs”. Two or three times a year , it performs a wide range of music to large and appreciative audiences from the area , in the towns jubilee Hall . This is an introductory course. Your first project will be to make a silver ring and then you will have an opportunity to create another piece of your own design. Answer: K9 ABCDEFGHIJKL This course will help you use the libraries. Cambridge IELTS 12 is the latest IELTS exam preparation. 8 ABCDEFGHIJKL This course would be useful for dealing with letters of complaint. http://ieltssimulator.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Untitled-1-2-300x138.png. Desertification. So. Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for each answer. The answer is ii. Key words: collecting, make money In the first sentence of paragraph 2, the author mentioned “There are the people who collect because they want to make money – this could be called an instrumental reason for collecting; that is, collecting as a means to an end.” With this statement, he/she refered to one purpose of collecting, that is making money. Part 3 = a factual article like The Iron Bridge; How difficult is the IELTS General Training Reading Test? admin 24/06/2020 Cambridge IELTS Reading Answers No Comments. Key words: stamp collecting, facts, different countries. In section A, the author writes “But what would the founders of these two institutions have thought of a course called Arson for Profit’?”. Stamp collecting opens a window to other countries, and to the plants, animals, or famous people shown on their stamps.” He/ she mentions the educational value of stamp collecting as it “opens a window to other countries” with things shown on their stamps. Write the correct letter, A-L, in boxes 8-13 on your answer sheet. The courses will help students. READ MORE general reading practice test 26 Evening Courses , Performance-related pay , Marine Ecosystems. Both may learn the same body of knowledge, but they apply that knowledge for different purposes/ends. Cambridge IELTS 12 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio, Cambridge IELTS 12 General Training Student’s Book with Answers with Audio. But the author does not mention something like “life-long”, so we have to continue reading to find the accurate answer. Recycling often is associated with the material. In the last sentence of paragraph 3, we can see another purpose of collecting – it is “the desire to find something special” (= special item). “The course will help them” means students can learn from the course, so we pay attention to this reference in section B: “who can learn all the tricks of the trade for detecting whether a fire was deliberately set, discovering who did it, and establishing a chain of evidence for effective prosecution in a court of law.” “A fire was deliberately set” can be considered as an example of criminal intent – the arsonist deliberately intended to start a fire.

Since the author stated that “no mechanical means has been invented”, we can understand that they do not use any machines in removing the bark, so it has to be done by hand (the hands of highly skilled workers). Then the course can help them to detect whether it is deliberate or not, who did it and find a chain of evidence.

Cambridge IELTS Reading Answers. In the last paragraph, there is a sentence that is “More than most other hobbies, collecting can be totally engrossing, and can give a strong sense of personal fulfillment.” This means collecting needs all your attention and makes you completely satisfied,while most other hobbies could not do the same (more than most other hobbies). We‘ll learn how to make great family meals, Attempt Reading Full Test…. Part 2 = 2 texts about work life like Dress Codes and Negotiating a Pay Rise. Questions 14-21: Complete the sentences below. In this paragraph, the author only mentions the reason why some collectors like to arrange their collection and the types of arrangement. Therefore, the answer is Not given. This course aims to enable students to create silver jewellery. 1.

In section B, the author relates the knowledge learned on the course to its usefulness for students who want to become firefighters.

Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") and print the page to have the exercise and the answers.

Share this Practice Test. Reading Passage 2 has eight paragraphs, A-H. Keen to make better food for your kids? In paragraph 7, the author mentions “trainspotting” as “a popular form of collecting, particularly among boys and men” (“In the past – and nowadays, too, though to a lesser extent – a popular form of collecting, particularly among boys and men, was trainspotting.”). Biodiversity – 13.

“in keeping with” means “suit”. He/she wrote “From the planting of a cork sapling to the first harvest takes 25 years, and a gap of approximately a decade must separate harvests from an individual tree”.

There are 2 remaining headings that could be related to a title – ii and vii. This phrase has the same meaning as “people who have similar interests”. We’ll learn plenty of tasty tips for snacks and picnics, family favourites, and dishes with fresh fruit and vegetables so that you and your family can get really fit and well and enjoy your food. In the passage, there is no sentence telling us about difficulties in attracting students onto such courses.

CAMBRIDGE IELTS 12 – TEST 5 – PASSAGE 1 KEYWORDS TABLE. CAMBRIDGE IELTS 12 – TEST 5 – PASSAGE 3 KEYWORDS TABLE. • The air = atmospheric conditionsAnswer: TRUE. readingielts.com always tries to share the best quality articles to help you in the IELTS preparation.

Come and learn how to have fun with stories and other kinds of creative writing We will try out some new ideas and techniques for improving style and waking up the imagination, Writers who have not taken the foundation class will also be able to join, provided they already have some experience of the subject. The answer is iv. The answer is True. In this paragraph, the author writes “If you think about collecting postage stamps another potential reason for it – or, perhaps, a result of collecting – is its educational value. We will look for the next sentence to find out its example – “They’ll look for, say, antiques that they can buy cheaply and expect to be able to sell at a profit.” He/she used antiques as an example of one object that is able to be collected to make money.

Psychologically, this can give a purpose to a life that otherwise feels aimless .” “This” means “spend their whole lives in a hunt for a special item”. General Training Task 1 model answer 1 - Postponing an evening course. Part 1 = 2 texts about everyday life like Passports and Airports. The doctor and the murderer use “identical knowledge to achieve their divergent ends”. For which description are the following statements true? “Attending meetings” in clubs is one way in which collectors come into contact socially. But the question requires one word only, so we choose the most important word – “information”. The theory referred to is the idea of the philospher Kant that any body of knowledge is principled. Answer: C10 ABCDEFGHIJKL This course will improve your performance at interviews. This course has been co-created by experts at the Reading Real Estate Foundation (RREF) and Henley Business School at the University of Reading, specifically designed for 14-18 year olds looking to start, or find out about the possibilities of a career in Real Estate. Answer: H12 ABCDEFGHIJKL This course will help you improve your reading skills. 5 texts and 40 questions to answer in 60 minutes. We have to pay attention to paragraph 9, which contains information about arranging a stamp collection. We have to find the paragraph mentioning something related to “male”. The author mentioned “Recent years have seen the end of the virtual monopoly of cork as the material for bottle stoppers, due to concerns about the effect it may have on the contents of the bottle…..The tiniest concentrations – as little as three or four parts to a trillion – can spoil the taste of the product contained in the bottle. Found a mistake? Your email address will not be published. Therefore, the answer is No. Cambridge IELTS 12 Reading Test 5 Answers. (Note: If you are not sure enough, you can try doing the next question. Key words: suit, quality products We find information about quality products in this sentence: “Firstly, its(the cork bottle stopper) traditional image is more in keeping with that of the type of high quality goods with which it has long been associated”.

The answer is True. The first sentence of the second section states: “Naturally, the course is intended for prospective arson investigators”. The answer is True. And those clubs bring them into “contact” with other collectors, so the answer is “contact”. Look at the twelve descriptions of courses, A-L, on Reading Passage 2. We give different names: we say that the doctor is practicing medicine and we say that the other is practicing murder. The answer is “trainspotting”. Therefore, the most accurate heading for this section is “Different names for different outcomes” (vii). Recycled, The last sentence mentioned the cork forests – “Moreover, cork forests are a resource which support local biodiversity, and prevent desertification in the regions where they are planted.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The author claims if they are not searching for a special item, they will feel “aimless”.

discovering how to develop basic recipes into personal creations, with a few tricks and tips to help you become more confident. Therefore, the answer is “the equal importance of two key issues” (iii) “how to achieve X and what X is”.

• Between = gap A. And the wax and porcelain dolls were popular in later centuries, which means the 17th century and the ones after.

Since the questions are in order, if you find out the sentence for the answer of next question, then the following sentences will not have the answer for this question).

Covering portrait, landscape and still-life photography, the classes will include effective use of lenses and lighting. Since, in this section, the author only mentions one confusing title that could be understood by his students in two different ways, because of the the two meanings of ‘principles’, therefore the answer has to be “a course title with two meanings”. General Training Task 1 model answer 5 - An overdue DVD rental.

Answer: G13 ABCDEFGHIJKL This course will help you improve your grammar.Answer: L. Please descibe the mistake as details as possible along with your expected correction, leave your email so we can contact with you when needed.

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