evangelion episode 22 script

When Rei, without absolutely no change in her quiet tone of voice tells Asuka that she is "not a puppet", Asuka becomes even more ireful, asking her if she would die for Gendo if told to do so.

Returning to the surface, Rei throws the Lance at the Angel. The Lance of Longinus morphing as it penetrates the Angel's AT Field. Rei uses Evangelion Unit-00 to hurl the Spear of Longinus like a javelin into Earth orbit, and kill the Angel. The Rebuild continuity reintroduces the Spear of Longinus, and introduces a similar-looking counterpart called the Spear of Cassius.

Episode 22. The Episode begins with Asuka and Kaji aboard the Aircraft Carrier on their way to Japan. Evangelion Unit-02 is muddled by Arael and start shooting inaccurately, causing damage to Tokyo-3. When Misato gets home, she finds an answering machine message from Kaji, and breaks down in tears as it plays. She remembers a doll she ripped up after receiving it from her father because she believed she wasn’t a child anymore. Asuka is told that she will be Rei's backup for the confrontation with the Angel. The scene of Fuyutsuki meeting the agent sent by Gendo/SEELE on the houseboat is not included in the OA. Hyuga mentions that Arael "isn't budging from its satellite orbit", then Aoba says that "It's maintaining a set distance from" them. Kyoko suffers one after her contact experiment with Unit-02 backfires. Title II A comprehensive index of all episodes in Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, after Shinji Ikari rejects the process, the Spear is regurgitated, destroys the copies used by the Mass Production Evangelions and leaves Earth accompanied by Unit-01.

In 2002, he is working as an unlicensed doctor in the ruins of Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. After a long period of uncomfortable silence between the two, Rei quietly tells her that her Eva won’t move if she continues to block it out. New scenes added to the Director's Cut version: A scene where Asuka tries (and fails) to seduce Kaji on the aircraft carrier. "The Birth of NERV" is the twenty-first episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Add new page.

In classified video footage of the incident, scientists can be heard shouting off-screen that the Spear needs to be "pulled back," and that it's "sinking in. It then becomes an important tool for the Human Instrumentality Project and merges with the Eva, creating the Tree of Life.

In the year 2000, the Katsuragi Expedition unearthed Adam and the Spear in the Antarctic. Asuka slaps Rei after telling her that she is a mere doll for Commander Ikari. Previous The only scenes the audience sees of Asuka's mind-rape in the original version is of her wondering why she's crying when little (Presumably at her mother's funeral after deciding she wouldn't cry anymore) up until her telling the 15th Angel to stop making her remember all that "bad stuff" since she'd "forgotten about it". Arael's beam attack against Evangelion Unit-02. In 2004, at Hakone Underground Laboratory 2, the Contact Experiment is taking place. I hate, hate, everyone, everything !

It is interrupted when the phone starts to ring. Ritsuko notices that it could be a major problem, with the Evas still in repair after Zeruel's attack. All the while, Asuka watches on, loathing the attention the doll receives and desperate for her mother to look at her as she once did. Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu now cradles a doll she calls Asuka, while she calls the real Asuka "that girl over there." Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production and directed by Hideaki Anno.It began broadcasting in Japan on TV Tokyo on October 4, 1995 and ended on March 27, 1996.

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